Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Southern Ham Salad & Smithfield Spiral Sliced Ham {Giveaway Closed}

The Winner of the Smithfield Ham Giveaway is Jessica Todd!

Thanks to Smithfield, my family enjoyed a delicious Pecan Praline Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham over the Thanksgiving holiday. We usually have just turkey for Thanksgiving, but it was nice having the addition of a ham. I love Smithfield Hams because they're simple to prepare. Basically you just have to heat them up, so it doesn't get any easier than that.

I prepared the ham as directed in a preheated 325°F oven. Smithfield Hams only need to be warmed 10 to 12 minutes per pound (do not to overheat). After removing the ham from the  oven, let the ham sit for 5 minutes before adding the glaze. Let glazed ham sit for 5 minutes before serving to allow glaze to melt over the ham. We loved the Smithfield Ham and it turned out really moist and delicious. Everyone loved it especially the Praline Pecan Glaze. 

After supper we had plenty of leftovers, so I separated the ham in packages to use in a few ham recipes (always my favorite part). The ham bone and some additional ham pieces went in one freezer bag for crock pot ham and beans, and the remainder was used in this Southern Ham Salad pictured above. I love ham salad! It's super simple to make and perfect on crackers or on a sandwich. 

All Smithfield Spiral Hams are fully cooked, hand trimmed, and uniformly sliced for quality, naturally hickory smoked and made with natural juices to create it's legendary flavor.
Smithfield offers three glaze flavors and is available at grocery stores nationwide

  • Honey: The sweet and tangy flavor of the Honey glaze makes the Smithfield Hickory Smoked Spiral Sliced ham a hit at any gathering.
  • Caramel Apple: The taste of sweet Caramel Apple flavor is a perfect complement on top of the family favorite Smithfield Hickory Smoked Spiral sliced ham.
  • Pecan Praline: Pecan Praline glazed on a Smithfield Hickory Smoked spiral sliced ham offers a traditional southern flavor providing consumers with a sweet and savory taste.

My favorite ham salad is Paula Deen's recipe, so I included it below.

Southern Ham Salad

2 - cups leftover ham, chopped in a food processor
1/2 - cup finely diced celery
1/4 - cup minced onion
1 - teaspoon Dijon mustard
2 - hard boiled eggs, chopped
1/4 - cups sweet or hot pickle relish
1/2 - cup mayonnaise   

Mix all the ingredients together until well blended. Spread on crackers or bread. 

Adapted from: Paula Deen  

To help make Christmas a little easier on your budget, Smithfield wants to give one Mommy's Kitchen reader a Pecan Praline Spiral Sliced Ham of their own. I hope this will help one family out as much as it did mine.
To enter to win the Smithfield holiday spiral ham for your Christmas gathering, leave a comment below.   

Mandatory Entry:
Leave a comment at the end of this post telling me what your favorite ham recipe is?

Bonus Entry: 
Tweet the following for a bonus entry and leave a separate comment:
Enter to win a @SmithfieldFoods Spiral Sliced Ham @mommyskitchen 
http://tinyurl.com/omaaanh #FlavorHailsFromSmithfield

Note: My friend Laura from Real Mom Kitchen is also giving away a Smithfield Ham, so stop by her blog for another chance to win.  

The Giveaway starts today December 10th, 2013 and ends on December 13th, 2013. This Giveaway is open to US & Canadian Residents Only due to shipping charges. If you post Anonymously please leave a email address in your comment, so I can contact you in the event that you are the winner. One winner will be chosen using random.org. Winner will have 24 hours to reply to the winning email or a new winner will be chosen.

For more information about Smithfield Hams (with recipes, entertaining and cooking tips) visit their Website, Facebook page or Twitter. page. You can also click HERE to locate the nearest Smithfield retailer. 

Disclosure: I received a Smithfield Spiral Sliced Ham for the purpose of this review. As always the  opinions stated above are 100% entirely my own. I have not been compensated for this review.

