Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Food & Snack Round Up

Superbowl Sunday is this weekend. I have to be honest and say that I'm not a fan of football. What I am a fan of is the halftime show, the commercials and all the food!!! When it comes to football it's all about the food for me. I'm sure it's that way for a lot of folks.

Today I have gathered up some of my Favorite Game Day Recipes just in case you're still looking. When it comes to football food and snacks they need to be easy, finger friendly and portable. Most of the desserts I have listed travel really well just in case you will be attending a super bowl party. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Coney Island Dogs


♥ Vanessa said... #

These all look soooo yummy!! :) Thank you for posting!

Anonymous said... #

I want to fix them All!!! They sound so good. My house would be the place to be if I laid out all these tasty foods.

BumbleBeeLane said... #

Yummmy Now which to Blessings!~Amy

kelly said... #

Awesome work. its all your fault now :( im craving for sweets o.o

mika said... #

this must be the best ever snack will be made. let me try it while watching some movies or game :)
need this badly

Miss Wes said... #

Wow you always have something new thats why im always here reading all your blog :)
easy recipe cheers.

tresor said... #

j'aime bien la recette

pheobi said... #

lol we have same things in common
im also a fan of halftimeshow and for foods haha cheers.
this will be the easy way to enjoy watching the snack is good yummy thanks.