Monday, August 23, 2010

Bacon & Cheese Muffins + More BTS Breakfast Ideas

Today was the first day of school for my kids. They were so excited when they went to bed last night, but the excitement soon wore off this morning when it was time to get up. Mackenzie is usually pretty easy to get out of bed, but Mr. Grumpy Carson was another story. That boy loves to sleep. 

Over summer break the kids fell into their own routine of sleeping in, and eating breakfast a bit later than usual, so needless to say this morning was quite the battle to get them to eat anything. The best thing I can do is start going with quick and easy breakfast ideas if I want them to eat anything. I'm assuming that I'm not the only one out there that has this problem.

Hopefully a few of these quick breakfast ideas will help your mornings run a little more smoothly. Look out at the end of this post for those delicious Bacon, & Cheese Muffins pictured above. 

To start I have listed a few quick and easy breakfast ideas that I think you will like. All of these recipes can be found on my blog and can help you with the battle of breakfast. First up is Skillet Granola. My daughter loves granola, so this is always a hit. I usually make this ahead of time and keep it stored in a air tight container. She loves it sprinkled over yogurt. 

Muffins and Granola Bars are really quick in the morning. cinnamon toast, cheese toast and peanut butter Toast is perfect paired with fruit, applesauce or yogurt. Each month I make a big batch of Instant Oatmeal  for busy mornings. It's so much cheaper than buying it. Leftover Pancakes and Waffles are perfect for quick breakfast as well.  

Smoothies can be great breakfast for breakfast. Most times if I cannot get them to eat anything I can at least get a smoothie in them before they head out the door. A few of our favorites are, Strawberry Blueberry Banana Smoothie, Green Monsters, and these Blueberry- Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothies. It isn't too much of a breakfast, but it is better than nothing at all. 

Overnight Oatmeal is always a hit in our house. The best part is it can be started the night before making breakfast a cinch. 

Remember those muffins above? Well, that muffin isn't your ordinary muffin.. It's a Bacon & Cheese Muffin and those little muffins are quite tasty if I say so myself. They actually remind me a little bit of a bacon, egg and cheese hot pocket. Not only are they good but they were so quick and easy to throw together which makes them perfect for school mornings. 

I found that muffin recipe in life saver of a e-book called Better Breakfasts ~ 110 Breakfast Recipes. This recipe book could not of came to me at a more perfect time. 
 I was at such a loss for quick and easy breakfast ideas and this book has some pretty yummy recipes. If you would like to purchase a copy of Better Breakfast ~ 110 Breakfast Recipes stop by Katie's blog, Cooking During Stolen Moments and get your copy for $5.50. 

Sample Breakfast Ideas

Blueberry Muffins
Oatmeal Breakfast Bars
Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies
Bacon, Cheese & Egg Biscuit Cups
Chocolate Chip Breakfast Biscuits
Chocolate Waffles
Multi- Grain Pancakes
Baked Oatmeal
Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal
Chunky Monkey Smoothies
Crunchy Cereal Balls
Breakfast Banana Splits
Breakfast Kabobs for the Great News!!!!!

Before I go I'm including the recipe for Katie's wonderful Bacon and Cheese Muffins. I hope you enjoy the recipe. 

Bacon & Cheese Muffins

2 - cups all purpose flour
2 - teaspoons baking powder
1/4 - teaspoon salt
1/4 - teaspoon black pepper
1 1/4 - cup.milk
1/4 - cup butter or margarine, melted and cooled
1 - egg
1/2 lb - bacon, diced, cooked and drained
3/4 - cup shredded cheddar cheese

In a large mixing bowl, stir together flour, baking powder, salt and pepper. 

In a small bowl, mix together the milk, melted butter or margarine and eggs.
Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir just until moistened.

Fold in the bacon and cheese just until combined. Scoop the batter into greased or lined regular muffin tins about 2/3 full.  

Bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes, until lightly golden brown.


Meg said... #

We all get up and have to head out the door at different times...breakfast has to ready at different times

Alison said... #

My breakfast dilema is that the kids (and I) would prefer to have chocolate cake for breaky!! :)
~Prairie Story of Alison Zulyniak

Lynn said... #

Time is the biggest dilemma, finding things they like that are quick and easy!!

Anonymous said... #

My dilema is time. I need to make something quick, full filling, healthy, and easy to clean up.

Kristen said... #

Time! Breakfast always goes better when I plan ahead.