Looking for more recipe ideas? Check out the Recipe Index by Mommy's Kitchen.


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Lana Birzer said... #

I love a good ham salad recipe.Yum!

nikki said... #

I love ham straight up! I don't do fancy things with ham, maybe some pineapple and that's about it. I then use the leftovers for Beans and Ham!

Faith Marsh said... #

My favorite ham recipe is ham and eggs. I always look forward to it on the day after christmas. I also love ham in an augratin casserole.

Anonymous said... #

Pineapple smoked ham is the best!!

Anonymous said... #

Gonna try this ham salad! It sounds so yummy my six grandkids will like it <3

Suzy Chase Osborne said... #

I love a good grilled ham and cheese sandwich!

Fort Worth Mama said... #

I love have all by its lonesome...well, maybe with a little brown sugar and butter! Thank you for a great giveaway!

Anonymous said... #

Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwiches or ham and scalloped potato casserole

theyellowbirdsings said... #

I love ham loaf...I make it like traditional meat loaf but substitute ham instead of beef. Yum

Patty Prosise said... #

Grilled ham and cheese is my favorite!

Sharon1669 said... #

I love ham straight up or a great ham sandwich.


Love left over ham salad with mayonnaise relish and onions and eggs on a bun yummy

Bethanie said... #

I love ham salad and just plain ham with the pineapples.

Anonymous said... #

This looks amazing - and great recipes, too!

Nicole Hurley said... #

Im just learning how to cook but I love me a good fried egg and ham and cheese sandwhich with mayo and sometimes toasted bread. that makes for some good eatin'!!!

Kelly Burnham said... #

Brown sugar, pineapples with cherrys and left over ham salad I love, love, love !

Anonymous said... #

I love to make a big pot of pea soup an ham, over sourcrout, an cornbread with a can of rotelle!!

Marisol babson said... #

My family loves ham for dinner, but their favorite is deviled ham I make with the leftovers.

Laura. Borsa said... #

Plain ham or ham sandwiches!

Theresa Keener said... #

We love smoking our ham on our Big Green Egg! Use apple juice, brown sugar and dry mustard sometimes!

nicola barrick said... #

The honey ham recipe. But southern ham salad sounds so good also nicola_barrick@yahoo.com

Anonymous said... #

Hi!! I love Smithfield ham!! Love your recipes!!!

Rosie Y said... #

Ham on a biscuit is my favorite followed by and then with the leftover, a great bean soup with ham - yum!

Kelly Burnham said... #

Ham Salad with the left overs really is my all time favorite.

Susan Hogsett said... #

Ham with pineapples & cherries is my favorite!!

Bev said... #

I don't like a lot on my ham... maybe some pineapple once in awhile.... and love to make ham salad with leftovers.... yum

Tami Turnbull said... #

Love it just the way it is!

Franntexas said... #

Ham with candied yams! YUM

Terri Fonville said... #

Scalloped potatoes and ham...yummy! This would make a great birthday treat since today's my birthday!

cathy said... #

I love coke cola honey glazed ham!quick and easy!

Barb Price said... #

My favorite ham recipe is ham and macaroni and cheese!

Anonymous said... #

Smoked ham with pineapple rings and maraschino cherries!

Jenni said... #

Looks so good, i am ready to go get a ham today! Thanks for sharing!

Kristin T said... #

I love a simple ham with a Coke glaze, brown sugar, and pineapple.


cathy said... #

I love coke cola honey glazed ham!quick and easy!

Rosie Y said... #

just tweeted the following:
Enter to win a @SmithfieldFoods Spiral Sliced Ham @mommyskitchen http://tinyurl.com/omaaanh #FlavorHailsFromSmithfield

Jenni said... #

Looks so good, i am ready to go get a ham today! Thanks for sharing!

Danielle Miller said... #

Split pea soup with the hambone is my favorite!

