Thursday, November 4, 2010

Southern Buttermilk Pie

Buttermilk Pie is an old fashioned southern style custard pie with a lightly brown, crispy-sugary topping.      
When Simply Suppers first arrived on my doorstep, I did what I usually do when I get my hands on a new cookbook. I do a quick glance and flip through the pages, so this time was no different. As I was thumbing through the cookbook and I booked marked a few of my favorites. This Buttermilk Pie was at the top of my to bake list. 

The photo's alone looked so delicious that, I knew immediately that this was a cookbook that I was going to love. The title says its all Simply Suppers "Easy Comfort Food your Whole Family will Love.  

The recipes in this cookbook are all comfort food recipes that remind you of home. I love simple southern pies and you can't get any simpler than a buttermilk pie, so I couldn't wait to make it!  A good buttermilk pie should be firm on the inside and lightly brown and crispy on the top.

This recipe is simple to make and calls for simple ingredients. You can use store-bought pie crust or use a homemade pie crust recipe. It's all up to you. I hope y'all will give this recipe because I just know your going to love it. 

Southern Buttermilk Pie

1 - 9 inch pie crust 
1  1/2 - cups sugar
3 - tablespoons flour
1 - cup well shaken buttermilk or use powdered buttermilk
1 - tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 - tablespoons vanilla extract
2 - large eggs, room temperature 
1/2 - cup unsalted butter, melted and cooled to room temperature

Preheat the oven to 415 degrees. Place the pie crust in a deep dish pie pan and flute the edges. 

If desired use store bought pie crust. Set aside. In a large mixing bowl whisk together the sugar, flour, buttermilk, lemon juice, vanilla., eggs and melted butter. 

Bake the pie crust for 5 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove the pie crust from the oven and pour the filling into the warm crust. Return the pie to the oven and bake until warmed, about 10 minutes. 

Then without opening the door , reduce the heat to 350 degrees and bake until set, about 40 minutes. If the crust begin to brown to quickly add foil around the crust edges. 

Remove from oven and place on a wire rack to cool completely. Serve at room temperature.

servings: 6-8
adapted from: simply suppers

I keep a canister of powdered buttermilk in my pantry just in case I don't have any buttermilk on hand or stored in the freezer. You can use cultured buttermilk blend whenever your recipe calls for liquid buttermilk or sour milk. 4 tablespoon powdered buttermilk to 1 cup water = 1 cup buttermilk. 

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Jodie said... #

Our family's favorite comfort food is chicken and homemade dumplings. My husband's dumplings(yes, I said my husband's) are like none I've ever tasted! The combination of the chewy outside and bread-like inside is a meal all in it's own!

JoAnn said... #

My comfort food is rice pudding. No one else in my family likes it, so I make it just for me.

Traci said... #

Homemade Mac & Cheese

Hoosier at Heart said... #

My favorite comfort food is either Paula Deens italian meatloaf with mashed potatoes or Bobby's Goulash. That buttermilk pie looks amazing!

Lynell said... #

My comfort food is Cheesy Potato Soup. It warms the belly on a cold day!

Liz said... #

Comfort Food for me is my nana's Chicken & Dumplings. It is an all day event, but the end result...delicious!



Liz said... #

I tweeted this giveaway!!/FlowerinDogwood/status/29684296497

SuzQ said... #

Anything my Mom makes! Probably meatloaf and mashed potatoes, if I had to narrow it down.

Anonymous said... #

My comfort food is called Chicken in a Hurry, it's a variation on a dish that used to take my grandma hours to make, but only takes an hour for me!

anniebakes said... #

for me it's chili!!


*Sam* said... #

Chicken & dumplings for me.

Judith said... #

My favorite comfort food is Spaghetti Carbonara. Bacon and can't go wrong there!

Anonymous said... #

Spaghetti carbonara.


Anonymous said... #

Our favorite comfort food is chicken and dressing casserole.



susie said... #

if it's comfort food I'm cooking, either I want cheesy chicken spaghetti or chicken pot pie. If someone else is cooking, I want my mother in law's chicken and dumplings.