Megan said... #

My biggest dilemma is making something (and having the TIME to make something) that is appealing & healthy for my kids. My oldest is extremely difficult to get to eat breakfast most mornings.

Linda said... #

finding ideas that are tasty enough to take away the desire for a sweet breakfast such as donuts or pancakes every morning. Now that's a dilemma.

Jess said... #

My biggest dilemma is my older boys leave for school an hour before the younger ones get up for school. It is really hard to try and make something for everyone when they are eating at such different times!

Amiee said... #

My biggest breakfast challage, besides time, is my kids always say they are not hungry. One of my kids says if he eats his stomach hurts! I think they are just tired and grumpy, but maybe if I try some of your recipe ideas I might be able to entice them to eat just a little :)

Amber said... #

I like to make sure they get some protein, so the muffins with bacon and cheese will be a nice change. Amber

Linda and Matthew said... #

Getting it made at all! We usually rely on bars and cereal in baggies.

firewife said... #

We love breakfast for any meal so these recipes would be great. I have 3 kids leaving at different times to different schools so quick and easy would be great.

Unknown said... #

These muffins look so good! I am going to have to make them. My breakfast dilemma is that my son Daniel does not like eggs. I end up giving him cereal and fruit for breakfast but would like him to have more protein. Sometimes I give him cottage cheese and he always insists on having a banana. I also give him oatmeal with dried fruit. I don't like eggs either, so maybe he just doesn't like them, but it is hard for me to believe because he loves all things food...

Catherine said... #

The different times dilemma. I have 4 people all leaving at different times, and it makes it difficult to try to have something hot and just the right times.

Lynne said... #

Sounds like a common problem everyone leaving at different times. I have teenagers and trying to encourage them to make their own breakfasts. So, it has to be easy and fast.

Siggy said... #

My biggest issue is that my 2 little one's eat HUGE breakfasts and my oldest daughter just can't stomach it in the morning. So, trying to get something hearty enough for the little ones coupled with something light enough for the older one so I don't feel like a short order cook.

Blessed Beyond said... #

Oh wow! these muffins sound great! Something I will soon be making! Our biggest dilemma is we get up and about at different times. Daddy leaves for work, way earlier than the little ones get up and about. And then I do get sick of making the same ole same.
Hugs and Blessings,

Annie Davis said... #

I never have the time to make anything that takes more than a couple of minutes, unless it can be made the night before!

Beth said... #

Sounds crazy but my biggest dilemma is finding something to fix that early in the morning that doesn't gag me with the smell. I'm not pregnant, just can't handle smells in the morning..well, anything greasy fried that is.

Tennille said... #

My boys always want chocolate for breakfast or cheez-its...they take after me i guess;) but i have an early riser and a sleepy head

Anonymous said... #

My breakfast dilemma is finding healthy alternatives that my husband will actually eat.

uncashbug6 at aol dot com

Erin said... #

With breakfast my family has multiple issues the primary problem is three children with very different tastes. I think I should be earning a paycheck because I feel like a short order cook. None of the kids or husband will eat cereal, only one will eat eggs, and on goes the list. I need quick, easy, and something to satisfy everyone involved. Help!

4colas said... #

My biggest dilemma is having a daughter with an egg allergy. I'm sure you realize how many breakfast recipes have egg in them. I made your crock pot oatmeal Saturday. It was a great change from the same old cereal. Thanks!

Unknown said... #

our biggest dilema is time... none of us are morning people, so everyone has to get up at the same time and it all gets a little frantic. so breakfast is so many time grab and go, and sometimes we get going and i realize we forgot all together. of course then there are other times when we need to grab and go but there is no breakfast type food and we eat something NOT healthy for breakfast.... *sigh* so i am resolved to be better at this!

Sheila said... #

A dietitian gave me a really good idea to use when my kiddo refused to eat breakfast. Don't call it breakfast & don't give the usual breakfast item it 'Carson's morning snack' and have the quick grab & go options, like string cheese or a toasted cheese sandwich. She even suggested the smoothie option too! I made ham & cheese crescents & my kiddo could eat them in the car on the way. It was a HUGE hit with my kiddo & she had no idea that she was actually going along with what mom wanted....=)

Jordan said... #

My breakfast dilemma is finding something quick and healthy that gives me the energy I need for work!

