Southern Classics & Old Fashioned Favorites

The following recipes are ones I remember eating as a child. You know all those dishes your Mama and Grandmother used to make. Some people call them Retro dishes but to me it's just good old comfort food that never goes out of style. 

Chicken Divan
Oven Baked Pork Chops & Rice 
Beans & Franks 
Crock Pot Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole
Creamy Skillet Macaroni & Cheese
Skillet Spaghetti
Buttermilk Chicken Strips or Fingers 
Sticky Chicken Legs
Beanie Weenie Cornbread Casserole
Chicken Corn Chowder
Ham & Blackeye Pea Soup
Navy Bean Soup {Senate Bean Soup}
Pinto Beans & Sausage  
Hearty Stuffed Pepper Soup
Texas Chili Dogs
Barbecue Chicken Cornbread Bake
Pulled Barbecue Chicken 


Southern Cornbread Salad 

Garden Fresh Spaghetti Salad
Strawberry Jell-O Salad
Buttermilk Creamsicle Salad
Southern Ham Salad
Southern Ambrosia
Pineapple Pretzel Jell-O Salad
Classic Three Bean Salad
Texas Caviar
Peach Fluff & Southern Hospitality

Breads & Rolls

Southern Buttermilk Biscuits

Hot Water Cornbread
Southern Hoe Cake
Skillet Biscuits
Hoe Cake (Biscuit Bread)
Old Fashioned Beer Bread
Pie Crust from Scratch
Easy Monkey Bread


Anonymous said…
So glad I found your site! Being raised in the south, these are the types of foods I was raised on. Thanks so much for bringing back so many memories I can re-create wih my kids.
Anonymous said…
I love the recipes that u have they have me thinking back to when i use to be in kitchen with Grandmother. i have been trying to find a sweetpotato cobbler recipe can u help
Tina Butler said…
I think there is one in a recipe book I have. I will look it up and see.
Anonymous said…
thx for the yumnums! please fix link to the BBQ pulled crock pot pork? (It currently only goes to the root beer pork recipe...)
Tina Butler said…
It is the same recipe so it's correct.
Anonymous said…
These recipes are awesome!!!! Thank you so much :)
P.B. said…
Would anyone happy to know of an Icebox Pie recipe? My grandmother showed me one once using PET MILK (condensed milk) and bananas and pineapple.
P.B. said…
Does anyone know a recipe for Icebox Pie? My grandmother used to make one which had Pet Milk (condensed milk) and bananas and pineapple. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
My apologies must have been eagle brand milk.
Anonymous said…
thank you, just suggestion I've used butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes for the pie it's sooooo gooood
Nicole said…
The Missouri Dirt cake was amazing. I just found this website through Southern Plate. I love love love it. Bring it on.
Unknown said…
their very own YouTube channels and sharing some extremely interesting and easy food recipes every now and then. So, just follow them and you would never have to be troubled again, wondering what to cook tonigh
Priyanka.jagga said…
I wanna have it all.... awesome dishes .... Thanks for sharing...

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