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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chocolate No Bake Cookies {Old Fashioned Favorite}

Today I made one of my sons all time favorite things. Chocolate No Bake Cookies. He absolutely loves them. I have hard time making these cookies, for some reason the recipe I have been using I could never get the cookies to set up correctly.

Everyone says I don't let the mixture boil long enough but i followed it exactly right and it's still was mess. I found yet another recipe online so I thought I would give it a shot.

I wanted to surprise my son with the cookies since the last time the results were so disappointing. I followed the recipe to the "T", well except I used evaporated milk instead of regular milk.

I have a lot of cans of the evaporated milk that needed to be used, But that was the only change in the recipe i made. I am happy to say they turned out perfectly I was pretty proud of myself. Travis was so surprised to see those cookies cooling on the counter, he said mom you did it!!!!
I told my son I remember eating these cookies a long time ago so its not a new thing. He told me Geez mom it must be an old recipe cause that was the olden days..... Stinker!!!  I told him that a lot of people used to make these cookies and refer to them in the so called olden days as Preacher Cookies.

They called them preacher cookies, because these cookies could be prepared quickly, when a housewife looked out the window and saw the preacher riding up the mountain on his horse, the cookies would be cooled and almost done by the time he arrived. So, yes it's really a old recipe. Probably a lot older than he and I will ever know. But it's definitely still a goodie.

Melt butter

add sugar,

and cocoa powder or unsweetened chocolate squares.

Let mixture come to a rolling boil. Boil for exactly 1  minute and 15 seconds. (Important Step) If you don't boil the chocolate mixture for the full time the cookies will not set up. If you boil them to long they will get dry and crumbly.

Remove from heat and add the peanut butter mix until completely melted

and vanilla extract

then add the oatmeal stirring constantly
working fast drop by spoonfuls or a small cookie scoop onto waxed paper (or foil). The cookies begin to set up quickly. 

let the cookies sit on the counter until they have hardened and set up.

Chocolate No Bake Cookies

2 - cups granulated sugar
3 - tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder or 2 - (1 oz) squares unsweetend
Bakers chocolate
1/2 - cup butter
1/2 - cup evaporated or whole milk
1/4 - teaspoon salt
2 1/2  - cups quick or old fashioned oats
1/2 - cup creamy peanut butter
1 - teaspoon vanilla extract

In a medium sized sauce pan over medium high heat add butter. sugar, cocoa powder or chocolate squares, milk and salt. 

Stir until butter is melted and ingredients are incorporated. Bring to a rolling boil, and boil for 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter until completely melted Add vanilla and oatmeal, mix well. 

Working quickly before the mixture cools drip by tablespoon (I use my small cookie scoop) onto wax paper. 

Let cool completely on waxed paper. Remove the cookies when they have set up.

Cooks Note: If you have a peanut allergy you can omit the peanut butter. Sun butter can also be used in place of peanut butter.

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Stephanie said... #

Ooh yum! Great job on getting them to work. That gives such a nice, warm fuzzy feeling, doesn't it? :-)

Did you know you can make peanut butter no bakes by omitting the cocoa powder? That's really yummy too. (uh-oh, craving!)

Mommy's Kitchen said... #

Oh wow I bet that would be good without the cocoa. I have another recipe that has coconut and marshmallows added, i might try that one next maybe omit the coconut because my kids dont like coconut. But it still has the peanut butter, cocoa and oatmeal. yum.

Maria said... #

Sounds like this recipe is a keeper and they look really yummy!

I couldn't help but laugh at what your son said, kids really do say the funniest things..hahaha


YaYa's Funhouse said... #

this is my son's favorite cookie recipe also. He is 31 yrs old. Yes, this is an old recipe cause my Mom made it for us when I was a child.
YUM...haven't made in a while, you have motivated me.

Michelle said... #

These bring back memories from my childhood. I'm going to get the ingredients I don't have next time I make a trip to the store. Thanks for posting this. :)

Noor said... #

Oh I just loved having these cookies growing up. Actually I am so glad that you posted this recipe here bc my friend was just saying we need to have a cookie swap but I told her all I can make is no bake cookies bc I am in a hotel with only an oven eye, lol. And look here you are with the recipe :)

Maria said... #

I love no bakes! They are a classic!

~Priscilla~ said... #

those look delicious! no bake cookies are so good.

Babs said... #

Tina this is my favorite cookie I had lost the recipe a long time ago. Mom always added coconut but I left it out this morning and they are simply yummy. You know I love your site.