Nive said... #

Thanks for this giveaway...I love cookbooks. Awkward timings are my biggest dilemma to have breakfast...sometimes it will be as early as 7 or as late as 10 in the mornings depending on my work...I have to change that habit...

Jeanette said... #

First these muffins look awesome. I will be trying them. My dilema is trying to convince DH that a jelly donut does not a healthy breakfast make.

Terri. said... #

My breakfast problem is not enough time for a healthy good breakfast.

farmkat said... #

my breakfast dilemma is time! I don't allow myself any time to have a breakfast... at least during the week.

The Princess said... #

Our biggest breakfast dilemma happens to be getting to breakfast BEFORE it's lunch time on the weekends since we try to sleep in until 8am.

Stacie said... #

TIME! None of us are early risers, so mornings are a rush. I like to do as much as I can the night before. How are the bacon and cheese muffins if made the night before? Staciele(at)netins(dot)net

Amy said... #

Our problem is getting up a different times, making sure it's quick and filling and doesn't cause upset tummies on the way to school.

Kathy said... #

My biggest dilemma is finding one thing that everyone will eat. Too many picky eaters!

Julia said... #

I love variety- something other than cold cereal every day. But that requires more time and planning.. that's my dilemma.

Mountain Woman said... #

My biggest dilema is my husband and I have exact opposite diets! He has to have low carb and I have to have low fat. There never seems to be a common ground for anything . . . other than string cheese. We are living the whole Jack Spratt thing :)

Cheryl said... #

My biggest dilema is getting up early enough to make something good instead of grabbing something as I run out the door. My other dilema is keeping it healthy and not eat the same thing over and over. That book looks great!

Gosfam said... #

I need simple recipes. My kids live on yogurt and cereal, because I don't have time before school to make anything. I guess I could wake-up earlier :) Maybe that is the real breakfast problem.

Tiff said... #

My problem with breakfast is that my daughter doesn't like to eat until she's been awake for awhile. That makes getting her fed before school next to impossible, and the guilt adds up when she heads off with only one bite of a pop-tart in her stomach...

Nancy said... #

When I first wake up in the morning, I'm not really hungry - and even though I know I should eat something, nothing really sounds good. Those Bacon Cheese Muffins sound pretty good though!

Laura & Blake said... #

My biggest dilemma is trying to make a nice breakfast without having a huge mess to clean up! I love something homemade, quick and easy.

Sandra said... #

I've gotta try the muffins! Our biggest dilema is having time (it's beginning to sound like a broken record isn't it?) I too have a son that doesn't want to eat in the mornings and I'd be thrilled to even get a bite of protein down him!

Stacia said... #

My biggest breakfast dilema is waking up and having to leave the house in a hurry- but not yet hungry enough for breakfast. Finding something that I can take and eat on the go, and doesn't need refrigeration.

nancy huggins said... #

My Breakfast problem is "I am NOT a morning person" but I do like to stay up late at night and would be great to have breakfast ready for everyone else so they can eat when they get up and I can sleep :)

Kelly said... #

My biggest dilemma is finding something that is fast and yet still healthy.

bless their hearts mom said... #

our biggest breakfast problem is getting our 3 yr old up at 630- she doesnt like to eat when she first gets up, so it always seems like we're rushing breakfast and trying to get her to eat!

Vicky B said... #

My biggest dilemma is my husband is never hungry before he leaves for work. I need something I can send with him for later.

Vicky B said... #

My biggest dilemma is my husband is never hungry before he leaves for work. I need something I can send with him for later.

Michelle said... #

These muffins look great! Thanks for all the ideas! My dilemma is finding different stuff to make for breakfast - to get out of the rut!

Ms. K.I.M. said... #

Having time to make breakfast before work is a challenge!

Anonymous said... #

Finding a "whole food" breakfast that is quick to make and that both my kids will eat is my biggest dilemma. And then I will find something and get stuck in a rut! Help!

Jenn Procarione said... #

We all seem to have TIME as our dilema. Along with that, mine is i have the most picky eaters and am so excited to try some new things to find more that they will love and enjoy. Happy Cooking! the ideas!

Kirby said... #

My biggest dilema is trying to figure out what to make every morning instead of the same old boring things, plus I have 1 kid that goes to school and eats at 6:15 and 2 others that stay home and eat and 2 hours later are hungry again!

