October Menu Plan

Goodbye September and Hello October! We are finally going to be blessed with some cooler weather here in North Texas!!!! I am beyond excited to finally have the temperature dip below 80 degrees with some crisp-cool mornings. Fall is on the horizon, my friends. 🍂🍁

Are you looking for a little menu inspiration? Our October Menu Plan has got you covered. Today I am sharing a month's worth of simple family- friendly recipes and desserts just in time for the beginning of Fall. Any recipes noted in (NEW) are recipes I plan to make and will post in the near future. I hope y'all  find something you like.



Even though the fall weather hasn't officially arrived, I’m still choosing to embrace the season. When I think of fall apples and pumpkins come to mind, so to kick off the fall season, I'm sharing some delicious apple recipes with you. 

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