Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Strawberry Soda Pop Cake

I got this recipe from one of my coupon trading boards a couple years ago. The original recipe I think was a weight watchers recipe and it was made with a orange cake mix, orange soda, Mandarin oranges and one egg white.

It's a really good variation but, in my opinion I felt that using just one egg white and the cake mix made the cake a bit dry and the cake was kind of flat not fluffy. I don't know about you but when i have cake I love it when are fluffy and moist.
The version with the egg white was the lower fat version but the cake was just so thin. I mean i guess that's pretty good if you are on a diet. I know anything sweet when dieting is a plus so i should not of complained.

I played around with the ingredients a bit and came up with my version of the Strawberry Soda Pop Cake. When i saw the orange one i said to myself i bet this would be awesome made with strawberries, so i just changed it up a bit and it was wonderful.
When I make this cake I know summer is here. Is such a light summery cake perfect for all those strawberries we have growing in the garden. This cake never lasts long at all, in fact i made it yesterday and today it's GONE!!!
You would think by the addition of the Fanta Soda to the recipe that it would make it really sweet, but it's just the opposite.The cool whip really compliments the lightness of the cake. If you want a light Summer dessert this cake is a perfect.

Start by preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Add the cake mix to a large mixing bowl.

Add the eggs and strawberry soda (For the amount of soda I know every cake mix is different, so just substitute strawberry soda for the amount of water stated on the cake mix) For this paticular one it is 1 1/3 cups.

then add the oil.

Beat with a electric mixer or the paddle attachment on your kitchen aid mixer until smooth.

Grease and flour two 8 inch round cake pans. Pour batter into baking pans and smooth. bake for 15 - 17 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean and the cake springs back when touched. 

Remove from oven and let the cakes cool in pans for 15 - 20 minutes before removing. Then remove to a wire rack to completely cool.

As the cake cools slice the strawberries into thin slices, these will be used for the middle part of the cake. I slice some strawberries just in half for the top layer.

When cake is completely cool place one piece on a cake server and frost with cool whip. layer the sliced strawberries on top of the cool whip.

top with second cake layer and frost top and sides with remaining cool whip. Arrange the strawberries that you cut in half on top and its done. Save one whole strawberry for the top of the cake in the middle. I fan mine it looks so pretty. Refrigerator until you serve.

Doesn't that look great. Its so light and fluffy. The cake isn't really sweet at all i think that's what i like about it most. You can lighten the cake up by using a sugar free cake mix, fat free cool whip, diet strawberry soda and a egg substitute.

Strawberry Soda Pop Cake

1 - package strawberry  cake mix (any brand)
1 1/3 - cups strawberry soda (substituted for the amount of water on the cake mix)
3 - eggs
1/3 - canola oil
2 - 8 oz containers regular or strawberry whipped topping or 
1 recipe strawberry cool whip frosting
1 - 16 oz container fresh sliced fresh strawberries 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Add cake mix to a large mixing bowl. Add egg, oil and strawberry soda. Beat until smooth. Pour batter into two 8 inch round cake pans that have been greased and floured. 

Bake cake for 15 - 17 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean and the cake springs back when touched. 

Remove from oven and let the cakes cool in pans for 15 - 20 minutes before removing. Then remove to a wire rack to completely cool. 

Frost first layer with cool whip or cool whip frosting (recipe below) and arrange sliced strawberries on top. Add the second cake layer and frost top and sides with more cool whip and top with more sliced strawberries. 

Save one whole strawberry for the middle of the cake. Gently slice and fan the whole strawberry, Place on top in the middle of the cake.

Cook's Notes: Measurements vary depending on what brand of cake mix you use. Follow the directions on the back of the box substituting strawberry soda for the amount of water listed. If you want you can make a strawberry cool whip frosting in place of regular or strawberry cool whip. Follow the directions below. This is optional if you are watching your weight just frost the cake with Light Cool Whip.

Strawberry Cool Whip Frosting:
1 - 4 - ounce box instant strawberry pudding mix, dry
1/4 - cup powdered sugar, sifted
1 - cup milk
1 - 8 oz container Cool Whip

Add pudding mix, powdered sugar and milk to a mixing bowl. Mix on low speed until blended. Let mixture stand 3 minutes. Fold in defrosted Cool Whip and frost cake. Refrigerate frosted cake.


Stephanie said... #

That looks so beautiful, and absolutely delicious! I love how pretty it looks with the strawberries on top.

Unknown said... #

Thanks for the recipe. I will be making this on Saturday!!

