Hi everyone, I'm Tina! Mom, Grammy, Lunch Lady, Suburban Homesteader, and the creator, blogger and photographer here at Mommy's Kitchen.    

I currently live in North Texas with my husband and three children. I've called Texas home for the last 35 years and it has been one of the longest places I've lived (military brat), so if you ask me where I'm from it's Texas!!!!

We love the simple life, home cooked meals, growing our own fruits and vegetables, sharing our garden journey, and encouraging others to grow and preserve their own food. We live in the city just under 1/4 acre, and have a small fruit orchard and a big backyard vegetable garden

Our dream one day is to live in the country on an acre or two, raise chickens, have an expanded garden, additional fruit trees, become a beekeeper, build a root cellar, start a hobby farm - market stand, and become even more self - sufficient, but don't see ourselves pulling up and moving to the country anytime soon. 

We often find ourselves comparing our situation to others that have more land, more space and more resources. When this happens, We have to check ourselves and be content with where we are, and where we are is in the suburbs, living in an HOA! 

Just because we live in the suburbs doesn't mean we can't make the best with what we have. Our situation is far from ideal, but we can still homestead just on a smaller scale, so I am happy to say that I have embraced becoming a Suburban Homesteader, and I'm pretty proud of how far we've come. 

Homesteading is a mind set and wherever you call home you can do it. You can live in the city or the country. It just doesn't mean one thing. Homesteading is about living a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and sustainability. It can be hard work and dirty at times, but it's also rewarding, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Here at Mommy's Kitchen, I share everyday recipes, garden updates, fresh garden recipes, canning & preserving food, simple living tips and our journey to self-sufficiency while living in the city! Pull up a chair, get comfortable and take a look around. I hope you'll find something you like. 

Below, I have included a sneak peek video of what our little homestead in the city looks like! 🏡 

If you would like to connect, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, Twitter or contact me at tinabutler@mommyskitchen.net.