Mom's Easy Strawberry Cake

My 🍓 Mom's Easy Strawberry Cake with a homemade strawberry glaze. This is the perfect cake for spring and summer strawberries. I've made a peach variation as well and it's just as good. This cake is perfect for cookout's and get - togethers.
Today I want to share a recipe for one of my favorite cakes growing up. My Mom's Easy Strawberry Cake! I remember eating this wonderful cake at just about every BBQ or get together we had. Every holiday in the summer was celebrated with this yummy dessert. My mom used to buy the large prepackaged cake shells at the store but they got to be too pricey.

One day she decided to bake the cakes herself by using a store bought butter
cake mix and her tiara pans. By using a cake mix we ended up with a extra cake which was always a plus. One to keep and one to share, but usually we just ate them both.

This cake is baked in a Tiara Cake Pan or Mary Ann style cake pan. If you're not familiar with that type of baking pan just click on the links to view a photo. These style cake cake pans has a fluted edge and a hollow center to hold fruit, filling or both.

I purchased my cake pans a long time ago when Duncan Hines had their special tiara cake mix on sale. If you purchased a cake mix then you received a free pan. I was so excited to see those pans because I knew that I could finally make that special strawberry cake I grew up eating.

I don't know what I would do if I lost those pans. You can still purchase them on eBay, Amazon, William Sonoma, King Aurthur, Nordic Ware, and even on Pampered Chef. Maybe you're lucky enough to have one or more of these pans just laying around.

I make this cake exactly the way mom did except she used store bought glaze and I use homemade. The store bought strawberry glaze my mom used came in a big pouch and it wasn't that expensive, but it has gone up in price quite a bit since then.

I use the strawberry glaze recipe that I use to make my favorite Summertime Strawberry Pie. It taste the same but only cheaper and better. I just double the glaze recipe and it works perfectly. Sometimes mom would change things up a bit and use canned peaches and a prepared peach glaze. 

By far strawberry was always my favorite. You can also use this style of pan to make a Black Forest Tiara Cake as well so its a very versatile pan. I'm so excited that I too can make my favorite strawberry cake for my friends and family just like my mom did. I love how certain recipes bring back a flood of childhood memories. 

Those truly are the best recipes. I have included some step by step photos, but in usual fashion the full recipe is a the end of this post.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix the cake mix according to package directions adding the eggs, oil, and water. Spray two 10 inch tiara pans with baking spray and then lightly flour the pans. Bake the cakes at 350 degrees fir about 20 minutes. Let the cakes cool for 5 - 10 minutes in the pan before removing to a baking rack to cool completely. While the cakes are cooling prepare the strawberry filling. 

Click here for a step by step tutorial on how to make the strawberry glaze. Combine the sugar, cornstarch, gelatin, lemon juice, strawberry extract and water in a medium size pot. Bring mixture to a boil, then reduce heat to medium and cook until the mixture thickens, whisking often. Remove from heat and let the mixture cool to room temperature.

Arrange the strawberries in the cooled cake shells and then pour the cooled strawberry glaze all over the strawberries making sure to cover all the berries. You may have some of the glaze left. Make sure not to overflow the filling or it will run everywhere. Refrigerate cakes until ready to serve.

I serve mine with a dollop of fresh whipping cream, but you can also use cool whip it's really up to you. I apologize for not getting a photo of a slice of this wonderful cake, but I was taking both of them to a grill out and I didn't want to cut into them.

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Unknown said…
Yum, Your cake looks delicious!
You have put a generous amount of strawberry in this cake! It really looks so delicious!
Jane said…
This cake looks awesome Tina! What a great summer dessert!

Drop by and add your sandwich recipes to my new Linky when you have time!
☺lani☺ said…
Yum! I love cheesecake. I bought strawberries from costco the other day, imported from California... a bit expensive and yet too sour.
Have a great week ahead of you, sorry I didn't bring anything this last Sunday. Next time!
Unknown said…
You have won an award!
Come and see:
Sheila said…
Wow Tina what a beautiful cake. Looks delicious. Thanks for the great recipe!
Anonymous said…
That looks beautiful! Certainly great for a barbecue.
Jessica said…
Your cake looks so tasty. I'm sure they were a hit! I don't have one of those tiara pans, but will definitely be on the lookout for them. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe!
Unknown said…
Definitely a cake that my kids will be interested in! It would be beautiful for 4th of July!
Thanks! Kristin @
Anonymous said…
I will try this one. Strawberries are abundant this year so the prices have been great. Thank you for sharing. It looks sooo good!!
Aaron John said…
This recipe sure looks easy! I love anything with strawberries!!
Would you mind checking out my blog? :D
Martha said…
I love the look of this recipe and can't wait to try it. I am linking to it from a blog post I'm doing about easy strawberry shortcake. I love simple easy recipes and your site is a goldmine of them!
terry said…
I have a tiara pan that I have never used~ now I will have to! ;)
Unknown said…
I was so excited to see this link @ the Gooseberry Patch Recipe Roundup! Perfect recipe for Easter!

patti keil said…
So glad I stumbled across this recipe. I have one of these pans that I, too got from Duncan Hines years ago...haven't made anything in it in a LONG time since they don't make those dessert mixes anymore. Occasionally I see pans like this at thrift stores; I think I may have to pick up another one! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. :-)
Anonymous said…
use almond extract for the peach tiara cake. strawberry cake looks wonderful.
Anonymous said…
The strawberry cake looks devine!! I have one of those pans too, I made a jello type dessert in it the last time I used it.
I agree with your stance on rude and disrepectful comments. My Grandma used to tell us "if you can't say anything nice, be silent."
Unknown said…
I have a stack of brand new tierra pans if anyone is interested please let me know.
Grammie said…
Two questions, please
Is the Cool Whip to add to the top and
Is the Jello made or do you just add the powder?
Unknown said…
I hadn't thought about this cake pan i years! I got mine through the Duncan Hines offer too & it's in the cabinet over the stove. Now I'm looking forward to using it again. Thanks for the recipe!
Colleen said…
OMG that strawberry cake looks so delicious.
I have 3 of them tiara pans and wish I had more.
I do remember when you could buy the complete tiara cake mix in a box by Duncan Hines just for them pans. In fact my very first tiara pan came with a cake mix.
After you could no longer buy the mixes; I contacted Duncan Hines about it and in turn they sent me the complete set of the recipes so I have all the recipes that Duncan Hines had put out for using the tiara pans.
Our favorite; chocolate cake with the cherry pie filling on top.
Colleen said…
To give you a clue how long ago it's been when I received the recipe cards and letter from Duncan Hines; was On March 27,1991. Yes, I still have the letter as well as the envelope & recipes cards they came in.