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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Barbecue Chicken Chili & The Ultimate Chili Guide

This hearty chicken chili gets it's sweet-smokey flavor from the addition of kidney chili beans, barbecue sauce, and spices.  #bushbeans #ultimatechiliguide

Happy Saturday everyone!! For me Football, cold weather and chili seem to go hand in hand. As soon as the weather gets cold, I immediately crave comforting soups, stews and hearty chili recipes. Chili is also the ultimate game day and cold-weather comfort food that everyone loves

There are several chili varieties and all of them are perfect for feeding any hungry crowd. It's definitely cold here in North Texas, so a big pot of chili was on the menu at our house last weekend. I love experimenting with different flavors, so recently I took a chance and tried my hand at a non traditional chili recipe that I think you'll love! 

I don't usually step out of my comfort zone when it comes chili , but this Barbecue Chicken Chili turned out so awesome I couldn't wait to share it with you. This delicious chicken chili gets it's sweet-smokey flavor from the addition of kidney chili beans, your favorite barbecue sauce, and a few spices.

This recipe is simple to make and comes together in under 45 minutes with the help of a Rotisserie chicken and Bush's Chili Kidney BeansI'm a huge fan of chili beans, so I was excited to hear that Bush's expanded their chili bean line with three new bean varieties, kidney chili beans, black chili beans, and white chili beans. 

Each one is simmered in a mild chili sauce with the perfect blend of spices. The kidney chili beans were a great starting point for my barbecue chicken chili. If you're thinking barbecue chicken and chili don't mix, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, because it's really a delicious combination. If you're looking for a hearty chili recipe for your Super Bowl get together, look no further!

Friday, February 5, 2016

February Menu - Menu Plan Monthly

The following meals will get us through the remainder of the month. I have left a few spots open for last minute recipes or for eating out. Any recipe noted with {New} are recipes I plan to make and will post in the near future. I hope y'all find something you like

February Dinner Menu 

Rotisserie Chicken Soup {New} & Dinner Rolls
Crock Pot Chicken & Stuffing Casserole, Fresh Green Beans 
Meatball Stuffed Shells {New}, Garden Salad & Garlic Bread
Slow Cooker Angel Chicken  (Whole Grain Pasta) & Roasted Asparagus 
Korean Rice Beef Bowls (Brown Rice)  & Egg Rolls
Jalapeno Cheese Bacon Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries & Yogurt Fruit Salad
Roast W/Gravy, Potatoes & Carrots 
Not My Mamas Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Steamed Carrots

Chicken & Noodles  & Cornbread Yeast Rolls
Teriyaki Meatballs, Brown Rice {New} & Sweet N Sour Green Beans
Navajo Tacos
Salisbury Steak & Gravy, W/Whole Grain Pasta & Peas & Carrots 
Texas Beans {New} & Pepper Jack Cornbread 
All-in-One Crock Pot Meal - Hash Brown Casserole, Smoked Sausage & Green Beans
Cheeseburger Pie , Roasted Broccoli & Salad 
Moms Meaty Cornbread Skillet & Fruit Salad 
Batter Dipped Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese , Grilled Zucchini  
Honey Lime Grilled Chicken, Baked Sweet Potatoes & Grilled Corn 
Goulash, Garden Salad & Honey Wheat Rolls  
Crock Pot Lasagna, Garden Salad & Bread Sticks 
Barbecue Chicken & Bacon Pizza  
Sub Sandwich Night {Make your own}
Chinese Fried Rice Baked Sweet & Sour Chicken 
Ma Maws Dorito Beef Casserole  & Flour Tortillas 

Strawberry Pie {Valentines Day}
Lunch Lady Brownies
Easy Chocolate Pie {New}
Banana Pudding Cake 

Need more recipe ideas? Check out the Recipe Box at Mommy's Kitchen!  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentines Day Cookie Decorating Party

With a simple sugar cookie recipe, a variety of frosting, and colorful sprinkles, you can host an affordable and stylish Valentine Cookie Decorating Party!!!
Valentines Day is in a few short weeks. Do you usually plan something for this sweet holiday? Now that my kids are older we don't do anything over the top, but I still love to celebrate. Most times I prepare a Valentine themed dinner and dessert and everyone has always been happy with that. 

When my kids were younger it was all about exchanging cards, school parties, teachers gifts and so many sweet treats. I have to say things are a lot easier now, but if you have younger children, I have a great inexpensive idea on how to celebrate Valentines Day with kids - a cookie decorating party!