Kristi Collier said... #

My Favorite Comfort food is mac and cheese and it has to be cheesy!

Dorothy at Belle of the Kitchen said... #

I love chicken pot pie--it's perfect for a cold rainy day like today!

Susan said... #

My answer has to be my fave comfort meal - fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and a yummy yeasty roll. Yummmm.

Chelsie E said... #

Black eyed peas and rice is my all time favorite comfort food! My grandmother would make them when I came in from college and had some ready to freeze to take back with me.

Unknown said... #

Chili! We eat it once a week in the cooler months =)

Unknown said... #

My favorite food is bbq pork. I also am very fond of the cheesy chicken spaghetti that you make. I sure would love to have some of that buttermilk pie but I can't have the sugar.

Christie said... #

Homemade Potato Soup!!! My whole family thinks of this as a comfort food and a "tradition food". As soon as it starts getting really cold and grey out - it's time for Potato Soup. And, Christmas Eve supper is Potato Soup. I first got hooked on Potato Soup when my Granny (who turns 102 in December) and Papa owned a tavern (not a bar back then) and Gran made the best Potato Soup around! Yummo! HUGS... and stitches

Jamie said... #

My favorite comfort dish is chicken and rice with canned biscuits. Something about it warms my heart and soul :)

Shawna said... #

My favorite comfort food is mashed potatoes and gravy, by far! A buttermilk biscuit a close second.

One of my sons and my husband's favorite is my rustic rabbit stew; our other kids, we have seven total, toss it up between jambalaya and manicotti.

Sadie said... #

MY favorite comfort food is a big breakfast spread. Yum, I could have it any time day or night

Anonymous said... #

My mom's macaroni and cheese!

Cindy said... #

Our favorite comfort food is a big pot of Potato Bacon soup, with nice warm fresh baked bread.

Carla said... #

My ultimate comfort food would have to be Potato Soup. Growing up, my Dad always made a pot for me when I was sick.

Kelly said... #

My comfort food is Chicken-n-Dumplings. Yummmm!

Kelly said... #

My comfort food is Chicken-n-Dumplings. Yummmm!

Kelly said... #

My comfort food is Chicken-n-Dumplings. Yummmm!

Kelly said... #

My comfort food is Chicken-n-Dumplings. Yummmm!

Unknown said... #

Chicken Fried Steak w/ Mashed Potatoes and Gravy...yummmyyyy!

Danielle said... #

Vegetable soup does it for me. It just makes me think of a cold, Sunday afternoon spent with the family.

Kay Little said... #

Homemade Chicken and Dumplings and Chicken and Spaghetti are our favorites. Blessings, K

Dana said... #

Nothing better than a cold night outside, a fire in the fireplace and homemade Chicken and Dumplings!

Blakemore Family said... #

My favorite comfort food is mashed potatoes. With lots of butter. Mmmmmm!

Anonymous said... #

Potato Casserole. It's the ultimate comfort food and my absolute favorite!

Anonymous said... #

My hubby's Chicken and Dumplings. Yum, yum!! Thanks for the giveaway!

geauxmrsg at gmail dot com.

kelly c said... #

My favorite comfort food is anything with pasta and cheese.

Jenn said... #

My favorite comfort food is asparagus casserole or homemade chicken pot pie

Beverly Shortes said... #

I just love food!! I think my favorite is homemade chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and cream gravy. I would love to win this cookbook!

Beverly Shortes

Hippie Hick Chick said... #

My favorite comfort food is without a doubt think breakfast pork chops that are floured and fried. Add some home fries, green beans and buttered bread and I call that heaven!

Mama Rodz said... #

My favorite comfort foods would have to be chicken n dumplings and chicken enchilada casserole. yummy goodness!

P.S. If I have not told you before I sure do LOVE your blog! :)

turtleracing4 said... #

My favorite comfort food is a big bowl of tomato soup with grilled cheese.