Anonymous said... #

I just love a good smoked ham with Fresh rolls, Homemade Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Green Beans, yum.... Then take the left over ham and make a big pot of lima beans with ham...

lona arnold said... #

with the ham the next day, i like the mini ham and cheese made with hawaiin sweet rolls, toast them in the oven. lonaaarnold@gmail.com

LeAnn Johnson said... #

I love hickory ham or glazed ham. Yummy!!!!!!!!

Angela Warburton said... #

Scalloped potatoes with diced ham

Missy Garcia said... #

I love ham roll-ups! They are great for party appetizers...ham with cream cheese and green onions rolled up and sliced. :)

lona arnold said... #

love a good spiral ham

Bobbie Brown said... #

Love a good ham salad,can't wait to try it

Barrie Jaye said... #

Split Pea Soup with ham in the crock pot, especially during the winter!

Gary Burcalow said... #

You can't go wrong with ham and great northern beans, or using leftover ham for a delicious ham salad spread.

Kristy said... #

Probably ham and grilled cheese. Yum!

Crystal Taylor said... #

Honey baked ham!

Anonymous said... #

Ham and sweet potatoes.


sandy in Belton missouri

Robin said... #

I love Ham vegetable soup as much as ham and dressing, if not more. Boiling a bone-in ham for soup stock makes a wonderful, rich broth. Can't wait!!

Jackie Wolinski said... #

Love Love Love making Bean Soup from the leftover ham bone.

Kat said... #

I love ham no matter how it's fixed!!

Mama Boz said... #

Spiral ham with the glaze it comes with....with plain ol yellow mustard! angboz00@yahoo.com

Carla McGilvery said... #

My favorite is ham and scalloped potatoes.

Tina said... #

I love ham and biscuits! I also love to use the ham bone to add to crock pot for beans and ham. I have never made ham salad but will be trying the recipe you shared.

WildOneInOk IMVU said... #

I love ham

Ruth McKiness said... #

I love cooking ham with a brown sugar glaze, pineapples and cherries. Yum.

Ruth McKiness said... #

I love cooking ham with a brown sugar glaze, pineapples and cherries. Yum.

Anonymous said... #

I like just regular baked ham.

baldwindeb said... #

This would help so much for Christmas Dinner.

Jeanne Kraft White said... #

I love ham, with string beans and potatoes in a crockpot

Anonymous said... #

My family loves mac n cheese with hig chunks of ham thrown in. Angelduran951@hotmail.com

baldwindeb said... #

https://twitter.com/baldwindeb/status/410428229489422337... I twitted

angela said... #

i love ham and beans.Well i just love ham i like it in my egg's and taters with onion and bell peppers and some cheese on top.

Pat B. said... #

I always buy more ham than I need. That way we can have ham & croissants, ham & eggs and biscuits at breakfast or just grab a slice for a snack.

Gerri said... #

Pecan Praline Injected Ham cooked in underground pit & served with scalloped potatoes. :)

PrayingDeb said... #

That ham looks delicious! With our crew I doubt there would be any leftovers. We ALL Love ham!

kaminiblett@yahoo.com said... #

I love plain hickory smoked ham. With the left overs I use with breakfast and also make beans and ham.

Anonymous said... #

Ham and Bean soup, with cornbread and ketchup. Yummy and great memories of childhood of mom making it on top of the wood stove!

Linda H said... #

I didnt have 1 till I read your blog Post. Cant wait to try 1 of them

Lorraine said... #

Baste the Ham with,a mixture Pinapple juice ,& brown sugar,Molasses On the ham,& whole cloves, with whole pinapples., after that the leftover Ham would be Ham and Dumpling stew.Hmm....good for this kind of weather.yummy.Thank you, & Happy Holidays !From MD. memaw922@verizon.net

Anonymous said... #

ham baked with pineapple, brown sugar and 7-up leaves everyone happy, happy, happy-bodyjean@windstream.net

Anonymous said... #

A big pot of bean soupwith ham pieces and theham bone corn bread. Ham sandwhiches the next day.

