Honey Barbecue Meatloaf

This honey barbecue meatloaf is soooooo good! The honey adds sweetness and the barbecue sauce adds smokiness. This is my family's favorite meatloaf recipe. 
I don't know about Y'all but it seems like the last couple of weeks I've been in a sugar coma. I know it's hard to avoid when the holidays roll around, but I can honestly say I'm tired of all the sweets. It is so hard because I love sweet treats and willpower has never been my strong point. So instead of a sweet treat today how about something savory.

Today I want to share my family's favorite Honey Barbecue Meatloaf. I know, when you hear the word "meatloaf" it's one of those things that you either love or hate. For me...... I love it, but it hasn't always been that way. Growing up I disliked meatloaf with a passion. Every time mom put that blob of meat on the table I would just cringe. 

As soon as she placed the meatloaf on the table, it was at that moment that I knew I was going to be the last one to get up from the dinner table. Meatloaf was the one my mom could not make. It always looked like a dry lump of meat with ketchup on top, so definitely not my favorite meal.

So if you were a meatloaf snob like I was, I have to tell you that's only because you just haven't had the right one. The last couple meatloaf recipes I have made have been for "Not my Mama's Meatloaf". It really good and my family likes it, but they prefer this honey barbecue recipe more. 

If you ask my husband he will say the Honey BBQ is the best. Regular meat loaf is good, but add honey and BBQ sauce and it gives the meatloaf a sweet smokey flavor. Goodness I think it takes it right over the top. If you're a meatloaf hater this could be the recipe to turn it all around for you, so I hope you'll give it a try. Lets get started and you can see how easy  this meatloaf comes together. 

Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees. In a large mix together the ground beef, cracker crumbs, beaten egg, BBQ sauce, mustard, honey, seasonings and pepper. Mix together using a large wooden spoon or your hands. Don't over mix or you will have a tough meat loaf. 

Add some aluminum foil into the pan similar to a sling. This will make it easier to remove the meatloaf when it is done cooking. 

Shape into a loaf and add to a foil lined pan or use a regular loaf pan. 

In a small bowl add 1/2 cup barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, one tablespoon honey and a splash of liquid smoke. Mix together using a wire whisk. Brush the glaze all over the top of the meat loaf. Save some of the glaze to brush on top just before serving. Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 45 minutes - 1 hour.

When the meatloaf is done slice and serve with the remaining BBQ glaze. Meatloaf is one of my favorite comfort foods. Maybe it will be yours too.


Oh, goodness! That looks incredible! Honey barbecue sauce is one of my favorite condiments and I'm definitely a meatloaf lover!
Libby D. said…
This is just about how I make my meatloaf...but I have to use the buttery club crackers! Yummmm!
I 'ditto' what Becky said! =) This is soo right up my taste bud alley. YUUUMMM!
Leslie said…
Ohhhh I love the addition of the BBQ sauce
I have always enjoyed eating meatloaf ;) :) Of course, I LOVE eating meat, so meatloaf isn't hard :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)
Cindy said…
I am always looking for a new meatloaf recipe and this looks yummy! Thank you for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Love the blog and LOVE the recipe! I googled meatloaf recipes and found this site. Love the comments. Keep home cooking everyone!
Anonymous said…
I am always trying new meatloaf recipes. Well, I put this one on my phone as GOOD MEATLOAF. It was so good
I ate three pieces. I liked the BBQ sauce on it. It also was easy to make without a lot of ingredients. I'll keep using this recipe.
Unknown said…
I made a meatloaf a few years ago with bbq and my three yr old lived it he asked for meatloaf and I forgot how to make & I found this recipe and he absolutely loved it!!! Thanks so much!
tonya k said…
Mixed this up last night for an easy dinner tonight. My 9 year old daughter was helping me and did not believe me when I told her to dig in with her hands to mix. I always loved doing that as a kid. Can't wait for dinner (or leftover sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch!)
Tracy Sullivan said…
I threw in onion, bell pepper and a can of mild RoTel - delicious! My boyfriend - who swears he hates meatloaf - ate two large portions and took all the leftovers home with him.