Jill said... #

absolutely chicken spaghetti!!!!!!!!!

fairyhalo said... #

I would have to say my husband's Chicken and Dumplings also. Leftovers never last long. :)

Jennifer said... #

One of our favorite comfort food is Chicken Parmesan. I learned a few months ago how to make it in the crock pot & it is wonderful, plus easy!!!! I need easy recipes being a stay at home mom with 4 boys :)

Nancy L said... #

Fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy is my all time favorite comfort food, but one that I hardly ever fix!

Wendy said... #

My favorite comfort food would have to be Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream! It's the best for any type of day: sad, depressing, celebration, whatever. I can eat Cherry Garcia and always feel better!

Jennings Pitts said... #

I LOVE Jennifer's Pasta Carbonara that she said was inspired by Nick Vergos's recipe. It is seriously the best comfort food ever! So easy to make and instantly lifts my mood!! I feel like an Italian chef when I eat this!

Everyday mom said... #

Homemade mac-n-cheese with peas

Jill said... #

My comfort food is a yummy ribeye steak!

Jill said... #

Here is my Tweet..!/Coupons4Me/status/29693346305

Stacey said... #

My favorite comfort food is either my mom's homemade beef vegetable soup, or her chicken & dumplings! Yum! Just thinking about it makes me want to go make a batch of soup right now! Guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!

wamay said... #

My favorite comfort meal is my own recipe of's never the same aka...I through in what I feel like.. mashed potatoes, tomatoe gravy, green beans and garlic bread! I love your blog!!!!!

connie said... #

Our family's favorite comfort food is Potatoe Soup (and grandkids is Taco soup).

Lindsey said... #

My favorite comfort food is a classic pot roast w/ roasted onions, cabbage, & carrots, w/ mashed potatoes & green beans! Reminds me of my childhood! :)

Anonymous said... #

Our family's favorite is also Chicken & Dumplings, and like Jodie my hubby makes the dumplings. I can never make them like he does.


Cassandra said... #

I love Chicken and dumplings.

tam said... #

My comfort food has to be chili and homemade cornbread!

Lynne said... #

My son's Polka Dot Macaroni and Cheese.

Anonymous said... #

my favorite comfort food is my grandma's potato salad, cole slaw, peas and fried okra.

Anonymous said... #

My favorite comfort food is chicken and dumplings.

The Karlinsey Family said... #

anything with potatoes, maybe cause I grew up in Idaho :) I love cookbooks so I really want to win!!!

Ann said... #

All food is comfort to me...but my personnel favorite would be meatloaf, and a baked potato to accompany it.

Anonymous said... #

My favorite comfort food is beans with ham, fried potatoes and mexican cornbread. YUM!!


DessertForTwo said... #

Wow-great review! I love that she was at the top of her class and has 2 kids! Super Mom! :)

Thanks for the giveaway offer!

My comfort food is chicken noodle soup. Oh, heavens to Betsy.

Allison Holmes said... #

I love a great and saucy chicken pot pie!

Cowchipper said... #

I love Japanese fried rice

Cowchipper said... #

tweeted to all my friends!!

Danyelle said... #

Banana pudding pie sounds awesome; my husband would LOVE it.
My favorite comfort food is mashed potatoes.

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said... #

This time of year I can't get enough homemade beef vegetable soup and a pan of cornbread.

Anonymous said... #

I like anything CHOCOLATE. Chocolate chip cookies with nutz!

Anonymous said... #

retweeted from a friend! thanks

Tracy F. said... #

A big bowl of Chilli with some yeasty type bread... yum!

Darrell said... #

I love my wife's King ranch Chicken casserole or her Chili!

Tracy F. said... #


Cheryl said... #

Potatoes of any kind. mashed, gratin, baked, fried...

Anonymous said... #

I like anything pumpkin flavored. I just like the taste of pumpkin.