Scott von gemmingen said... #

Ham is our favorite lunch meat but I like carmelizing onions and just having a ham and Carmelized onion omelette with cheese
Scott von g

April Sanon said... #

I cook my ham with brown sugar and honey...I let the the skin of the ham get a nice crisp. Everyone that eats it loves it!

Unknown said... #

I keep it simple, a baked ham with a brown sugar glaze.

Diane Rauzi said... #

Christmas Ham, oh good memories!

ShutterNinja said... #

Ham and Cheesy potato chowder!Ohmygosh!

Linda H said... #

I didnt have 1 till I read your blog Post. Cant wait to try 1 of them

Tracey said... #

I like to cover my ham in brown sugar and bake it until it is fall-apart-delicious! If there are any leftovers, then I would make either a ham salad or something along those lines (depends on how much is left). ~ Tracey ~ rebgirl@atlanticbb.net

Jeanna said... #

I love good old smoked ham and maybe backed with a little coke cola poured over it!

Jeanna said... #

I love good old smoked ham and maybe backed with a little coke cola poured over it!

Becky White said... #

I love any recipes with ham that have a sweetness to them or a sweet glaze!

Anonymous said... #

Yummy! Ham & cream cheese sandwiches, or ANYTHING with HAM!!

Anonymous said... #

I love the ham, garlic and chive appetizer spread and brown sugar and soda glazed ham.. Definitely delicious!! Ham in general is my favorite. jlh7388@gmail.com

Diane Jenkins said... #

I love a good ham sammich with potatoe salad on it.

Diane Jenkins said... #

I love a good ham sammich with potatoe salad on it.

Anonymous said... #

My favorite way to eat ham after a big celebration...or actually two ways, is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich on sourdough, or cut up in a crock pot bean soup.

Shelli Munyan said... #

Love ham sandwiches with swiss cheese!

c.d. Cleveland said... #

I love ham im any form

Shelli Munyan said... #

Love ham sandwiches and swiss cheese!

Anonymous said... #

I love my ham the next day on sourdough bread with cheese and honey mustard!

Bobbie Smith said... #

I'm a Ham person, eat ham, not only for the Holiday's but also throughout the year. My favorite way to make ham, is to bake it and make a honey/brown sugar glaze to put over it...MMMM

Anonymous said... #

A good honey glazed baked ham is my favorite.

Carol said... #

I love ham all ways but my favorite is mini ham sliders with swiss cheese and honey mustard spread on little cocktail buns then warmed until cheese melts. Gooey love.

george1@earthlink.net said... #

I'm a single retired man and Ham anyway it's made I love. Ham & Eggs, Beans & Ham or even just by itself. I have never had this Ham but will try it. George Brady

Anonymous said... #

I like Paula Deen's Southern Ham
Salad receipe also .

Ellen Reeher Morris Straitcrazy0308@aol.com

Judi said... #

there are two wonderful ways to serve leftover ham - a ham sandwich on fresh white bread, lettuce, tomato and miracle whip - oh my does my mouth water thinking of that!!! The other would be to make fresh biscuits for breakfast (or pull out the freezer biscuits) and have a slice or two of ham piled on - o my - its calling my name

Dana said... #

Ham and asparagus casserole. That is what I always make with the last of the ham, my family LOVES it!

Anonymous said... #

Ham with butter and brown sugar glaze and Slow roasted. I really Like to eat ham on Christmas! I can't even believe the flavors of these hams! From Shannon at jershan@columbus.rr.com

Mattie Mouille said... #

I could literally eat ham until I become physically ill.....lol

horeldia said... #

I would love the ham salad!

Anonymous said... #

love ham with pineapple and cloves!

Jennifer H said... #

Love Just sliced leftover sandwich with cheese and mustard. .Also ham salad made with mustard, spices, and diced dill pickles! Another good option is chunk some up and add to your favorite pasta salad recipe! Ham ham ham- just LOVE IT!

Claudia Shamburg said... #

We always had ham for Christmas, nothing was better than Mom's baked ham with her potato salad.Mom's been gone 25 years this Christmas,baking ham and making the potato salad brings back all my memories of her at the holidays. Love Smithfield everything...

