Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Encounter with The Pioneer Woman at Borders in Dallas & Just Because.........

Today I'm finally posting about getting to meet Ree Drummond!!! Y'all know her, that sweet country girl also known as The Pioneer Woman. Well.......  Ree was in town last Tuesday night at Borders Books in Dallas. I've been so excited about this night since I heard about it back in October. My husband was nice enough to go to Borders about 10:00 am on the day of the book signing. You see he works around the corner so he said he would pick up my cookbook and wristband for the book signing event. 

I you honey!!! Wrist bands hmmmm when I heard it was a wrist band event I knew it was going to be a crazy night. The deal is you go in and purchase your cookbook and you get a wristband the day of the signing. The color of your wristband determines your place in line. So if you want to be at the beginning of the line you must arrive at the store early. Like opening early. My husband arrived about a hour after the store opened and received a Gold Wristband.

I heard Gold was a great color it was the First Wristband Color given out so I knew I was in the first group. HOW EXCITING!!!! I don't know what it is with book signings, borders and rain. It seems like anytime I go to a book signing at Borders it pours cats and dogs. So this night was no different. My husband told me it was a blessing in disguise, he said if its raining not very many people will show. 

He said do you remember when the Deen Boys came and it was raining, the turnout wasn't bad at all. So this is a good thing Tina. Hmmm a good thing. This poor sweet man he doesn't know what he is getting into. I told him but it's The Pioneer Woman!!!!!! she gets over 25,000 hits a day on her site. I think it's going to be packed. He said trust me. OK I said.............

We finally got to the store after a huge detour from all the construction traffic on the freeway. It was crazy bad and I felt like I was going to have a anxiety attack from all the crazy people on the road and all the rain. My husband took such a detour I didn't know where we were by the time we got to Borders. We finally pulled into the parking lot and It was bad real bad. I looked at my husband  just to see his face. He said Tina its packed!!!! hmmm really didn't i tell you that back at the house. He said I think I'm gonna have to drop you and the kids off at the front of the store and then come and find you in line. I said sounds like a plan.

I opened the door to Borders at 6:45 PM and you think they were giving away something free. OMYGOODNESS people, people, people were everywhere. I was greeted by a lady with very blonde spiky hair. The poor lady she was still so chipper and unaware that this evening was going to get CRAZY, but who was I to tell her. She asked for my wristband and I pulled it out GOLD she said well look at you gold has already started lining up at the front so find the end of the Gold Line. Just follow the blue tape and you will see it.

OK I said. It was so crazy and so many people I knew my husband would never find us if I left to get in line. So I did what any excited mother of three would do. I ditched my first born in the front of the store and told him to wait. He said but mom!!! I said don't worry just wait and I was gone. I felt a bit bad but got over quickly. I was passing all the people in line with different colored wristbands other than gold so I could get my place in line. Wow there were so many people on that blue line. 

I felt scared real scared to pass in front of any of them. I just kept saying where is the gold line? so I could get in front of them and not be taken out because these were some very serious woman in line and I didn't want to cross them. I finally made it to the end of the Gold Line. WOW it was still so far from the front, but then I looked behind me and said WOW that is a long line so maybe this really isn't too bad. 

So we waited and waited. Finally two familiar faces husband and my oldest son. My son said mom you just left me, I said oh I knew you would be fine you see he's 15 years old so no worries if I left anyone younger, I knew they wouldn't be able to handle it.

My husband said Tina there is a ton of people in this store. I said see I told you I don't think this was really a blessing in disguise LOL. He told me he was gonna take my youngest and find a chair and read, but he would be back for me. I told him OK and I will be right here. My daughter waited with me she's 9 and was just as excited as I was to see Ree and Mackenzie was hoping that Ree would bring her kids. She kept asking me why does she call them punks and thought that was mean pretty mean for a mother to do that. 

I told her she means it in a nice way. I chatted with some people in line and tried to pass the time as best that I could. It was at that time that my husband came back just the look on his face alone I knew he was confused. He said Tina I read a book and you still haven't moved a inch. UH OH I think the anger is going to set in. But no he said OK I'm going back to read again. That poor man I tried to warn him.

