Friday, September 19, 2014

Easy Kid Friendly Taco Cups

Today I have a yummy kid friendly recipe to share with you. We love tacos in our house, but sometimes the same old tacos can get a bit boring. I had seen a recipe for taco cups made with cut and shaped flour tortillas on Pinterest, but I had another idea in mind.

I had wonton wrappers left over from making my daughters favorite Ranch Sausage Stars, so I decided to try them out and make some Easy Taco Cups. Everyone loved them and the kids gobbled them right up.  Finger foods and bite size items are always appealing to kids, so these these
taco cups are sure to please.       

What I love best about this recipe is that you can interchange the ingredients for a variety of tacos. Use chicken, ground beef, shredded beef or even pork. Our favorite is ground beef mixed with beans for added protein. This is especially great for a crowd because adding beans to your meat mixture can easily turn one pound of meat into almost two pounds of taco filling.

I like to pre bake the wonton cups just a bit before adding the filling. This gives the taco cups an extra crispness as a taco should be. Baking the cups first is a huge time saver, and also comes in handy for parties, potlucks, or football games.  Just bake up the cups, cool and store in a zip lock bag until ready to use. 

When it comes to beans there's  no rule of thumb here. Just use your favorite bean that pairs great with tacos. I prefer Bush's Pinto Beans , but you can use kidney or even black beans. Bush's also makes a reduced sodium variety of beans. This is especially great for people watching their sodium intake, but don't want to compromise on taste.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rhodes Curly Dogs & Kid's Baking Prize Pack Giveaway!

My kid's are in their 4 week of school, so it's safe to say that everyone is finally easing back into their regular routines. The beginning of the school year can be crazy, but so can summer break. Everyone is kind of in limbo doing and eating whatever they want.

One of our biggest challenges during the school year is getting back on track and eating breakfast before the sun rises. Both my kids are used to eating breakfast after sleeping in all summer long. It's a battle, but I don't want them going off to school hungry. 
By the time lunch rolls around they're pretty hungry, and down right starving when they return home. 

When my son gets off the bus, and heads through the door he immediately drops his back pack, removes his shoes and heads straight for the kitchen. There isn't too much time between my sons arrival and when were headed off to pick up my daughter, so having something ready to snack on has been a lifesaver.

In order to avoid consuming junk food I've been making a few fun snacks for the kids while they're still at school. These fun Curly Dogs pictured above are one of my sons favorites. I found them in the Kid's Ideas with Frozen Dough Cookbook. It's packed full of fun and easy bread dough recipes that your kids can make. 

All of the recipes are easy to read with lots of "how to" photos. The Silly Face Pizza's above is on my list next, because my son loves mini pizzas. I also want to try a breakfast pizza version as well. Stop by and check out the Rhodes New Kid's Baking Site for more kid friendly snacks, recipes, and treats.  They even have a holiday section with some pretty neat ideas.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Baked Brown Sugar & Honey Acorn Squash

Acorn Squash is a winter squash, but baking it with brown sugar, honey and butter reminds me of the flavors of Fall!!! Squash isn't a vegetable that my family prefers, but they are getting better. It's the same thing with yellow and zucchini squash unless I disguise it.

Me, I love just about any vegetable imaginable. I grew up eating a variety of squash, so it's hard for me to try and come up with recipes to convince my family just how delicious squash can be. 
When my kids were babies I could bake acorn squash with salt and pepper, mash it up, and they would eat it by the spoonfuls. Now that they're older they just don't seem to care for it.  

Baked Acorn Squash is the perfect Fall side dish!!! Roasting or baking acorn or butternut squash with a little, butter, brown sugar, honey, salt & pepper is the easiest way to prepare this squash. I like to score the inside of the squash with a knife so all the yummy juices really get down into the squash as it bakes.

When the squash is done it will have a nice caramelized color and be fork tender. To eat you can scoop the squash out into a serving bowl, or just mush around in their shells and eat with a fork. Baked acorn squash also makes a beautiful side dish for Thanksgiving.