Mommydee said... #

We love this recipe, it was a staple growing up with a mom who did everything from scratch. The only problem we ever had was eating them before they cooled, they are yummy by the spoonful! (did I say that)hahah
We have used this recipe so much that my brother and I have it divided down into half/fourth/ and an 1/8 of the recipe for individual servings! ;-)

Lynn said... #

Oh I just love the chocolate no bake cookies!! My Sister and I make them every year for Christmas! This year my Dad knows money is tight for everyone, so he requested these cookies for Father's Day...My Sister and I obliged by making 3 double batches (1 for him and 1 for each of us)lol. What a great memory you are creating for your Son. My Mama and my Grandma used to make these when I was little! Really enjoy your site. Thanks

Mommy's Kitchen said... #

Hi Lynn, thank you so much for stopiny by MK. We love these cookies, finally my little guy likes them as well. He could never get past the oatmeal texture but now he loves them as well. Last batch we made they were gone the next day. They are a favorite at the holidays on my cookie trays. It is always the oldies that are the goodies.

Jen C said... #

My mom made these for me as a child and it was always a favorite. I make them every Christmas for my family as well. We leave out the peanut butter so it is just chocolately. YUMMY!!

Robin said... #

I just stumbled upon your blog - what YUMMY recipes you have! Anyway, I, too, had these cookies a lot when we were growing up. However, we called them something much less sophisticated...we called them "cow patties"!

Anonymous said... #

OMG these are terrific... my great grandaughter just love them... thank you for posting the recipe they were for sure a big hit

Laura Hampson said... #

I have made these for yrs as well. My 83-year-old mom has had the recipe forever. The only 2 things we do differently is use 1/2 a stick of butter to cut down on calories and 4 T of cocoa instead of 3. Taste great with no difference because I accidentally made them a few times with a whole stick of butter when I did it from memory, then realized we had usually used 1/2. Anyway, they are winners every time. Yes, you do have to watch that cook time. I have also had them come out too soft and needed spoons to eat them!

Scott said... #

Would you mind if I use one of your photos on my Facebook page?

Mommy Hates Cooking said... #

Just made these, we left out the peanut butter, but still delicious!

Anonymous said... #

Trying to think of a snack that I did not have to use the oven and heat the kitchen up during the hot weather that Indiana is suffering through--so I made these yesterday. Your recipe is exactly the same as mine other than I add a 1/2 coconut. These, too, are a favorite since my childhood home. Our school cafeteria also made these back in the early 1960s. You can tell that this recipe is a favorite - the recipe card is tattered and has so many stains on it - proof that it has been used many times.

Anonymous said... #

Im 51 years old and Ive been making these cookies since I got the recipe from elementary school, they used to sell them at school for 3 cents a piece. I have used a lot of different things in them besides can also use raisin bran, cheerios and rice krispies or my favorite is to add raisins to the original recipe using the oats. These cookies are the best!

Territory Mom said... #

Okay, I'm going to make these using your recipe. I have made them for years but mine never set. What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much. Love, love your blog.

Robin said... #

Try substituting Nutella for the PB. Tasty stuff, yo.

tonya said... #

My mama made these for me when I was a kid & they are still my favorite! I haven't had them in years, but tried your recipe this morning - turned out perfect!!

lmeakim said... #

No bakes are my husband's favorite cookies. I haven't made any in a while because I lost the recipe, but this one looked close. Actually, after I made them (just minutes ago), I realized they were BETTER than my old recipe! I have a new favorite no-bake recipe! Thanks so much! My hubby will be so happy when he gets home tonight! :)

Jennifer Gail said... #

I love these. Mine never turned out right till I found you. Thanks

Anonymous said... #

These are a family favorite also, I also had a lot of trouble getting them right until I used evaporated milk. They have turned out great every time.ok

Anonymous said... #

What can I use if I don't have any butter? please help I have everything besides butter !!

Tina Butler said... #

You cannot make these without the butter in this recipe. The only thing I can say is substitute with margarine, but keep in mind the result may be different or the recipe might not turn out at all.

Anonymous said... #

My son asked for these cookies instead of a birthday cake. We always add coconut but otherwise it's the same great recipe. Thanks for posting, I had lost my recipe.

Anonymous said... #

Thank you for this recipe. I tried making them with a different recipe and they never set up correctly. These are awesome!!! They set up quickly, perfectly!

Mike J said... #

Do you think I could use splenda instead of sugar? I can't have sugar.

Judy Howe said... #

Can't make them on a too hot or humid of a day. Made them with my Mom and that is what she always said. I have tried to and found she was right.

Judy Howe said... #

Made these with my mom and she always said, and wrote on her recipe card that you can't make them on a very hot day or a humid day. I have found my Mom was right. You also for some reason can only make one batch at a time, can't double.