Dave R

Karilyn said... #

My favorite comfort food is homemade pancakes (I like Bisquick, but there's something about made-from-scratch that beats even Bisquick pancakes!)

As for my children, well, there's seven of them, so there's seven different answers you'd get from them, but they all like "nuked" potatoes (baked, in the olden days) with chili, sour cream, and grated cheese on top.

Sarah said... #

Tuna Noodle Casserole.

Anonymous said... #

Anything that my sister cooks I will eat. She is as good a cook as my mom was! M.Chipman

Darrell said... #

Does facebook count as a tweet? I facebooked it!

Stacey said... #

Our favorite comfort food right now is The Lady & Son's Chicken good!

Hannah said... #

It's hard to narrow it down, but I'd have to go with Chicken and Wild Rice soup in homemade bread bowls.

Cathy said... #

Our family favorite is country fried steak, white gravy with mashed potatos & green beans. Love your recipes and website.

Lisa said... #

My favorite comfort food is a bowl of homemade chili and cornbread with green chilis and lots of cheese. Yum Yum!

Lisa M. said... #

A big plate of mashed potatoes! E-mail:

SouthernGirl said... #

Believe it or not it's fried chicken livers and mashed potatoes. But I have to make them at home, eating them out is never as good. No on else in my family will eat them, so its a home alone dinner!

Lindsay said... #

It's forever and always homemade macaroni and cheese!! Until I was 5 this and peanut butter is all I ever ate. Ulimate comfort food.

Unknown said... #

Hi! Our favourite comfort food (in the winter) is home made beef stew. Its just the perfect warming goodness on cold days!!!

Michele P. said... #

mmm, comfort food for me is mac and cheese with a Ritz cracker crumble on good!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Avril said... #

I am immediately in love with this cookbook! What a great review you have done on it Tina!

Comfort food for me = anything with cheese and tomato sauce....yumminess!!! :-)

Michele P. said... #


micaela6955 at msn dot com

Kelly said... #

Chicken gravy over rice...yum!

Cindi P. said... #

I just found your blog and can't wait to check out your recipes! My favorite comfort food would be homemade cream of mushroom soup followed closely by homemade mac and cheese.

Anonymous said... #

Probably Chicken enchilada soup! Yum!

Phil H said... #

Mine is Tennessee Banana Pudding it is on the Paula Deen web site this month on the cooking club Page go check it out hope you like it ;)

Erin F said... #

Hi Tina,

I would have to say either my Mom's pulled pork sandwichs or chicken and dumplings. I'm not quite sure what her recipes are as she will always tell me "you'll get my recipes when I'm dead". Now that's not to say that's what I'm wishing for but I certainly wish she would make them more often than she does. The best part is that they are both one pot meals that everyone from my kids to my picky brother and sister-in-law. Now that's good homecooked food!

Ava said... #

homemade baked mac and cheese

buffalo chicken dip w/ celery

mashed potatoes

i can go on

Amy said... #

Comfort food - chocolate chip cookie dough. Or, for dinner, crock pot chicken!

Julie H said... #

All those recipes look wonderful, Tina!

I love my homemade meatloaf or pot roast for a good comfort meal. Mmmmhhmmmm...

Libby@CookingWithLibby said... #

Looks like a great cookbook to add to my collection! My favorite comfort food has got to be Homemade Mac and Cheese ;)

Ava said... #

i tweeted


Unknown said... #

My favorite comfort food is chicken and dumplings with cornbread.

Nicole said... #

Hmmm... mine would be chocolate chip cookies. :)

Erin said... #

Comfort food is where it's at. Hmmm... homemade mac and cheese or turkey gravy over mashed potatoes! Oh my!

Gabrielle (In An Envelope) said... #

It's a tie between Mac and Cheese or Cheese Fries. I love cheese :)

Unknown said... #

Comfort food, heh?
I like to curl up in my chair with a hot cup of tea and a big slice of PECAN PIE.
Darn, wish I had some right now!