D Martinez said... #

My biggest breakfast dilema is having something ready quickly. I do not want to spend 20-30 minutes preparing a weekday breakfast...on the weekend is a different story...unless we have a basketball game :)

Thanks so much for this wonderful post! I want to try the muffins ;)

Losing the Fat said... #

Our biggest problem is time! I teach, so not olny do I have to get my two school age kids ready and feed a newborn, I have to get myself ready! Add to that the fact that I work 30 minutes away (45 once you add in the stop at the babysitters) and you've got a real time crunch on your hands! I need some ideas that are make-ahead or quick so I can ensure that ALL of us start the day with a full tummy!

Hannah said... #

I have a really picky daughter, so finding something she will eat can be hard. They're also still very young so it's hard finding something easy to fix that doesn't take a lot of time since they aren't going to be eating a lot. I'm also always on the lookout for healthier options!

Karen said... #

My biggest breakfast issue is making something that will stick with the kids longer than an hour. They are usually hungry not long after breakfast. I love your ideas!!! Thank you!

Katrina said... #

My biggest breakfast dilemma is everyone always just wants cereal when I'm willing to make all kinds of other things.

The Smiths said... #

My breakfast dilema is variety!

Unknown said... #

The kids are better at getting up in the morning than I am! I never seem to get up early enough to start a batch of pancakes or anything wonderful for them it's pretty much cold cereal every morning. I need some ideas to get me inspired!

Christy said... #

I have several breakfast dilemmas...time, variety, nutrition. I guess nutrition is the biggest, as my kids would prefer pop tarts over just about anything.

rhayes13 said... #

My biggest dillemna is that I do not have kids. I live by myself during the week, and don't like to cook for one person. These muffins would be good because I could bake them the night before and then use them for a few days! Just gram em' and go would be perfect for me! :) thank you!

Unknown said... #

Time is my biggest dilemma! Freezer-friendly breakfast recipes would be great to have!

Jennifer said... #

My biggest dilemma is time! No matter how early I/we get up, I somehow manage to be running late! Not sure how this happens...:)

Nova's Mom said... #

My biggest breakfast issue is time - and I don't get a break during the summer. I have to get my daughter up, dressed, fed, and out the door by 7:15 each morning. Unfortunately, that usually means I resort to frozen waffles or cereal simply because it's fast and easy.

Alison said... #
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alison said... #

I struggle with finding something quick and healthy that will stick with them.

Julia (Grammy) said... #

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day... my go to for early morning is hot oatmeal with 10 grain mixed 50/50, and of course coffee is a must. Have enjoyed finding your blog and all the new ideas. After 34 yrs marriage I am always in need of new/different ideas.

Becky said... #

Those muffins look delicious!
Time would be my biggest breakfast issue.

Andrea said... #

I totally agree with you about variety being a dilemma at breakfast. We eat way too many bagels!

Joe and Alexis Unnerstall said... #

I just love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing! My biggest breakfast dilema is that I rarely leave myself enough time to even make something to take. I have a bad habbit of eating at my desk at work. And when I don't plan for something to take in the morning, I end up buying a coffee and a danish at the coffee shop and just watch the pounds pile onto my butt!!! I love the idea of a breakfast that's only 110 calories and if it means waking up an extra 15 minutes, I can handle that!!!!
Thanks for the recipe!!

Lori said... #

I have trouble getting my fiance up in order to eat the most healthy meal of the day!

Colleen C said... #

Our biggest dilemas are time and variety. We all need to get learn to get up when the alarm goes off and kids hate having just cereal EVERY morning!

Anonymous said... #

Okay I feel bad that you have to read through all of these comments, but my biggest dilema is my son just got alot of orthodontia in his mouth upper/lower palate expanders and two brackets on his front teeth, he can barely swallow his own spit (love his heart), and I have to come up with finding soft easy to swallow foods, that are not loaded with sugar (~sigh~) This is also going to be an issue for packing his lunch daily. Okay I am done whining, have fun picking Tina!!!!! :) Renee Amicon

Ingrien said... #

My breakfast dilema is that my son only wants grilled cheese for breakfast EVERY day before school.

lisapollard said... #

Without a doubt my biggest problem is time. I need ideas that I can cook ahead of time, like on a night when we order pizza or on the weekend, and then can grab on my way out the door. I have a hour long drive to work so fast and easy is the only way to go! This cookbook sounds awesome...thanks for letting us know about it!

