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Disclosure Effective 9 - 1 -09 
Welcome, Companies & PR Representatives! I am always on the lookout for products to review and/or giveaway on my blog. I have worked with many companies to promote their products. Please see a list below of some of the companies I have worked with. I try to keep my focus on products that pertain to my site.

Products such as household items, cookbooks, food, drink, cookware, kitchen gadgets, appliances and cooking products are a great fit for Mommy's Kitchen. I would be more than happy to consider your product for review.
Please keep in mind that I only work with products and companies that I truly believe in.

I'm a honest mom and blogger and I have developed a trusting relationship with all my readers. I don't want to represent or recommend a product that I would not actually use myself.
I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions or concerns that have not been addressed, please contact me at the email address above.

eviews & Giveaways:
In order to review your product you must provide me with an actual product to sample. I need to try the product out and experience it for myself in order to give a fair and honest review. I also request a second item to use in a giveaway to promote the review. Hosting giveaways helps my readers to better understand these products and services.  

Products that do not fit the content of Mommy's Kitchen will not be eligible for a review.  If you would like a product sample returned after the review, this must be stated and agreed upon before I receive the product and write the review post.  If the product is to be sent back after a review, then I will require you to pay for the return shipping.

I prefer the sponsor to ship the giveaway prize directly to the winner within a reasonable amount of time.  I will provide you with their mailing address and any information you need.

Is there a charge for Product Reviews?
Mommy's Kitchen never charges for product reviews or giveaways. Please keep in mind that opinions expressed are 100% solely my own, and will not be wavered or compensated in any way by the products I receive. I always provide 100% honesty to my readers in my reviews, and if I experience a problem, I will notify you of these issues prior to posting my review.  

Company or Product information:
No teaser posts will be submitted in advance to your company's product review. Once the review post is live, I will notify you by email and include a link back to the post. I also utilize several social networking platforms to promote my reviews and giveaways, including direct links to your pages and profiles, as well as to your company’s website. I prefer to include my own personal photos of these products, but I will use any graphics, logos or links per your request. 

Advertisements & Compensation:
If being compensated for any services it will be clearly stated as paid or sponsored content in that post. Any compensation I do receive is for my time and efforts in creating content for that post or program.

I operate under a full disclosure policy in accordance with FTC rules and guidelines. Advertisements by a third party ad network will be clearly identified as paid advertisements.

How can my site benefit your company?
I'm a mom and passionate food blogger. My site is updated on a regular basis with recipe posts which include my own food and family photography. I enjoy interacting and connecting with other influential blogs and food bloggers on a daily basis.

I can shake things up sort of speak for your companies product.
I also connect with other communities on a daily basis outside of this blog. The Mommy's Kitchen community and it's subscribers are growing everyday.

Current Blog Stats: 2/1/2014

  • 1,146,421 - 1,704,005 - Monthly Page views 
  • 700,560 - Monthly Unique Visitors 
  • 30,000 - Email Subscribers 
  • 2,600 - Google Followers 
  • 4,023 - Twitter Followers 
  • 1,600,850 - Facebook Fans
  • 60,772 - Pinterest Followers

I believe that the best advertisement is word of mouth. When I try new products it's usually because someone else has recommended it to me.
If you're looking for someone to create a little buzz for your product, I can help. 

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to working together! Below I have included a few of the companies that I have proudly worked with. 

Click here for information and a detailed listing of all opportunities
Mommy's Kitchen has been a part of.

Contact information:

PR, Product Reviews, giveaways, Ambassador opportunities are always welcome at Mommy's Kitchen. Please send or submit any PR inquiries, pitches, product reviews or  questions to the blog owner, Tina Butler.

You can connect with Tina by email at tinabutler[at] mommyskitchen [dot] net, or through Twitter, Face book, Google+ and Pinterest.

Attention Bloggers: Please do not copy and paste my PR Disclosure into your own personal blog. This infringes on my copyrights, so be fair and create your own. Besides that's just not cool.