Grilled Vegetable Medley Packets

These simple grilled veggies packets are perfect for summer. The veggies stay tender during grilling and clean up is a snap.
Well, it's grilling season again! Actually grilling season is at least 6 -8 months out of the year here in North Texas. Today's menu is steak and bratwurst, veggies and a summer salad. I guess anything prepared on the grill on a hot summer day is a perfect summer meal. 

I was lucky enough to find some vegetables on clearance at the grocery store. "Clearance Vegetables" sound kind of weird but it's really pretty great.  Our local grocery store has a section in the produce department where they bag up fruits and veggies that need to be sold rather quickly. 

I scored a mixed bag of everything I needed to make these wonderful Grilled Veggie Packets. The total cost for all the veggies was $1.49!!!! That's really exciting for me because, I love finding a bargain. 

One day I was able to snag a bag of 20 California Cuties for $1.00  That was an awesome find, so believe me I always stop and check out the bargain produce bin anytime I am in the store. 

If you have a backyard garden you might have some yellow squash, zucchini squash that needs to be used. If you also have carrots on hand that's even better. Grilled veggie packets are my favorite side dish to make when I have a variety of vegetables on hand. 

These grilled veggie packets turn out perfect every time and the flavor is wonderful, not to mention how easy it is to throw together and clean up is a breeze. These veggie packets make a delicious side dish for grilled chicken, pork, beef or fish. Let's get started. 

To start add all of the cut vegetables to a large bowl.

add olive oil, basil salt & pepper and toss to coat everything.

Place half of the vegetables on a double thickness of heavy-duty foil. (About 18 inches) Add the fresh rosemary sprigs

Fold foil around vegetables and seal tightly. Repeat with remaining vegetables and seal 2ND packet. I only did half a recipe so I just had one packet.

Grill, covered, over medium heat for 20-25 minutes or until potatoes are tender, turning once.

Viola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remove fresh rosemary and enjoy!


Debbie said…
mmmm.....looks great!
and today is our "Farmer's Market", so I have this on my list!
Live.Love.Eat said…
This looks so colorful and delicious! And your limeade above so refreshing!!!!
Tina Butler said…
Stephanie the veggie medley was very good. Although my husband didnt eat much, he picked and ate only the carrot and potatoes, but i ate everything else. LOL thanks for stopping by.