He left and I heard sceaming from the front of the store "she's here she's here" We could hear Ree but we couldn't see her. How exciting I sent my son up front to snap these two photo's above. Yep she made it a bit late but I'm sure she had to drive through the rain and the crazy people that I had to encounter on my way to the store. And then I looked up she brought her two daughters yay!!! Mackenzie was so excited. You can see them in the backround in the gray.

We took some photos while we waited. We finally started moving and we are getting closer.

We came around the first corner and there she was "The Pioneer Woman" my Mackenzie so excited!!!  I snapped a photo of her just watching and waiting. My husband came back around and said Tina I had no idea it was gonna be this crazy, I think it's going to be a while. In my mind I thought "You think" LOL He then proceeded to tell me that the next time he wants to go fishing that I need to remember this night and not give him any hassles about it. So I agreed.

I snapped a lot of photos of Ree while we waited and waited. 

Almost there these ladies in this photo were about 6 feet ahead of us.

Hey there's the lady with the blonde spiky hair that greeted us at the front. She's still so chipper and smiling she still hasn't caught on that this is going to be a long night. Ree smiled the whole time and her girls were so nice signing copies for anyone that asked. 

Then it was our turn!!!!!!!!  What do I say? Oh goodness I thought you don't want to say anything stupid. I told Ree hio and thank you for making Dallas one of her stops. She said your welcome and we chatted a bit. I gave Ree the gift we brought for her and she just smiled she asked me what any pure bred southern girl would ask IS IT FOOD???? LOL 

I said of course home canned items. Hot sauce, Green Tomato Relish, Homemade Peach Preserves and Cowboy Candy. She thanked me and said they love cowboy candy!!! Score!!!!!!!! She proceeded to tell me don't you just love canning it makes you feel so old fashioned and isn't that the greatest feeling? I agreed and she said says she loves to home can. I was so excited I said me too. She asked if I had a cooking blog and I said yes. 

I told her the name and she said she would check it out. She signed our books at 9:00 PM and our turn was up just like that. I moved through and asked one last question can I get a photo? Ree said sure!!! It was at that point a man from the store that was now tangled up with Ree's nephew with bags full of free t-shirts from The Pioneer Woman looked at me and said NO Photos because we gotta keep the line moving. That poor man was frazzled!!!! What no photo :( everyone was getting photos. I waited 2 hours and 15 minutes I said to myself I have to have a photo.

So...... I did what any fan of The Pioneer Woman would do. I just walked passed the store manager and did it anyways. LOL I felt bad but got over it very quickly. I yelled to my oldest take the picture. He had been waiting at the front just for that reason and there it is a bit blurry but I got it. I proceeded to her girls which were tangled up in the same bag of t-shirts. Those poor girls they looked scared to death I don't think they expected all these crazy Dallas fans.  

Paige signed my book and then I got pushed through. I finally got to her oldest daughter Alex and asked her to sign my book she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and said sure. I told her I hope you get out of here soon but by the looks of things I didn't think so. It was 9:00 pm and the Gold Wristbands were still heading through the line. I found out there were 6 or 7 color groups and each group had 100 -200 people in them. YIKES the store sold all 700 cookbooks my goodness but remember it's The Pioneer Woman were talking about.

Here's my book!!!!!!!! so exciting it's the best darn cookbook around. I know this because I had plenty of time while in line to read it. Ree was wonderful and she gave everyone a Pioneer Woman t-shirt. Thanks Ree.

Because Ree is just so beautiful, look at her beautiful red hair. Not to mention her bubbly sense of humor. She really is just the sweetest gal in town.

Because she makes the best Chocolate Sheet Cake ever!!!!! You can trust me on this one. (photo courtesy of the PW)

Because of Ree's Perfect Pancakes. Have you tried them? it's the best fluffy pancakes you will ever eat. Thanks Ree!

Because of Pastor Ryan, I just love when he comes to the ranch to cook, can you say Cutie Patootie.!!!

Because of Charlie, Oh Sweet Charlie isn't that a face only a mama can love.

Because of them, Ree's beautiful daughters two very sweet and patient girls that looked totally overwhelmed not to mention scared to death when they saw all of the PW's crazy Dallas Fans!!! I wanted to scoop them up and take them away they looked so scared. I guess that's the mama bear coming out in me.