Colleen said... #

My biggest problem is hving the time to cook something healthy and good. On the weekends, we do homemade waffels with fruit or quiche or bacon and eggs. Through the week, it is usually just boring cereal because there is not enough time to do anything else. These bacon and cheese muffins look great. I can't wait to try them!!

Anonymous said... #

Can you tell me how many muffins the recipe makes and if it would be possible to freeze them and then microwave them later? It would be wonderful if I could take them to work and heat them up.

cincin said... #

My daughters need to be up a little while before they want to eat, but don't want to get up!!! ha So...time is a big factor.

Kathy Pollard said... #

Healthy options! We'd rather have pancakes, french toast, bacon, biscuits and gravy, cinnamon get the idea!

SnowKitty said... #

I have recently found out I have to have a gluten-free diet, so cooking for my daughter, my husband and myself gets to be like being a short order cook. I would love to be able to cook 1 meal for all of us, but they won't even try some of the things I need to make for myself. I get so disappointed that I can't eat some of the things that smell so good when I am cooking for them.

Kimm Geria said... #

My biggest dilema is my kids prefer cereal and not the healthy ones. I am in the same boat that the same old boring choices. I definately am going to make the homemade oatmeal for them to see if they like it. I definately could use a variety of choices for them. Love your site, I just found it.

Mindy said... #

I just don't want to clean up the mess. It's so much easier to do cereal.

Kristi Collier said... #

Just having time to prepare and eat breakfast. We are always just running out the door and don't seem to have the time to make anything.

Margie Huddleston said... #

It's hard not to do the cereal thing each day when you are trying to stay on a schedule. I am trying to take advantage of making some things the night before. GREAT site, and have tried many of your recipes! Thank you!

Amy said... #

Those muffins sound delicious - we'll have to try them. My breakfast dilemma - having the desire to make anything at all. We normally have cold cereal every morning and save the delicious breakfast foods for dinner.

Connie Pruitt said... #

These muffins sound wonderful! I will try them!

Shelly said... #

My biggest problem is my oldest won't eat anything with fruit or cold cereal. So she eats lots of pancakes. I think she would love these muffins. Thanks for the recipe!

Cindy said... #

My dilema is variety as well. The kids are stuck on pancakes, PB&J on toast or cereal with fruit. I'd love to make eggs, muffins, granola, but they won't even touch it!!

Shonda said... #

How can you go wrong w/ bacon and cheese?!?! I make bacon and cheese waffles and freeze the extras - then on mornings when I need something quick, I can pop them in the toaster and scramble some eggs to make on-the-go breakfast sandwiches ---- so I can't wait to try these muffins and add them to our breakfast arsenal!!

Anonymous said... #

I use your site daily. Thanks so much for this great post of breakfast food for kids!

Anonymous said... #

everyone in my house is on a breakfast strike! they are tired of the same old cold cereal, but I do not have time every morning to cook. I need something I can fix on weekends and freeze then the kids can grab, microwave and eat.

Anonymous said... #

My biggest issue is time and veriety. We just rotate through the same things day in and day out. Thank you for this site and all of the new ideas. I am really enjoying it.

Melissa said... #

My biggest problem is time. My kids dont like to eat as soon as they get up and literally my 14 year old hops out of bed and within 10 mins he is waiting for the bus. I dont know how he can make it to lunch time given the fact he eats everthing in site when he is home. My daughter will go to my sister because preschool starts later so she has time to eat before they leave after 10.

Mary Jones said... #

Mine has always been want the same thing everyday...boring!

Anonymous said... #

OK--how's this for a dilemna--I now have the time and am very willing to get up and make a great breakfast. But my son is grown and lives away and my husband eats breakfast out with a group every morning. I make breakfast just for me!

sophie'smom said... #

My biggest breakfast dilemma is getting enough protein. I'm a vegetarian so without eating meat, it gets a little tedious; eggs, protein powder smoothies, more eggs, more smoothies .... You get the idea.

Unknown said... #

We can never find the time to make a good breakfast each weekday morning. Thanks for the tips!

Caroline said... #

In the mornings in between losing my keys, my kid, and my mind, I barely find time to eat breakfast! Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said... #

Mine is finding a healthy breakfast my husband will eat on his way out the door.

Anonymous said... #

Time and that I pretty much have to cook every morning cause my little boy does not like milk so cereal and other foods with milk he won't eat. Also he doesn't like to eat that early, so finding things I can send for recess so he can eat then.

