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If you are looking for a great resource for canning and preserving, I have included a link to The Texas Real Food Blog. They have so many great articles and resources for canning, pressure canning, preserving food, pickling and more. This article on Home Canning for Beginners is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn how to can and preserve food. 

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iscream4bfast said…
Hi, i love your reciepes! I was wondering if you know anything about grren gage plums(reine claude). I have been given boxes of them and I am not even sure of how to can them. I also have a lot of purple plums. If you have any ideas I would love to haer them Thanks Sunni
Anonymous said…
A friend of mine gave me 3 bags of frozen blueberries any ideas of how or what I can make with them or canning I really do not want them to go to waste.
Anonymous said…
The plums make great jelly, just boil strain, take juice to make jelly

Anonymous said…
Just a suggestion, if you go on the Bernardin Canning Website, they have tons of recipes to look at for fruit. Hope it helps.
DaniNelson said…
Although the comments here were posted a while ago, I would like to add what I would do with reine claudes:
1) EAT THEM FRESH! Really. That's the best way to enjoy the short season of reine claudes. Some years I've missed out on them just because the season was so short, and they turned bad after the first heavy rain falls.
2) If you want to can them: Even better than jelly in my opinion is a jam of reine claudes. I've seen stores selling it in France quite often, sometimes here in Germany, too. A real "canning" as you would do with cherries doesn't do much to the green gage plume/reine claudes, I think.
Unknown said…
Darn, I was really hoping you a good salsa recipe here... :( Love your recipes!!!