Because of this recipe, Ree's Chicken Fried Steak I knew as soon as I saw the recipe in her cookbook she was a true country girl. This recipe alone put a smile on my husbands face. He said now that's what I'm talking about.

Because I heard that Ree stayed until everyone got their cookbook signed. Rumors were it went into the wee hours of about 3 :00 am!!! God Luv Ya Ree.

Because of this, whats this??? it looks like a second cookbook. It is!!!!! Because I felt so bad for everyone that could not venture out to see the PW.

Because I felt so bad that Ree would not be coming to your neck of the woods. It made me feel sad that ya''ll wouldn't get the chance to see her, like I did.

Because of my sweet husband, the man who brought me this second cookbook while I was standing in line waiting to see Ree. He said here's one for your readers!!

And finally Because of SPANX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmm Ree talks about them so much she has me thinking that it's really something I need to look into!

Because of all that I'm giving away One Autographed Copy of The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook. I was so excited to have it signed for one of my lucky readers. Just leave a comment in the comments section letting me know the one question you would ask Ree if you had the chance.


  • Last day to enter the drawing will be Tuesday 12/8/09 at midnight (central time)
  • I will announce the winner on Wednesday 12/9/09. 
  • Contest open to Us Residents Only due to shipping charges. 
  • I will contact the winner and they will have 48 hours to contact me or I will choose a new winner. So if you are not registered please leave your email address. 
  • Good Luck


Tina, The Mom in Mommy's Kitchen


Constance said... #

I think I would ask her how she stays so thin. lol All of her recipes look fabulous and loaded with butter. yum!

T said... #

I would ask her how she came to love cooking and how she found so many fabulous recipes!


Neda said... #

I would ask her to PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING LESS FATTENING!! but her recipes are so good they are totally worth the special indulgences.

Adouma said... #

I read from start to finish. What an adventure! Thank goodness for your husband and that Gold wristband.

But to follow directions, I would ask her how she thinks her life may be different in 10 more years. Thanks so much for sharing (your story and a signed cookbook)!

Denise said... #

Oh I loved reading this post, thanks for sharing it all with us, and some of the lovely pics. I'd love a chance to win Ree's book :) I would have to ask her how she finds time to not only post to her main site, but how she keeps all her other pages updated too, the photography page, the cooking page, the homeschooling page - all that AND she takes care of her gorgeous family :) She's amazing!

Julie said... #

I just thought I was addicted to Facebook! I have visited your site almost daily since a friend told me about it. I've tried several recipes and have many more on my list. I'm an Oklahoma girl, so I can appreciate your Texas cookin'. I love your site... Please keep it up! Julie

Heidi said... #

You held out on us long enough girl :) It looks like you had a lot of fun. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and giving everyone the opportunity to win a signed cookbook!!! (if you haven't you must go and enter my giveaway too) I loved the sheet cake and can't wait to try out those fluffy pancakes!

Susie Jefferson said... #

Well, all I can say is congratulations! What a wonderful day, and I'm so pleased you got a photograph with her. I love her blog (for the photoshop advice - don't shoot me!) as I'm not the cook in the family - it's my husband who is the recipe follower. But I did queue in Selfridges (Oxford St, London) for the Two Fat Ladies cookbook signing, and Jennifer (the older one, with the rings and the amazing nails) signed the book to him personally. He was chuffed to bits!

I wonder whether we'll see Ree's book in the UK? I'll look out for it, or else order it off Amazon.

Thanks for a great post!

jaesi said... #

I would ask her when I could move in.
I too am a HUGE PW fan.

K. Brown said... #

I would ask her what are her next big plans - perhaps a book or movie!!

Susanne said... #

I would like to know two things actually. I would ask Ree how she keeps her recipes organized (binders, cards, etc) and also how long it took her to learn to milk a cow?

Amy said... #

I would ask her how she balances her cooking, photography and homeschooling. She sounds like superwoman!