Californiutahan said... #

My husband usually leaves for work while I'm still in bed... so he gets a lot of cereal. Then, when I get up, I don't tend to have anything very good to eat--a cup of milk and maybe some fruit or cereal. Weekends are the only times we really get a good breakfast!

strmywthr3 said... #

My biggest breakfast problem is variety. I get stuck in a rut and eat the same thing all the times.

Anonymous said... #

My dilemma is that I am not hungry for breakfast so I tend to skip it and then mid-morning I am starving which leads to grabbing something not healthy. The muffin idea might be a good solution. portable and not messy.

Missy said... #

My dilemma is time! I always seem to be running out the door with only a second to spare.

MandLmom said... #

My current breakfast dilema is getting healthy food into my kids before they raid the snack cabinet. I had a baby over the summer and I nurse him in the morning when we all get up and my 3 year old and 6 year old have decided that they can eat a box of teddy grahams while waiting for me, then they don't want to eat a real breakfast! I would love to make these muffins and put them out for them to work on while I'm nursing. My kids will eat anything if it's in muffin form! thanks for the great ideas!

pkrains said... #

My breakfast dilemma... My husband loves his bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, and gravy... as often as he can get them (i.e. every day, if possible!). I'm a "continental" breakfast sort of girl... I like my bagel, (or toast) and fruit/cereal. What's a girl to do? (Pat, from )

Anonymous said... #

The biggest breakfast dilemma for me is time and a few picky eaters! I feed five kids every morning and drive them to three different schools!!!

Bobbi said... #

The worst thing is begging them to eat breakfast.....I really hate when they decide not to eat, and I worry all day how this will affect them :(

My easiest breakfast and the one they seem to pick most often is cinnamon toast and fruit.

Elizabeth said... #

My biggest dilemma is definitely time. I never have enough time to make something hearty when I'm trying to run out the door at the same time.

Smoothies seem to work though.

NKB said... #

TIME TIME TIME! These breakfast muffins look really yummy. One of my kids does not like bacon however, do you think this would be good with just cheese? I was thinking of making some with bacon and some without.

Anonymous said... #

I don't eat breafast before I leave home for the office, as I'm not hungry. If I planned ahead and made the bacon and cheese muffins I could take them with me to work.

amber@This Mommy Cooks said... #

My biggest problem is that I don't eat breakfast myself! I need to do better with that!

Susan said... #

Yummy - the muffins look delicious.

My biggest breakfast dilemma is time. There never seems to be enough of it to make and enjoy a "real" breakfast. I'd love some quick, easy recipes to help solve this problem.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Jennie said... #

With our busy schedules through the week, we all have to fen for ourselves at breakfast time. I do fix breakfast for us on Sunday mornings. It looks like I pretty much stick to the same old 3 or 4 things. On the Sundays we need to be at the early service, it is usually box muffins. Our Sunday School class has a brunch several times doing the year. I am always looking for something special to take there. I’d love to have 110 new receipts to try. My husband and boys would love to have something different for a change.

Katie said... #

the hardest part of breakfast for me is nutrition and variety. one child wants waffles every day - the other wants cold cereal!

Dayna said... #

My biggest dilema is finding things that are quick, easy, but not the same old thing.

Amanda said... #

My biggest dilemma is time. I have to get four kids ready in the morning. If I don't plan ahead, we end up eating cereal.

Carissa said... #

Time and lack of organization are my biggest setbacks.

repstein1 said... #

My breakfast dilema is that I got my 3 yr old hooked on frozen pancakes with too much syrup so he wants it every morning. Both my husband and I work full time so we have to get breakfast together quick before heading out for work and Montessori school for the kiddos. I would like to give the boys a few more options in the morning that are better for them.

Jen said... #

My breakfast dilema is making sure my kids have a healthy breakfast. I need easy also or we end up with toast, cereal or yogurt... not very filling :)

Nickie said... #

I'm not a morning person, but I am tired of giving them only cereal in the morning. need something quick & easy & doesn't take alot of time!!!

Anonymous said... #

I am so glad that I found you in Tasty Kitchen. You are now on my face book page and enjoy what I read each day.Going to try Bacon & Cheese Muffins tomorrow. I will always use a new cook book. I never win any thing so I would be smart to just order one. But hope springs eternal so maybe I can be lucky after 70 years of trying.


