Sunday, June 1, 2008



Chili Cornbread Skillet


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I noticed on your casserole link that you didn't have a recipe for King Ranch casserole. I was going to share my recipe with you but I can't get the contact through e-mail button to work. My e-mail is Let me know if you want the recipe and thanks for all of your recipes!!

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I just found your website and I'm in love!! I have been searching for recipes that call for normal everyday ingreidents! Thanks so much and I am looking forward to trying some of your recipes!!

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Hi, I am from the great state of KY so you know I love southern cooking. I would like a good recipe for yellow squash casserole. I've been looking and they are really hard to find. I love your site. Keep the good recipes coming :-)

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I made your recipe for the hashbrown and ham casserole.It was so delicous it would be good to serve with eggs for breakfast Thank You

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Hi Tina, I hope this comment finds your New Year off to a great start. I first looked at your site to find the Friendship Bread recipes. After finding and printing all I needed I continued looking and am very pleased. I have printed several recipes off for us to try and I'm not done. My daughter and her family (5 all together plus my husband and I ) live in our home and she does 99% of the cooking. I'm sure she will love this site as well as I do. Thank you again and Happy New Years.

Doug G. said... #

What a wonderful site! You are able to turn the simple into elegant by just adding an extra ingredient or two. I came for Tater Tot Casserole but have book marked your site for others like Italian Meatballs (crockpot) Apple Pie Oatmeal and many others.

The site itself is a joy and I love the many comments. I'll be back for sure.

Gayle S. said... #

I need a recipe for Twice Baked Potato Casserole using frozen hashbrown potatoes? If you can help I would appreciate it. Thanks

Aussie Nicole said... #

Gday to you all. Im an Aussie, now living in Virginia after marrying a Virginian man. I love the variation of countries recipes, i love searching your website so i can cook true blue country American foods. I have printed out a lot of recipes and am yet to put them in a folder.If you would like an Aussie meat pie and Pastie recipe,or a dessert called Pavlova, i am happy to share on this site. :)