Rachel said... #

Soup (just about any kind)...and brownies. ;) Yeah, that says comfort food to me. :) Lol! Although the mac and cheese is always good too! ;)

Miss Rachel said... #

I love homemade chicken and dumplings - so cozy and warm and family friendly!

Mandy Bird said... #

Mine is my meat loaf with mashed potatoes and gravy and any dessert!

Lisa said... #

Homemade mac n cheese!

Tena said... #

Homemade cinnamon rolls,still warm with cream cheese icing!! That's comfort food at it's best!!

Topher said... #

My favorite comfort food is probably meatloaf. Thanks for the giveaway.


zekks at yahoo dot com

Ashley said... #

My fav comfort food is mashed potatoes!! I love buttery, creamy, potatoes with mayo!! :)

The Manintvelds said... #

Beans and cornbread!!!

Tania QT said... #

A good Chicken Noodle Soup, has to be homemade, will be my favorite confort food.

Michael and Aubrey said... #

My comfort food is homemade's fast, simple, has endless varieties, and oh so good!

Judy W said... #

Macaroni and Cheese is the best comfort food ever!!
email: jmw107(at)knology(dot)net

Margie Huddleston said... #

Honestly, anything with butter in it! :)

Knitty said... #

Picking just one is the hard part. I guess I would say chicken noodle soup because that is what I am craving as our temps here in Michigan are taking a nose dive.

Amiee said... #

My new favorite comfort food is homemade chicken pot pie. I never thought I could make one that would taste good. I tried the one on Mommy's Kitchen and it is now my families favorite :)

Amiee said... #

My new favorite comfort food is homemade chicken pot pie. I never thought I could make one that would taste good. I tried the one on Mommy's Kitchen and it is now my families favorite :)

Mary | Deep South Dish said... #

Nice cookbook Tina! I have many, but first in line is probably chicken and drop dumplings. I have nothing against rolled dumplings, love them too, but those fluffy dumplings - there's just something about them!! Mmmmm... total comfort.

Mary | Deep South Dish said... #

I tweeted too!!/DeepSouthDish/status/353529109676032

Stacia said... #

My favorite comfort food is chicken parmesean.

Tom M - @SolakNC said... #

Favorite comfort food... Chili, the 2nd night :) With cornbread, of course. Tweeted the contest as well ;)

Anonymous said... #

My favorite is chhicken pot pie. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Leighann said... #

My favorite comfort food is meatloaf. It took a long time for me to find the right recipe, but thanks to Paul Deen, I have it now. :) Gotta have mashed potatoes too! Love your blog. :)

Beth Roberts said... #

My favorite comfort food is meatloaf and mashed potatoes!!

tbmroberts at yahoo dot com

amanda said... #

my absolute favorite comfort food is chicken and dumplings!!!! cooked by my momma, lol!!!!

Cherloo said... #

My all time favorite comfortfood is my mamas special Pancakes.. They are life changing!

Cherloo said... #


Nellie said... #

My favorite comfort food would be chicken pot pie!

dining tables said... #

My family's comfort food is the chicken pot pie! We really love making and eating it.

Sophie said... #

Poppyseed Chicken casserole is my comfort food. My mom always had it waiting for me when I came home from college. I also am comforted by ice cream of any kind!

JAMBA said... #

My favorite comfort food is my homemade spaghetti. It makes me happy!

Shelley said... #

My favorite comfort food is my homemade chicken noodle soup...I make it at least once every 2 weeks :)

mdlangmead at gmail dot com

Tiff said... #

My favorite comfort food is homemade spaghetti sauce (one of the few homemade foods we ate when I was growing up)

Cathy said... #

Tina, I love your blog. I found you because I was searching for the Deen brothers smoked sausage recipe.I look every Sunday to see what you have posted. I love shrimp scampi. My comfort food is macaroni and cheese.

Cathy said... #

Comment from Cathy about finding your blog. Tina, I forgot to leave you my e-mail, it is

Jennifer said... #

My comfort food is lasagna, good homemade lasagna.