Anonymous said... #

I fall into a rut of the same three items for breakfast. Pretty much our breakfast is eaten in the car, so cereal is kind of out!

Anonymous said... #

Lately it's getting the 2 yr old to eat anything! Hard work!

Anonymous said... #

My breakfast dilema is with 3 girls getting ready for school we don't have enough time to sit together and eat proper breakfast and that is something I would love...quick and easy.

Unknown said... #

My breakfast dilemma usually surrounds pancakes. They are my kids favorite so I try and make them on the weekends. I find myself however either out of maple syrup (which isn't that big of a deal) or eggs ( which is a much bigger deal). When that happens, then it's cereal, lol.

Kathy McIntyre said... #

At our house, the biggest dilemma is we live on a large farm and we have a large family, 9 kiddo's. So my challenge is lots of food and healthy and getting them out the door on time. My husband LOVES a "from Scratch" breakfast, so we usually try to make that happen. Some times I feel like I am out of ideas, so I am excited to try your biscuits. Thanks for all the great recipes!!

Shannon M. said... #

One of my biggest dilimna's is that my kids are like me and love cereal so much...which makes it hard to get motivated to make anything else that takes more time and involves a lot more clean up! :D

Moni Knits said... #

My biggest dilemma would be "the babes," my 2 year old girls. They are quite particular about their likes and dislikes. One minute, they'll love eggs, the next, they act as if they are the worst thing on the planet. I have to find creative ways to keep them interested in something other than fruit.

Unknown said... #

My biggest breakfast dilema is variety. Time is tight, so I get stuck serving the same things a lot. I'm sure my kids would enjoy something different.

Amy Vaughan said... #

With five kiddos all having different tastes, it is so hard coming up with dishes they all like. Planning ahead would be great- if I knew what I was making.

the country cook said... #

oh that looks delicious! My dilemma is that I don't love cereal or granola bars - I want something that you can sink your teeth into, not something that tastes like a candy bar. It's hard to come up with ideas for easy, savory, hearty breakfasts.

Jeanine said... #

My breakfast dilema is I am a 22 year old on my own working a full time job and do not have the time , skills or ideas to make a good breakfeast other then boiled eggs or toast. I need help!
Ps. I truely enjoy ur blog you have got me out of some dinner party jams. Your step by step pictues are sooo helpfull :) so thanks.

christy said... #

My biggest dilemma is motivating them to eat. They are still so sleepy and aren't very hungry in the morning. But one doesn't have snack at school till 10:30 then lunch at 12:45 and the other has lunch first but not until 11:00 and snack at 2:10. So if I can't get them to eat anything they will definitely be hungry before either gets a bite to eat at school. I think I need a cattle prod!

SolDucky said... #

For me it is either needing variety or needing something quickly before my toddler melts down.

Anonymous said... #

Christine "LM"
My dilema is that my husband always wants a large hearty breakfast while I like a light but filling breakfast.

Anonymous said... #

Is having something both nutritional and tasty and fast!

Tammy said... #

Biggest problem? The kids aren't hungry for breakfast until about 1 minute before the bus comes!! Ugh!

susan said... #

Finding time to make breakfast is my problem.
semikle at yahoo dot com

tracylynne said... #

Count me in your givewaways are always great!!!

Unknown said... #

Yum......These would be great grab and go's - little juice box - a muffin - maybe a couple of slices of the time you get to school or work - you're fully charged and satisfied

Unknown said... #

Yum......These would be great grab and go's - little juice box - a muffin - maybe a couple of slices of the time you get to school or work - you're fully charged and satisfied

Lara said... #

Your blog has become part of my daily round of things to look at on the net. I've gotten alot of advice, good recipes, and inspiration in terms of my own recipes that I develop. Breakfast is the meal I need the most help with. I'm tired of feeding my kids cereal and are they.

Anonymous said... #

My biggest breakfast dilemma is realizing that some things take a lot longer to fix in real life and people are hungry wanting it NOW!

