March Menu Plan

After a three month menu planning hiatus I just can't take it anymore. First off my apologies for my lack of menu posting. The last couple months have been a crazy mess, so planning a menu and sticking to it just wasn't possible.

I'm happy to say that I think things are starting to get back to normal, so I really want to get back on track with our dinner routine. I have come to realize that eating by the seat of our pants just doesn't work in this house. I really don't know how folks survive without some sort of menu plan.

I have a lot of chicken in the freezer that needs to be used, so I have quite a few chicken meals listed. The weather has also been unseasonably warm, so I am hoping to fire up the grill a few times as well. I really wish Texas would of gotten a bit of cold weather, but we didn't. I guess Spring will be arriving early this year.

March Dinner Menu

No Peek Beef Tips, Whole Wheat Pasta & Steamed Broccoli
Easy Peasy Chicken Legs, Skillet Potatoes & Vegt.
Lemon Pepper Grilled Pork Chops, Grilled Corn & Baked Potatoes
Pioneer Woman Chicken Strips, Mac & Cheese & Veggie
Chicago Pizza W/Garlic Butter Crust (Ham & Bacon)
Sneaky Spaghetti, TX Toast & Salad
Bourbon Chicken, Brown Rice & Green Beans {New}
Red & White Pasta, Salad & French Bread
Ranch House Chicken, Roasted Broccoli & Smashed Red Potatoes {New}
Baked Spaghetti O's, Fruit & Oatmeal Rolls {New}
Mexican Stuffed Shells, Re fried Beans & Salad
Chicken Chow Mien, Rice & Egg Rolls {New}
Chicken, Bacon Ranch Pizza & Cheese Pizza
Skillet Ground Beef Stew & Cornmeal Rolls {New}
City Chicken (Pork), Potatoes, Stuffing & Green Beans
Grilled Chicken Fajitas, Mexican Rice & Beans
Smoked Sausage Kabobs, Rice & Roasted Root Veggies
Shepherds Pie, Angel Biscuits & Salad {New}
Coney Island Dogs & Fries
Not My Mamas Meatloaf, Steamed Carrots, Mashed Potatoes
Ground Turkey Taco's
Creamy Chicken Pockets


Honey Bun Cake
Saint Patricks Day Cake {New}
Chocolate Chip Scones
Smore Croissants

Recipes in Red are linkable recipes posted here or somewhere else. Recipes with {New} will be posted as I make them. If you find any broken links please let me know so I can fix them.



Julie said…
Glad to see you back to menu planning! I was wondering what happened and missed your posts. :)
Tina said…
Thank you so much Julie. I had some circumstances that came up that made it hard for me to plan anything. On a happier note it's great to be back.
Scouting Mom said…
I want your bourbon chicken recipe...I love bourbon chicken, but can't find a decent recipe.
I don't know how anyone does it without a menu plan either! I do two weeks, then grocery shop for that. It saves so much time and I'm not stressed about dinner either! Thanks so much for sharing your menus, they always give me some new ideas :)
Funny, I just posted a No Peeking Beef Tip recipe this evening and thought it lacked a gravy consistency. Your's may just be the ticket. Mine has everything but the gravy.
wesliane said…
whaou encore de bonnes recettes qui promettent
KT-1 said…
I'd like to try the Mexican Stuff Shells - but the link goes to Pintrist. I've heard my daughter talk about that site..but I'm not part of that can I get the recipe. It sounds really good. THANKS
Tina said…
Kt-1 I will change the link to go directly to the recipe source.
Tara said…
I love your monthly menus. It seems like every time I sit down to write out my weekly menu, I instantly forget every single food we like to eat. I love seeing other's meal ideas. I probably should move to doing a month at a time instead of weekly.
I have been menu planning for probably two years now and it was the answer to all our problems. I talked to a friend about it the other day and she said that it was hard for her to plan because sometimes they weren't in the mood for that food that day. I told her that having a menu helps me to look forward to dinner and get in the mood!! I love my menu plan and I will never go back. Welcome back to the planning world and hope that it makes things go a little smoother.
That is one reason why I do a list format rather than a designated day. By having a list I can choose what I am in the mood for that day. Maybe she just needs to switch up her format.
smilegirl said…
I am hoping to get back into menu planning. We stopped last year just around the time I was put on bedrest for baby #2. I haven't got back into it yet. I am hoping that I will soon. Since baby #2 is almost 1. Thanks for your helpful menu plans and your delicious ideas.