Pam said... #

When I think of comfort food, I almost always think 'chicken and dumplings'. Love them with lots of celery.

scrambledhenfruit said... #

Hard to choose a favorite, but it would be chicken pot pie. :)

Anonymous said... #

My favorite comfort food is a meatloaf sandwich.


Correen said... #

My family, especially hubby, loves baked mac and is a go to recipe after a long, hard day at work. Oh, we gotta have it topped with ketchup too ;)

The Smiths said... #

we just like food :)

Anonymous said... #

My comfort food is max and cheese.. I Love Mac and cheese that is baked in the oven and l love eating it any time... I will get a big bowl of it while I am watching tV... It reminds me of home with my Grandmother. OOO how I miss them times years ago.

Plowlady said... #


Anonymous said... #

My favorite comfort food is Macaroni and Cheese - just elbow pasta with velveeta. It's that simple! I could eat it every day!

I Play Outside The Box said... #

My favorite would have to be ...chicken spaghetti...with fresh yeast rolls....there's another 3 pounds on my hips just thinking about it.

I use a recipe I got off Pioneer Woman's blog...and if I remember correctly I think I've seen it on your blog's just a perfect dish all the way around.

That cookbook sounds like a great one...and I'd love to try that Bananna Pudding Pie...sounds delicious!

Unknown said... #

I would love to win this wonderful cook book. I will post on facebook, twitter, and blog to help out. My favorite is homemade mac and cheese!

Jenny Sunshine said... #

Beef Stew or Homemade mac and cheese.

Merren said... #

Mine is more of a comfort meal, ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob, and sweet tea.

Sandy Stephens said... #

My favorite comfort food is a Chocolate Pie! I have my mother's recipe and when I want a good "go to" food, it's Chocolate!!

Tina Butler said... #

Tina, I do not have a blog. So I am sending my comment about the cookbook. I love shrimp scampi, the dish looks so good. I consider my comfort food macaroni & cheese. I really enjoy your postings. I look forward to looking every Sunday to see what you have posted.I tried the brownies with marshmallow creme and frosting and have since made it several times.

Sherrie said... #

My favorite comfort food is meatloaf.

Anonymous said... #

My comfort food is homemade chicken pot pie.


Anonymous said... #

My favorite comfort food would probably be (I have so many) smothered chicken and gravy!

Anonymous said... #

Ive also tweeted the giveaway here!/tamikag/status/509484677992448


Linda said... #

Chicken and homemade noodles, an old family recipe.

Anonymous said... #

My favorite comfort food is homemade chicken soup. I make it in the winter time and freeze it for my kids so it is ready whenever someone in the house gets sick. I always make a big pot of stock with the leftover turkey frame after Thanksgiving and make up a lot of soup with it!! Voila--Mama's Medicine for whatever ails you....

Gailanne said... #

Spaghetti and Meatballs!

Christina Livingston said... #

Mine is definitely Southern Fried Chicken, homemade mashed potatoes with country gravy, and fresh corn on the cob!!!

Patty Jensen said... #

My comfort food is meatloaf. Not only do you get a wonderful meal the first night, but you cannot beat meatloaf sandwiches the next day.

Andrea said... #

Cheesy Chicken and Rice!

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said... #

My favorite comfort food is my mom's potato soup!

Anonymous said... #

Hard decision. I think chicken and dumplings or mac and cheese would be my winners!

Mary said... #

I love potatoes in any form but especially mashed or baked.

Kelley said... #

mac and cheese all the way....with mashed potatoes on the side!

Heide said... #

My favorite comfort food is meatloaf! Love it!

toni w said... #

My favorite comfort food is hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes! Yum! Now I'm going to be hungry for it...

thirdcookie said... #

my favorite comfort food is Chicken and Dumplings.. Makes me feel all warm and cozy inside and reminds me of my childhood.

Laura Weaver said... #

My kind of comfort food isn't warm, it's cold! A HUGE Ice cream sundae! yum!

