The Homemade Pantry

In an effort to save money on our grocery bill as well as trying to eliminate prepackaged items, I have been making some of my favorite packaged mixes, snacks, convenience items and grocery staples at home. By making my own staples, it not only saves money, but I can also control the ingredients that I use. 

The main thing I learned when it comes to making homemade mixes and grocery staples is that most anything that you buy in the grocery store can be made at home. It just takes a bit of time and finding the right recipes that suit your family's needs.   

I have found most of my pantry mix recipes on Pinterest and You Tube, but you can also experiment with ingredients and come up with your own. In today's post, I am sharing a few of my homemade pantry and grocery staples that I always have on hand. Make sure to stop by again because I have several "coming soon" posts, and I am always adding new recipes. 

Homemade Pasta - Coming soon 

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