Thena said... #

How does she find the time to do everything that she does? Cook, homeschool, help MM, book tours, and still keep a clean house. This post is awesome. You owe your husband Big, you know that right. LOL The closest she is coming to us is four hours away. I've left her comments that when she's in Atlanta tomorrow she should come on down to Savannah, since her and Paula Deen both loves butter. I would love to win this cookbook for my daughter. She gave me one for my birthday, (unautographed), but didn't order one for herself. This would knock her socks off for sure.

Lena said... #

I would ask is there anything she can't cook? I'd love to have the cookbook!

selina said... #

Thank you for the awesome recap! I am so glad you got to meet her.

I've been reading her blog before it was really popular and just love her sense of humor and amazing pictures.

I would ask her how she manage to balance her life with all that's going on...

jjnhubbs said... #

I'd really like to know how she cooks so much and stays so skinny! And how she does everything she does while taking care of her family!? I'm pretty sure she's Superwoman!

jannybelle said... #

THANK YOU TINA! I would have stood in line as long as it took to see Ree but unfortunately she's not coming to my area :( My question to her would be "Do you think if you had stayed in CA, you would have ever developed a love for cooking and writing? Would this cookbook have ever been born?"

SnoWhite said... #

I'd love a copy of her book -- I'd love to ask her how she got started, and when she knew she was on to something with her cooking ;)

Shawna said... #

This is WONDERFUL Tina, you are so lucky to get to meet all these people you do!!!!

I would ask her how she can even stand to see her husband with chaps on and yet still manage to do any cooking ;) haha

CrystalsCozyKitchen said... #

I would ask how she can take such amazing photos while cooking!

Nancy said... #

I would ask her if she ever plans to write another cookbook.

Tina Butler said... #

I am enjoying reading all these comments. All of these ?'s are ones I would of asked if I had the time to. Shawna I'm with you how does she get any of that cooking doen with Marlboro Man in those chaps. I would be rippen those suckers off. LOL.

Kathy said... #

I would like to know how can she stand leaving that piece of heaven that she lives on.

Kaitlin said... #

I would ask her what she thinks the future holds for her. Does she want to do a cooking show someday? Does she want to have some kind of PW food product or kitchen item that she will sell? You all know we would be watching that show, and buying those products!!

McKinney, TX

arbecky said... #

I would have to ask her how she cooks like she does and stays so skinny? Does she work out and if so, where does she find the time!?

Anonymous said... #

I'd ask - 'is there any food that you don't like??!!'. She is such an amazing lady, I would love her autographed cookbook; I doubt she'll make it all the way out to New Jersey :(
Barb P.

Unknown said... #

I am green with envy! I am happy that you got to meet her. My question would be where she gets her inspiration from to come up with new recipes?

alexis said... #

Great story! I wish Ree was coming to Indiana.

I would love to ask her if she's thought about getting her own show? If Rachael Ray can do it, Ree sure could!

Catherine said... #

I would ask her to move in, definitely! EVERYTHING she makes always looks amazing!

Anonymous said... #

I would ask her to write another book!

I love your blog too!

Bobbie in Oregon (Ree didn't come here :-( )

Dana said... #

I would ask her; Can we visit the ranch, very soon please.....Ha! I love both of you sites!!!

Kelly said... #

I am so jealous!I would love to meet Ree. I would ask her how she finds the time/energy to do everything she does. Seriously, what's her secret?

Anonymous said... #

i would ask when she is going to write a novel, she is a great writer!

thanks tina for the great post, i felt like i wa there too! anne

Anonymous said... #

Has Marlboro Man ever cooked a homeade meal for you???If he did what was it???

Michele said... #

I would also ask her how she stays so thin. Have you tried the mac n' cheese--no corners cut there; but it's sooo good. I'm in love with Ree, I would love her cookbook!
I don't think I'm registered, my
email is
(thanks Tina, love your blog.)

Toby said... #

So jealous of you... you are so lucky. I love all her foods- her cookbook is on my xmas list. The one thing I would ask her is- when is the next book coming out.

Linda said... #

My question would be:
How does she pass on her love for cooking to others who see it as just another chore and how does she go about creating a recipe?

