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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Simple DIY Produce Gathering Apron

A simple DIY Gathering Apron perfect for gathering produce, fruits or eggs from the hen house! 🐔

I'm so excited to share this post with you today!!! Are you looking for an easier way to gather produce from your garden? The answer to that question for me is yes. For quite sometime I've been using a basket or my shirt to hold all my produce as I pick through the garden, but this method just isn't working for me. What I need is something that would give me a hands-free way to keep my produce as I picked through my garden. 

I decided that a produce gathering apron was my answer. I searched all through the Internet for custom made gathering aprons, but all of them were either too fancy or too expensive not really what I was looking for. I needed a basic gathering apron that's more practical than fancy. Just something simple to give me a hands-free way to gather produce. 

Since I couldn't afford to purchase one, I thought the next best thing would be to make one, so once again I started searching online. After almost giving up, I came across a post on Faithful Farm Wife how to make a simple gathering apron from a pillow case. I thought now that I can do!!!! 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Texas Table - Easter & Spring Recipes

Happy Sunday friends!!!  

I hope y'all had a good weekend. This past week was spring break for my kids, so we had a wonderful and busy week. The weather was gorgeous, so we finally had time to get our back yard cleaned up from old man winter and start on our raised bed garden expansion. Spring is finally here my friends and Easter is just around the corner. 💮  If you're looking for a few Easter recipes you've come to the right place. Today's newsletter is filled with Easter treats and springs desserts perfect for the upcoming holiday. I hope you'll find something you like.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

CopyKat PF Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps

A delicious copykat version of PF Chang's classic Lettuce Wraps. Ground chicken, water chestnuts and a delicious Asian sauce tucked inside butter lettuce. 

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! It's been about three weeks since my last blog post, but it seems like so much longer. Honestly, it's nothing more than still trying to balance working part-time and finding time to dedicate to my blog. I'm quickly finding out it that it isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. If only there were more hours in the day. 

Today I have a delicious recipe to share with you. PF Chang's is one of my family's favorite places to eat. My kids love the sweet and sour chicken with brown rice and my favorite is their beef and broccoli and their Asian chicken lettuce wraps. Most times we can only afford to  visit on special occasions or birthdays, so I was excited to find this copykat version of their popular lettuce wraps online.  

Sunday, February 25, 2018

My Texas Table - 15 of My Best Pie Recipes!

Happy Sunday friends!!! 

I hope y'all had a good weekend. The rain in North Texas has finally come to an end!!! We had record rainfall with flooding in some areas last week, so I'm glad the worst of it is finally over. Today was a beautiful and sunny 66 degrees and if the ground wasn't drenched with water, I would definitely be outside doing some spring cleaning. 

Since it's too wet to work outside, I've been jotting down plans for our spring & summer vegetable garden. We've decided to expand our garden again this year and I can't wait!!! We currently have a 6 x 12 foot raised bed garden, but we decided to move our shed to another location and extend the garden another 6 feet! Hopefully in a few weeks we can get our seeds started indoors. Spring is on the horizon my friends!!  💮

Monday, February 19, 2018

Cranberry - Strawberry Jam aka Christmas Jam

A festive holiday jam perfectly sweet with a touch of tartness from fresh cranberries and frozen strawberries. 
I know it seems odd to post a Christmas recipe at the end of February, but this jam recipe is too good not to share. I made this jam back in January and I'm just now getting around to posting the recipe. I was sick the entire month of December with bronchitis, so I wasn't able to do too much of anything.  

All I could do was rest, so everything else was pretty much put on hold. No holiday shopping, no cooking, no baking or candy making. When I finally felt back to myself Christmas came and went. Even though Christmas was over I did manage to bake up a few holiday sweets and treats for my family.