Claudia Shamburg said... #

We always had ham for Christmas, nothing was better than Mom's baked ham with her potato salad.Mom's been gone 25 years this Christmas,baking ham and making the potato salad brings back all my memories of her at the holidays. Love Smithfield everything...

Jennifer H said... #

Love Just sliced leftover sandwich with cheese and mustard. .Also ham salad made with mustard, spices, and diced dill pickles! Another good option is chunk some up and add to your favorite pasta salad recipe! Ham ham ham- just LOVE IT!

Linda Duvall said... #

I love 'the morning after' ham and eggs. Nothin' finer!

Linda Morris said... #

I love beans with ham,yum!

Anonymous said... #

I tried something different for my Thanksgiving Ham. I cooked it low and slow (4 hours) in the crock pot with a can of ginger ale. I served it with a home made honey mustard glaze - honey, yellow mustard, cinnamon and ground cloves (I just played with the amounts until I got a taste I liked. The crock pot kept the ham moist and it was hot all the way through! sandanv1@hotmail.com

Unknown said... #

My favorite, after just eating ham, is ham and bean soup. Ham sandwiched with lettuce and tomato with mayo, is a favorite as well.

Pam Berry said... #

Ham served just as you did on 1st day & then also love Ham Salad.

Anonymous said... #

Ham and cheddar omlet or a grilled ham and cheese with tomatoes and onion...

sandy said... #

I like making ham pot pies and for breakfast ham omelets for the family. So I'm happy that your giving away a ham. I never had this kind but it look delisous. I jope that I'm your winner. It would really help us out a lot. I have my gamily come because they can't afford to get everything so that means there is 23 of us all together.12 of those are our grandkids 2 are our boys that are still under the age of 18
and are our girls moved out with kids married. Thanks for giving me the chance to win this ham.

Mary Jenkins said... #

ham and beans with cornbread

starbellysneech said... #

my favorite ham recipe is ham and swiss rolls with poppyseed mustard

Unknown said... #

For some reason, my comment didn't publish with my name. My original comment "My favorite, after just eating ham, is ham and bean soup. Ham sandwiched with lettuce and tomato with mayo, is a favorite as well." GREGORY SHADLEY

Gina Powell said... #

I love it any way you can fix it. One of my favorites is a good ole ham sandwich !!!

Penni said... #

Ham & cheese sandwich! YUM

Robyn said... #

Would love to win some yummy ham :)

Robyn said... #

Would love to win some yummy ham :)

lgrimsley79@gmail.com said... #

Leftover ham cubed and green bean and potatoes cubed. Throw it all together with a little butter and some juices left over from pan that you cooked your ham in. Easy peasy but soooooo yummy! Family favorite!!!

Pam Berry said... #

I tweeted about the giveaway

Anonymous said... #

I love to cook ham and try different glazes. My favorite is brown sugar, mustard, orange juice and cloves. lmassey1027@gmail.com

CTMOM said... #

Love a classic, pineapple and clove studded ham with a brown sugar and spicy brown mustard glaze. Love the chance to win a ham! Thanks!

Unknown said... #

GREGORY SHADLEY: greg.shadley@gmail.com
Please previous comment. It didn't publish my email address even though I put it in the comment.

Stephanie said... #

I love to use leftover ham in any kind of beans!

Rebecca said... #

We love old fashioned Navy Beans and Ham served with fried potatoes and cornbread with honey.

Renay Hollander said... #

I love homemade biscuits and ham!

Anonymous said... #

We love a ham with a nice honey/brownsugar glaze, and pineapple.. yummo tommysprincess@tampabay.rr.com

Michelle McClain said... #

I love plain old ham on homemade biscuits. Yummy! :)

Rebecca said... #

We love old fashioned navy beans and ham served with fried potatoes and cornbread with honey.

Anonymous said... #

I have always loved your ham

Kim H. said... #

Ham makes a delightful Christmas dinner!