Phil Hutchings said... #

I love a good Breakfast it all looks good .
I love to cook Breakfast and this site is great ;)
keep up the good work

juliejules44 said... #

Breakfast is a hassle at my house when school starts it seems. Everyone is in such a hurry. Need to find something fast and yet healthy. Thanks for the giveaways and all the wonderful recipes you provide! You're the best! :D

mandyloo said... #

Our biggest dilemma is first grader, one freshman and one Dad...all get up and leave for the day at different times, and then I have two more who are vegetarians! Yesterday was a fight with the first grader, as was today. today he ate one bite of egg, yesterday one bite of cereal, first day of school two bites of tuna sandwich!!! I already discussed making bacon cheese biscuits to try for tomorrow morning, 'cause they will be ready to grab. I have oatmeal and fruit a lot...they all hate it! I think the cookbook will have lots of solutions...and I will no longer be yelling "you will have no brain power!" as they head out the door!

Jennifer said... #

Our biggest breakfast dilemma is time. I'm not a morning person and I love my long showers, so I often get out of the shower and realize we only have 20 minutes before it's time to get the kids to school. It's so easy to just resort to cereal and fruit. I have started to make extras and freeze them, so that's been helpful, but I don't have many ideas for breakfasts to freeze, so breakfast can become rather monotonous.

Jennifer said... #
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Gailanne said... #

Thanks Tina, I shared these idea's with my daughter for her boys...they'll love those muffins!

M, J, K, C, and B said... #

My biggest dilema is that everyone says they are not hungry when they first wake up. Then at one time all three kiddos decide they are STARVING and I am scrambling to make something semi-healthy quickly.

Debbie said... #

I'm always rushing around in the morning, no time for a decent breakfast.

Unknown said... #

My kids are young, only one in school but as for the dilema she gets sick of cereal every day and I don't have/know to many things that are quick to get her out the door! She isn't picky I just need to figure out some different ideas!
-I love your blog. I have made some of the recipes and they have all turned out so yummy! I'm not the best cook and get nervous but as I said each one has turned out and it gives me confidence to try new things;) Thanks for the ideas!

Anonymous said... #

Welll, I'd have to say my biggest breakfast dilema is cooking breakfast. Yeah, I know shame on me! ;) LOL! I get up and drag off to the kitchen and start cooking and slowly begin to wake up (with the aid of coffee of course!). Flour is EVERYWHERE on the counter, but I'm having a good time. (You can't cook and have fun without making a mess *grin*).

Then, it always seems everything gets done at the same time. Some people would call it perfect timing, but I'm not one of 'em. My gravy is ready to be poured up, and my biscuits need taking out RIGHT THEN! By the time I rescue my biscuits,my gravy is bubbling away, and everything elese needs attention too! But one day, I'm going to get the hang of it!....mabey. LOL!

Then, by some miracle, you get everything on the table and all is going well except the fact you have to go drag some people out of bed so they can eat breakfast. LOL! :p

Oh and by the way, your biscuit recipe REALLY helped me! I always wondered why my biscuits were always flat and wouldn't rise I know. Cut 'em thicker and put 'em in the pan touching each other.


kitchen flavours said... #

My biggest breakfast dilemma is get my kids to "open" their eyes so that they enjoy whatever they are munching in their sleepy hour! Tina, I have extended an award to you, please do drop by when you can. See you!

I'm Just a Southern Girl said... #

Well, no more kids at my house, but I have grandkids. They have to leave so early that they are not fully awake! They need portable breakfasts!

Lisa said... #

My breakfast dilemma is actually being able to get out of bed on time to make a nice breakfast for my kids. I'd rather catch a few extra zzzz's and let them fend for themselves with cereal, toast, fruit or yogurt. It's nice to have older kids that can whip up their own scrambled eggs if craving them. I'm definitely going to try these muffins this weekend though - I don't have to get up quite so early :).

sherlocklabs said... #

Variety is my dilemma also ~~ and finding things that Hubby and young son will both enjoy can be mind racking at times. But I do not like the 'breakfast rut' either...and am always on the lookout for new things that they might enjoy.
Thanks for the giveaway! :)

Heather & Chaos said... #

My biggest breakfast dilema is time. I'm so rushed in the morning and I'd like my kids to sleep later that i bring their breakfast to daycare before school so I need something quick and portable!

Angie said... #


Anonymous said... #

My son eats so slow! If it isn't something he loves we could be sitting at the table for a long time. I'd like to add to his short list of favorites. By the way, I just found your blog and have already flagged many recipes I want to try. Those smores cookie bars look so yummy!

ebeandebe at gmail dot com

Wende said... #

Just wanted to let you know that I made these muffins this past weekend and my family LOVED them. I even blogged about them....

Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

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