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Happy Sunday friends!!!  

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend? The heat here in North Texas is getting an early start this year, so we've been spending most of our time indoors. We have been venturing out to the garden on a daily basis but mainly early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun starts to set. Our vegetable garden is doing really well and some of our plants are already starting to produce. I've been harvesting yellow squash non stop, but my zucchini plant is slowly coming along. So far it looks like it's going to be a good year. Are you a strawberry lover? If so today's newsletter is filled with over 15 of my must have strawberry recipes for summer. Hopefully you'll find something you like.

Here's what you'll find in this issue of My Texas Table:

The Best Summer Strawberry Recipes:
Recipes perfect  for those beautiful summer berries.

Currently Popular on The blog: 
These are the recipes that are getting the most views on the blog. 

Recipes on the net that caught my attention:
Recipes that I found online that I can't wait to share with you. 

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Seasonal or featured recipe that I think you'll like. 

In Case you Missed It:
Take a look back at the latest post on the blog.

This is what's on the menu at my house: 
What my family is eating and my monthly menu plan.  

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Get a sneak peak at what I'll be posting next.

 The Best Summer Strawberry Recipes 

 This recipe for creamy Kool-Aid Ice Cream and my Southern Fried Squash recipe are getting lots of attention over on the blog. Check out the recipes using the links above 

                            One Pot Alfredo Pasta                  Jalapeno Popper Chicken 

 Last week I came across these delicious recipes for One Pot Alfredo Pasta and Jalapeno Popper Chicken while browsing on Facebook. Stop by The Real Housemoms and Hey Grill Hey to get the full recipes.  
Learn how to make your own iced coffee concentrate to make simple iced coffees at home. This  DIY Coffee Concentrate will keep up to one month in your refrigerator. Click here to get the full recipe. 

My latest post on the blog is all about southern hospitality, funerals and this delicious Vintage Peach Fluff Jell-O Salad. Click here to get the full recipe

How to soften butter quickly! 

1)  The simplest version is to use a grater and grate
the butter into the bowl and then add to your recipe.

You can also soften butter to room temperature using a warm glass. Take a heat proof glass and fill it with boiling water. Let the glass sit for a minute or two so it heats through. Using an oven mitt or towel carefully pour out the water and quickly dry the glass. Set the stick of butter upright on a plate and quickly invert the warm glass over the butter. Let it sit for a about 5 minutes and then check the consistency. 

I will be resuming my monthly menu plan in July, so be keep an eye out. Until then I have included our dinner menu for the remainder of June. 
  1. Honey Orange Chicken, Grilled Pineapple & Fresh Green Beans
  2. Italian Sub Sandwiches & Ambrosia Fruit Salad 
  3. Chicken Corn Chowder & Biscuit Bread 
  4. Cowboy Barbecue Beans & Pepper Jack Cornbread 
  5. Friendship Casserole, Roasted Broccoli & Garden Salad   
  6. Chicken-Bacon & Veggie Pizza & Pepperoni Pizza Bread  
  7. Pasta Carbonara (Whole Grain Pasta)Green Beans & Cesar Salad
  8. Barbecue Chicken Dinner Salad 
  9. Copykat PF Chang's Lettuce Wraps & Egg Rolls 
  10. Sloppy Joe Skillet, Honey Butter Freezer Rolls & Steamed Green Beans
  11. Skillet Sausage, Peppers and Potatoes & Roasted Asparagus
  12. Taco Cups & Sopa De Conchas (Mexican Pasta Shells) 
  13. Logan's Country Hamburgers & French Fries & Watermelon Slices 
  14. All-in-One Crock Pot Pork Chop Dinner (Potatoes, Corn & Pork Chops)

Be on the lookout for this recipe for Homemade Dill Pickles that I'm hoping to get posted sometime in the next week or so.  

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