My Texas Table - 15 of My Best Pie Recipes!

Happy Sunday friends!!! 

I hope everyone had a good weekend. The rain in North Texas has finally come to an end!!! We had record rainfall with flooding in some areas last week, so I'm glad the worst of it is finally over. Today was a beautiful and sunny 66 degrees and if the ground wasn't drenched with water, I would definitely be outside doing some spring cleaning. 

Since it's too wet to work outside, I've been jotting down plans for our spring & summer vegetable garden. We've decided to expand our garden again this year and I can't wait!!! We currently have a 6 x 12 foot raised bed garden, but we decided to move our shed to another location and extend the garden another 6 feet! Hopefully in a few weeks we can get our seeds started indoors. Spring is on the horizon my friends!!  💮

This weeks Texas Table Feature:
My oh my it's time for pie!!! Pie is one of my absolute favorite desserts, especially old fashioned diner style pies. Today I'm sharing my best pie recipes with you. 

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15+ of  The Best Pie Recipes on Mommy's Kitchen!

This Strawberry Cream Cake was the recipe that received the most views on the blog this week (everyone must be thinking of spring). This delicious cake is made with a french vanilla cake mix, strawberry gelatin, a creamy semi-sweet cream cheese filling, and topped off with a fresh fruity strawberry glaze.  Click here to view the full recipe

Last week I spotted this colorful Tequila Lime Burrito Bowl and immediately added it to my March Menu Plan. The chicken looks so tasty and this burrito bowl is filled with all of my favorite beans and veggies  Click here to view the full recipe  at Butter your BiscuitThis Cream Cheese Topped Apple Cake is too delicious not to share. I found this recipe on one of my favorite blogs!  Click here to view the full recipe  at Bunny's Warm Oven. 

 In case you missed it this Cranberry-Strawberry Jam s the latest recipe on the blog. Click here to view the full recipe

This German Chocolate Cheesecake Cake is one of my most popular cake recipe on the blog! If you love cheesecake and German chocolate cake than this is a must bake cake for you. This special occasion cake starts with a German Chocolate cake, filled with a cheesecake filling and topped with a homemade coconut pecan icing. This is the cake to bake if you want to to impress your guests. Click here to view the full recipe 

This is what my family is eating this week!
2. Pasta Carbonara, Roasted Broccoli & Garden Salad
3. Friendship Casserole, Cesar Salad & Freezer Rolls
4. No Fail Pot Roast & Gravy with Carrots & Potatoes
5. Cinnamon Sugar Pancake Squares, Bacon & Eggs (Breakfast for Dinner)
7. Korean Beef & Rice Bowls & Egg Rolls 

Be on the lookout for these delicious PF Chang's Lettuce Wraps that I'm hoping to get posted sometime in the next week or so.  

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Kristy said…
These recipes look great! I'm ready to get our garden started too!
Tina Butler said…
All this winter has me thinking of only spring. I can't wait to get started!!!
Thank you for sharing the recipes~ They look so good! Bookmarked.
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