Live.Love.Eat said... #

Wow, this is certainly beee--- yoooootiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never seen the soda in with the cake. Awesome!!!!

Tina Butler said... #

Thank you Stephanie it really did turn out beautiful. I didnt notice till i saw the picture we dove in and started eating right after that LOL.

Live.Love. Eat, thats what i said when i first saw the recipe years back. Its a awesome cake and everyone always loves it. thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said... #

OMG that was the best strawberry cake I have ever eatin!!!!!!!!

Southern Plate said... #

I have been reading about the soda pop cakes and have never actually made one like this!!
I have GOT to try this!!! Thank you!

Alicia said... #

Wow...that cakes looks REALLY good!

I might just have to try it out.



That cake looks so yummy I can't wait to try and make it. Thanks

Noor said... #

Tina, the first thing I read when I came here was the quote and I was laughing bc it is so true, lol!

I just read your post and wow thats so great about your mom and you having the book. Family recipes are so special bc you remember all the times your family was together while eating them, and thats what is the great thing about cooking and why we all do it. My mom like yours is older, she is 70 but thank God she is doing very well but we always worry about our moms no matter what and how will we go on without them one day!

I was just showing my husband your site last night and I told him everytime I come here I feel like I am at my moms kitchen. Your blog has a VERY southern feel to it and all people from the south know what I am talking about, lol. For those who do not its the chickens, stars, colors, etc. What all Southern women use in their kitchen, lol.

And this cake can I say WOW. I LOVE strawberries. I just went to Whole Foods last night and bought some. Where I come from we have a Strawberry Festival every year and the best berries you will ever come across but these I bought were pretty good (for store ones). I really want to try this cake. Maybe when I get settled into my own kicten and out of this hotel..

Anonymous said... #

I have no idea how I got on your blog. I think I was just clicking around on mom blogs and found you and haven't been able to click off yet.

I've never heard of making cakes with soda. Interesting. I think I'll have to try that this week. I've bookmarked this recipe. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said... #

I finally made this cake for my Mother-in-laws Birthday and she loved it. We all loved it. So Yummy.


Tina Butler said... #

Hi Dawn I am thrilled you liked the cake. It is one of my favorites so light and fluffy. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said... #

Wow!!! this really looks goood!! I so love strawberry... thanks for sharing this one out. Ived been looking for sugar free desserts that me and my family would want to enjoy.. your post greatly contributes a lot!

Unknown said... #

I'm so excited to cut into this ... I made it for my girls (15 & 6) and I know they're gonna LOVE it. I couldn't keep from eating the icing while frosting the cake.

Tina Butler said... #

Oh Deanna how exciting. Please lmk how you and the girls like the cake. It is so light and fluffy and yummo good.

Rachel Ingram Havens said... #

First, let me say I love and appreciate your blog so much. Your love of cooking radiates out all the way to me in Mississippi! I plan to try out your Italian Beef Sandwiches one night this week. I may have to make this treat to go along with it. Second, I have substituted apple sauce in baking recipes calling for oil with little to no noticeable difference. I say "little to no" difference because I couldn't tell any difference; DH, on the other hand... well, men can always tell. Haha. I use it most often when making muffins or cupcakes, and even though he knows they have apple sauce, he still manages to force himself to eat one or two to keep from hurting my feelings. And then he eats another three or four.

Brittany said... #

This cake looks amazing! I just founds this site and I'm in love with all of your recipes!

Anonymous said... #

Made this for our kids when we went to visit them and the grandkids, they loved it. My husband is allergic to strawberries so I only get to make strawberry desserts when they are around to eat it up. Thanks for the great recipe.

Jessica said... #

I made this cake for the first time last summer and it's been a hit with my family every since!! :)

sherry said... #

made this for my mom last year, couldnt find any sugarfree strawberry soda, so instead i used the strawberry flavored water, still had the carbonation so it turned out great. Everyone loved it and no one would believe that it was a sugarfree cake! Thank you so much for the recipe.

Anonymous said... #

I have made cake with soda many times but never use the egg or oil. Use 1 box cake mix and 12oz of soda. So moist, light and fluffy and less fattening eliminating the fats and oil.

Unknown said... #

I made this cake for my little girl for her 1st birthday and she loved it!!!! For the frosting I mixed 1 container of cool whip, and 1 container of whipped frosting and it came out so fluffy and delicious! I noticed the frosting was a little hard to put on at first, but i just did one layer of frosting, stuck it in the freezer, then did a second layer and put it back in the freezer for an hour. The strawberries were frozen and tasted so good on a hot day!! Everyone loved it!!! Thanks so much!!!