May Menu & A Gooseberry Patch Winner

Happy Friday Everyone!!!! With Easter, Teacher Appreciation, Mothers Day and my Gooseberry Patch Giveaway, I kind of got distracted on the task at hand. My May Dinner Menu!!! I have been working on it, but really slacking on getting it posted. Every time I would start to type it up another post would take priority. But no worries today I am finally getting around to posting my menu.

Summer is right around the corner and I can feel it in the air. With summer comes the hot temps, so I have added quite a few meals to try and beat the heat. May is usually the month that we really get serious about firing up the grill again. I think that's my favorite part about summer, grilling out. The more we cook outside the less I have to turn on the oven. I have also added a few crock pot meals for the same reason.

I haven't figured out our plans for Mothers Day quite yet. I'm not sure If I want to eat out or stay home and throw something on the grill. Cracker Barrel was what I wanted to do, but today I woke with a stomach bug. So really nothing is sounding to appealing right now. I will just play it by ear and see. I do know that no matter what I am making a strawberry pie for dessert so I do have a bit of a plan. What are your plans for Mothers Day?

May Dinner Menu

Sticky Finger Wraps & Checkers Fries
Hillbilly Spaghetti Pie & Texas Toast
Beer in the Rear Chicken, Grilled Veggies & Baked Potatoes
Soy Honey Grilled Chicken Thighs, Coconut Rice & Green Beans
Smoked Sausage Kabobs, Rice & Grilled Corn
Beer Battered Fish Taco's (New), Cilantro & Lime Rice
Pizza Night (Pepperoni & Chicken, Bacon & Veggie)
Breakfast for Dinner(Whole Wheat Pancakes, Bacon & Eggs)
Stuffed Shells, French Bread
Ground Beef Stroganoff, Noodles & Roasted Broccoli
Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken, Rice & Veggies
Pasta W/Vodka Sauce & Chicken Cutlets (New)
Fire Cracker Chicken Stir Fry & Crab Rangoon's (New)
Chicken Lasagna, French Bread & Salad
No Fail Pot Roast, Carrots, Potatoes & Rolls
Corn & Potato Chowder (New)
Salisbury Steak, Noodles & Sauteed Green Beans
Fall of the Bone Ribs, Potato Salad, Bush's Grillin Beans
Grilled Chicken Legs, Macaroni & Cheese & Fruit
Beans & Franks & Corn Muffins
Sour Cream Noodle Bake , Southern Skillet Corn
& Fluffy Dinner Rolls
Crock Pot Sticky Chicken, Veggie & Mashed Potatoes (New)
BLT's & Macaroni Salad (New)
Simple Sesame Noodles W/Chicken & Snow Peas
Pizza Night (Pepperoni & BBQ Chicken & Bacon)(New)
Chicken & Rice Bake Veggie & Rolls

Desserts & Goodies

Strawberry Pie
Five Chip Cookies (New)
Butterscotch Cookies (New)
Ding Dong Cake (New)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls
Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Linked recipes are recipes that are listed at my site or somewhere else. Recipes that have (New) will be shared as I make them. Please let me know if you notice any broken links, so I can fix them.

I also wanted to announce that the winner of the Gooseberry Patch "Quick & Easy Autumn Cookbook, is.....
Comment #349 - Christina Stewart.
Thank you to everyone who entered.

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Mrsblocko said…
OOOH!!! Looks like you've got some really interesting "New" recipes on the May menu. I look forward to reading about them. Esp the 5 chip cookies!!!!!!!
Tina Butler said…
I can't wait to make those cookies. They have been on my list for awhile now. I got a little creative this month LOL.
Unknown said…
Mmmmm your May menu sounds delish!! I hope you love the Sticky Finger wraps as much as we do : )
Maude Lynn said…
My mouth is watering for that strawberry pie!
Unknown said…
Wow! Sounds great! I think I will come stay at your house! lol
Thanks so much for posting your menu. I like to get some new ideas for my own. I never really made Salisbury steak until I made yours, now we have it all the time :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for all these lovely ideas! I made the strawberry pie and it was delicious. Still had plenty of strawberries, so I also made a triple strawberry cheesecake that I posted for mother's day. With all the fresh berries, there's never too many strawberry recipes to try. Thanks for all your lovely posts - along with others, you have inspired me to post my own family's recipes.