BarbTwig said... #

My comfort food is beef and noodles piled on top of real mashed potatoes. We grew up eating this at my Grandmother's house so it has lots of great memories!

Renea said... #

My favorite comfort food is chicken and cornbread dressing, the way my Momma makes it. Just the smell of it cooking brings back my childhood.

vrkirtley at yahoo dot com

Katie @ This Chick Cooks said... #

My favorite comfort food is chicken pot pie!

Shauna said... #

Ham & Beans with cornbread and fried potatoes.

Anonymous said... #

One of our favorite comfort food is Chicken Parmesan.

Jennifer said... #

Mashed potatoes!

Jennifer N said... #

My favorite is Chicken and Dumplings :)

Lisa Borowski said... #

Green beans. My grandmother and mother cooked them for hours, when I cook them the same way that they did, there is such a comforting smell that comes throughout the house.

Ann said... #

How about beef tips over rice. That sure is Southern comfort.

Nova's Mom said... #

One of my favs is chicken & dumplings. But I also like meatloaf, lasagne, chicken & rice - beans & cornbread area also good! I'd better stop before I make myself hungry!

Erica said... #

My fave comfort food. Beef stew with some home made buttermilk biscuits. MMMMMM

Ericanaysha1 (at) aol (dot) com

mamadana said... #

Spaghetti with homemade garlic bread, yummy!

MaryAnn Grove said... #

my favorite comfort food is home made soup. I make a large pot to potatoe soup or if I am in a hurry, I make tomatoe soup. a few saltine crackers along side and I am good to go. MaryAnn

bittersweet248 said... #

our familys comfort food is clam chower casserole or my moms hungarian gulosh, but a good seafood stew is always a good a dish with a good crusty bread is good for worming up too

Laura said... #

My favorite comfort food is Chicken Spaghetti (recipe fm this site) or Chicken & Dumplings! YUM! I love your site....and my family loves your site. You have helped me become a better cook! Thank you!!! : )

cooking in Illinois said... #

My favorite comfort food are many, but the one at the top of the list would have to be Chicken and Dressing with homemade cranberry sauce, and Peach Cobbler

MC said... #

My favorite comfort food hands down has to be a big plate of spaghetti with meat sauce and either garlic bread or cheesy garlic bread. Mmmmmmm

Pip said... #

My favorite comfort food is mashed potatoes and gravy. Hands down.

Elaine said... #

Homemade Fried Chicken, rice and gravy...

rhayes13 said... #

Hi Tina! I looove Chicken n' noodles and mashed potatoes, followed with some home-canned green beans and homemade pillow soft rolls!! And of course lots of butter! ;)

cooking in Illinois said... #

I don't remember exactly how I stumbled upon your blog, but I AM SO HAPPY I DID. I love it. Our cooking methods are very similiar. I am originally from the South, and from a family of 13, so I love it when I find recipes made the old fashioned way. YOU ARE DOING A SUPER FANTASTIC JOB WITH THIS BLOG. I can't wait to see what's new that you have posted. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I just want to shout to the world about all of your wonderful recipes. I am new to this site but I promise I will be back again and again, and I have told many friends. Just want to say thanks for sharing your knowledge of culinary skills. We love you and this blog.I collect cookbooks, and love to experiment with new and different recipes, I read cookbooks, like some would read a novel.I currently own about 500 cookbooks. I will never make everything that is in them, but I love to combine various recipes sometimes to create my own version. I will continue to check out your blog to see what's new. You are doing a great job.

rebelmom said... #

Chicken Pot is the BEST!

Shonda said... #

Just one comfort food? Well, I can't pick one, so I must tell you a whole meal: meatloaf, potatoes (any way, shape, or form!) and black-eyed peas - of course it is all home-grown and home-made!! This looks like a GREAT book and I would love to win it, so I can try those yummy recipes!

SandyH said... #

My mother's baked macaroni and cheese!!!

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