Dana Kay said... #

This ham would not need anything added because it sounds wonderful all by itself! For left-over ham, my family loves Ham and Beans with Cornbread. Yum!

Peggy Tate said... #

I love to use the leftover spiral sliced ham in a breakfast casserole done in the crockpot. Yummy!!

lizvee said... #

Scalloped potatoes and left over baked ham...is a fav of ours.

Anonymous said... #

luv the southern ham salad!!!omg good!!!

StitchDoll said... #

My favorite ham recipe would be brown sugared and pineapple glazed ham. Any leftover ham gets made into cheesy ham and potato soup and as always we make soup beans with fried potatoes and cornbread with the ham bone. stitchdoll @ gmail.com

Teresa Potter said... #

Ham & yam casserole

Debbie said... #

I love the taste of a good ham!! I use the bone in beans.

Anonymous said... #

I love ham with raisin sauce. It is different than the usual pineapple glaze.

Anonymous said... #

I love to use leftover hame and the bone in crockpot Ham and Beans along with cornbread yummy

regina clemons said... #

Pull it right out of the oven and holler for the family to come in, Its mouth watering ya'll !!!!

Linda B linda4stuff@tx.rr.com said... #

A big slice of ham on crusty bread for a sandwich and the ham bone in a pot of beans with cornbread!

gladys said... #

looks really good!

Ingrid Wise said... #

I have been looking for this ham! Would love to win it....

Anonymous said... #

We just like the standard glazed sliced ham.

phasejumper said... #

We love using leftover ham to make ham and cheese sliders!

Melanie said... #

Fried ham, potatoes and eggs. Just warms the insides and tastes great!

Randi from Louisville said... #

I love making ham, cheese and tomato melts on a bagel. thats my favorite method using ham.

Regina said... #

I love trying new recipes with ham.

Marsha Carey said... #

Would love to have a delicious ham for Christmas this year!

Anonymous said... #

We love Smithfield ham at our house. I love to have leftovers. I take the potatoes add some milk and ham and make potato soup. Delish. I also do ham biscuits and sandwiches. So many ways to use it. Love the bone in my beans.

Debbie Lind said... #

We eat ham just about any way. I like ham sandwiches or make western omlets with leftover ham. Yum!

Tonya Colburn said... #

This is the best ham ever! I love it.

Brandy Powell said... #

My favorite Ham recipe is my Mom's, she puts cloves and pineapples all over it with brown sugar, and my husband's cousin made a really good Dr.Pepper glaze ham this year for thanksgiving. YuMM!

Tracii Ridaught said... #

I love spiral ham with all the traditional toppings. Afterwards we love honey ham sliders and potato soup. hanks for the chance to win a ham

Bonnie said... #

I love split pea soup with ham! Also just plain ham with Christmas dinner is a tradition in our home. This year will be the first one that my husband and I will be celebrating as a married couple! We are hosting dinner and would love a yummy ham to cook for the family :)

Susan Maggy said... #

OMG, these Smithfield hams are the BEST! I drove way out of my way to buy one for Thanksgiving!! After the main course? Split pea and ham soup...or Ham & beans. No wait...maybe Mac & cheese & ham!!! But always save some in the fridge for nibbling on!

Wilma said... #

I have no reason to criticize your ham, we love Smithfield, it's the only brand I buy, even if it's not a Holiday, we enjoy it fried for breakfast, with eggs & fried apples, guess I'm just an old fashion southern cook.

A. Courtney said... #

I cook my ham in a smoker. A little bit more flavor and then left overs are put in breakfast casseroles and navy beans with smoky ham and home made rolls for my guys!

Dianne Sarabia said... #

My favorite ham recipe is glazed with my Mothers glaze she always made and then covered with pineapples.

Tina said... #

Ham and cheese sandwich.

