Our Favorite Traditional Recipes to Serve on Thanksgiving

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We're officially less than a week away from Thanksgiving - have you planned out your recipes? If you haven't, no worries because today's post is filled with some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Whether you're cooking for a crowd or just the family, I have plenty to choose from. 

Will you be serving turkey or ham or maybe both? How many side dishes will you be serving? Will you be making homemade cranberry sauce, dinner rolls and pies or using store-bought? Will you have a few appetizers to snack on or will you be starving yourself until the main meal? So many questions, my friends, but so little time.  

If you're still on the fence about what to cook or maybe you just need a few last-minute dishes or dessert, I have a variety of recipes that are sure to please. Hopefully, I've included something for everyone!  
Cake & Pies 

Holiday Breakfast Ideas

I love having a few appetizers and dips available for guests to snack on before the mail meal. Click my appetizer tab for my favorite holiday appetizers. 

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