Back-to-School Rotisserie Chicken Freezer Meals

Three easy Back-to-School Rotisserie Chicken Freezer Meals to help you ease back into your dinner routine. 
As my kids head back to school on Monday our schedules will go back to being a bit more hectic. Back to school means back to routines! From make ahead breakfasts to organizing lunch boxes  and quick dinner ideas. Today I'm sharing 3 Rotisserie Chicken Freezer Meals that are sure to help you ease back into your dinner routine. 

I'm all for taking shortcuts in the kitchen, especially when it comes to dinner. One shortcut I take is using Rotisserie Chickens from Costco or my local Walmart. Store bought roast chickens are great for putting together a quick weeknight meal your family will love. One rotisserie chicken can easily feed my family of four.

Most times I just slice it up and serve with a few sides, but I also like to use them as a starting point for easy dinner recipes. I love having freezer meals on hand for those days when it seems like I'm being pulled in every direction. Those are the days when I'm thankful for all the prepping ahead of time to make a few freezer meals. I used two Marketside Rotisserie Chickens to make three meals. 

I think I could of squeezed 4 meals out of two chickens, but I wanted to make sure to have a pretty good amount of meat for the chicken tacos. I also made a Honey BBQ Meatloaf freezer meal and Make Ahead Meatballs for spaghetti. These 5 freezer meals are sure to get my family through the first week of school and save my sanity. 

Sauce recipe adapted from: 

Adapted from: The Coers Family


I love using these aluminum foil pans for freezer meals. I get 3 pans w/covers for $2.98 at my local Walmart. Make sure to cover each pan with a sheet of aluminum foil before adding the lid. Label, date and add thawing and warming instructions before freezing. 

I like to add a batch of flour tortillas in a zip lock bag and place it on top of the foil before freezing and then add the plastic lid. My daughter likes soft taco so we make soft and hard chicken tacos.

For more great rotisserie chicken freezer meal ideas, check out my recipes below. And for a  Cuban flair, stop by my friend Vanessa's blog, De Su Mama and check out her 5 Cuban Rotisserie Chicken Recipes 

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I just found your article in google when I search freezer meals.
I am from Indonesia. In my country, freezer meal not ready yet like in US or another country in europe. Would you suggest me, where I can buy (online) or make self my own freezer meal?