Anonymous said... #

I love ham fried in brown sugar and pineapple juice. My mom used to cook it for us before she passed. I would love to have some ham to cook my family for Christmas! lshppr@yahoo.com

Krista Mohair said... #

Ham and cheese grilled sandwich :-)



Gloria Hight said... #

I like ham anyway but really do like a good ham and bean soup. Eggs and ham or a good ham sandwich.

Emilie said... #

I like ham in the crockpot with brown sugar and pineapple. :-)

Anonymous said... #

I make a Ham for the leftovers ..... sandwiches and SOUP!!!!! Lots of Bean Soup

Karen said... #

my favorite is ham dressing

Anonymous said... #

Even though it's just hubby & I most holidays now, I still serach for the biggest Smithfield ham I can find and usually have 3 meals from it. From breakfasts to dinners to soups and just plain cut pieces with some cheeses; it's always the best. Jo Lynch...

Anonymous said... #

Love ham and biscuits!

kim h said... #

My favorite ham recipe is straight ham, yummy sweet glaze. Leftover ham, ham egg cheese omelet,ham and cheese taters casserole, then once all ham is gone then it's soup beans with ham bone.

JW said... #

Leftover ham makes a great ham and potato casserole!

Anonymous said... #

Ham & bean soup slowcooked is my favorite.
Christy Hadzega

Donna Sweet said... #

I love a good ole New England Boiled dinner! :)

Sandy H said... #

Love a Cuban sandwich all warm and toasty.

Robin Chesser said... #

My favorite ham recipe is not really a recipe but it is my fave, I liked to heat up ham in some red eye gravy and serve it on biscuits!

Anonymous said... #

Drizzled with honey and then poke with cloves .bake and serve with sweet potatoes!

MaryAnn Nagy said... #

I love a baked ham with pineapple slices and brown sugar then serving baked sweet potatoes, fresh green beans with bacon, homemade fresh bread, cranberry sauce, fresh green salad and top it off with dessert of homemade apple pie!

Joan Ransleben said... #

I love a good baked ham with scalloped potatoes and green beans. Then take any leftovers and cut ham in slices with brown gravy served with mashed potatoess, blackeyed peas, and biscuits , yum!

Ashton Petty said... #

I just love crock pot ham and beans!

Anonymous said... #

Grilled ham and pineapple panini


Anonymous said... #

I lke to make grilled cheese and ham sandwiches with the leftovers and then use the rest for a nice split pea soup!

Chantel DeValk said... #

I love leftover ham on sandwiches. It can be cooked anyway!

kathy clark jennings said... #

I make ham with brown sugar and mustard and scalloped potatoes and ham IF there are leftovers.

Joline Kershaw said... #

Ham & Bean Soup!

Anonymous said... #

I have never tried ham salad. This Southern Ham Salad sounds interesting. I might have to try this one. Thank You!

Anonymous said... #

Love scalloped potatoes with ham. Ham salad is a close second


Victoria said... #

The pecan praline ham...Yum,Yum

Anonymous said... #

Place ham in a roaster. Pour in one can of Coke. And cinnamon and cloves. Serve with sweet potatotes and green beans home made rolls and real butter. Oh and on sweet potatoes butter brown sugar and cinnamon! jodirn_61010@yahoo.com

Shannon Wewel said... #

I love to take leftover ham and make cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham.

newfymom said... #

A good ham and cheese sandwich sounds just perfect on a snowy day like today!

Kim Hawkins said... #

I like ham salad--put ham, mayo, mustard, onion & pickle relish in food processor to blend. Great with crackers or on bread.

Anonymous said... #

Love the Honey Ham, But would love to try the Candy Apple one! Sounds yummy!

Anonymous said... #

Love baked ham, and

Anonymous said... #

Ham Salad is my favorite...sort of at the end of the baked ham process, but ground and mixed with onion, pickle relish, mustard and mayo, then spread on toast...a real winner in our family! cdolske@gmail.com

Avis Dillon Rader said... #

I love ham. Ham sandwiches, ham and cheese, or ham & eggs. Our local farmer's market has a deli ham called "Off the bone", and it is wonderful.

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