Sandy said... #

I have been trying to make these cookies for years. Have tried several recipes. This one really works!!! Thank you so much. Just made them and they were perfect!

Tina Larson said... #

I would love to know how much cereal u use

Anonymous said... #

I make these cookies at least once a month and have always doubled the recipe. I have lots of canned evap milk in my pantry,but never thought to use it undiluted for this recipe, Maybe I will now if you say it works better.

Unknown said... #

Hello! Just wanted to clear out if I am not having waxed paper what can be the substitute for this thing?

Anonymous said... #

I was once told they would not set up if you use anything but a wooden spoon, but I don't own wooden spoons and minne have turned out, so I think it might be certain recipes, I remember my grandma making these when I was little.

Tina Butler said... #

If I don't have wax paper or parchment paper on hand I just use foil.

Lisa said... #

A few things can effect the setup of these cookies. The weather is one if it is really humid it can make them sticky. I always hated when they did that but my kids actually preferred it. Go figure. You can use margarine but be careful as some have a higher water content and will not work. We used Parkay growing up but I use real butter now. These are my favorite cookie and now I am happy to say my childrens. Share the love.


manuel cruz said... #

uhhmm hi :) … i know its kinda awkward that a guy ask a question about cooking cookies, cause basically wonderful lady’s are the one that do this task… well, im trying to cook for my girlfriend … she had a sweet tooth she loved cookies so much so im trying to cook cookies for her (kinda sweet right?) … well ,,, i would just ask … can i use powdered milk instead evap or whole milk? .. hoping for the answers of Goddesses ;) …

i really wanna make this cookies as soon as i get your response :)

Tina Butler said... #

Manuel it isn't a weird questions at all. There are a lot of men that cook and even famous chefs. I think that is so sweet of you to make cookies for your girlfriend. I have never tried powdered milk, but I don't see why not. Just make sure it is prepared and try it. Really powdered milk is just milk that is un prepared. LMK how it goes. These cookies can be a stickler sometimes,so if they do not turn out keep trying, because you will get it right. Practice makes perfect.

Tina Butler said... #

Manuel it isn't a weird questions at all. There are a lot of men that cook and even famous chefs. I think that is so sweet of you to make cookies for your girlfriend. I have never tried powdered milk, but I don't see why not. Just make sure it is prepared and try it. Really powdered milk is just milk that is un prepared. LMK how it goes. These cookies can be a stickler sometimes,so if they do not turn out keep trying, because you will get it right. Practice makes perfect.

manuel cruz said... #

hi tina

hahahha im sorry about the "men cooking" ... cause my friends and i had never cook since we feel "oh thats awkward man !!! " ... haha ... the powdered milk works !!! thanks for this wonderful site.

manuel cruz said... #

hi tina

sorry for the "men cooking" thing i have said ... the powdered milk works :) thanks !

manuel cruz said... #

uhmmm ... another question? ... i mx the oats and ... it is not cook? ... its like eating raw oats? .. or can i cook oats first? ...

Anonymous said... #

Try adding walnuts omg so look good

Anonymous said... #

Manuel, I wouldn't use powdered milk, because it tastes nasty.

Charlene England said... #

I love these cookies. My recipe you make them in the microwave.

Tammy Smith said... #

Was so happy when I found this recipe. I made some tonight. They are cooling now.

Susan Ramsey said... #

I was so excited to find this recipe! I am 52 years old; and my Mom made these for me and my brothers and sisters when I was a child. I remember standing by the side of the stove, watching her add the sugar, cocoa, butter and milk to the large saucepan.Such a labor of love! God, she was beautiful! We lost her to a brain tumor 6 years ago; and I know while I am making these delicious cookies, that tears of love and remembrance will probably fall into the mixture. Thanks so very much for helping me to capture a few moments of my childhood, and of my precious Mom!

Tina Butler said... #

This makes me so happy!!! I love that food can bring back memories and love. It is the same for me when I make my moms Christmas Butter Cookies. She passed 4 years ago and my dad last month. It's so hard when we lose our parents, but so beautiful when we find something that reminds of the past even if it is recipe. I am so thankful I can pass on recipes and memories to my children and when we make them we feel just a little bit closer to our loved ones.

Jolene Schmitz said... #

Anyone know how to substitute for the sugar? We don't use regular white sugar but have xylitol and stevia

RamonaM said... #

Growing up we made a similar cookie but, sometimes we used the fried Chinese noodles instead of the oatmeal. You can add peanuts to it also for a change of pace!