Liz said... #

What a great night you had! Wish I could get to a signing myself.But seeing as I live at least 45 minutes from a bookstore that seems highly unlikely!I would ask Ree what dish she makes that personifies comfort for her. Not just comfort food. But what evokes memories and unadulterated life. Before life happened. When every day was a playday and there were no worries. Childhood perfected. I want to know that dish.

Debbie Seabourn said... #

I would ask what made you want to do a cookbook and how did the girls handle the crowd.

Melody said... #

I would ask how she manages to look so great while cooking with so much butter! :) She is great....I just love her!

Juls said... #

I would ask her if she has an extra room for me at her house!!

Granna Girl said... #

Thanks for the good story about your adventure and giving away the cookbook!! If I had the opportunity to talk with Ree I would ask her how she manages to do all that good cooking and not gain a ton of weight! And I'd ask her if she has a full-time kitchen maid. There must be TONS of dirty dishes around there.

Anonymous said... #

I was there also and it was crazy, but well worth it!

Karen said... #

You are so lucky to have seen here. I would ask her if I can come live on the Ranch and meet a cute cowboy!

Kassy said... #

Wow! I would ask her where/how she learned to cook and do her kids have any interest in it...

Jackie @ A Better Me said... #

I'd love to win a book by Ree!

Jules. said... #

Great Post!

Jane said... #

That was so much fun to read! I would love to meet her. I just went to Ellie Krieger's book signing last month and she was so beautiful and gracious. She took the time to say a few nice things and she was happy to pose for a picture with me. I went to Rachael Ray's book signing last year and she never seemed to make eye contact with me. I walked away a little disappointed. We weren't allowed to have a picture taken with her.

If I could ask Ree something, I would ask her if she plans to write another cookbook.

Country Whispers said... #

Oh you are so lucky!
I would ask her where she learned to cook. Did she follow family recipes that were handed down or does she truly invent many of her creations off the top of her head.

Tina said... #

I would ask her if she is amazed at the books success so far and if she plans on doing more.

tracey said... #

I would ask her if she eats any of the yummy stuff she cooks, and if she does how does she stay so thin.

Kristin said... #

I would ask her where she gets ideas for her recipes.

Jenny - AKA - frogmama said... #

That is so sweet of you to offer a cookbook to one of your lucky readers - and to get it SIGNED, no less! Oh, please pick me! Pretty please? I'm way up in frozen Minnesota :) !!

Thank you!

Jenny - AKA - frogmama said... #

OOPS! And I would ask her what she took on first when she turned from City girl to Country girl.... gardening? home cooking? Canning? I'm on my way :)

Jamie said... #

Oh how sweet of you to think of your readers! I so wanted to see her in Houston yesterday but we actually had snow and I decided to stay home and have a fun family day instead. If I would have made it I would have asked her if she plans on writing any more cook books. Thanks again for the chance to win one!

Sheri Armour said... #

I would ask Ree to come to Tyler Texas and have a book signing at the Barnes and noble store by my house!! I wish she would come here!!! I am also very interested in how she stays so slim!! Love your cooking blog Tina!!

Sherismiley said... #

I think I would ask her about her camera and her excellent photography skills. I would ask her if she has any tips to share with me as I am clueless when it comes to taking good pics! I love your cooking blog Tina! I am a fellow Texan also!! Lets hear it for Texas!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicki said... #
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vicki said... #

I would love to meet Ree. I would ask "Does she ever get time to sit, relax!?"
I would love a signed copy of this book....I am a cook book junky!!!
Grace and Peace,
camkimom at gmail dot com

Unknown said... #

You leave such great stories Tina! The Pioneer Woman sounds like an amazing woman.

If I were to ask her a question, it would probably be, "Why do you call yourself the Pioneer Woman? Does that era fascinate you as much as it does me?"

Susie @ Hick Chick said... #

I would ask her how she is such a cool 40-year old.. without looking like she is too old to be so hip! LOL I am 41, have 10 & 12 year old daughters, and feel so uncool and totally unhip.

Natalie said... #

oh my! i'd love this! i missed her book signing in my neck of the woods and have been mourning ever since! i'd ask her how in the world she has time to do all that she does!!

Mrsblocko said... #

I'd ask here how she finds time for all her kids, cooking, homeschooling, blogging, ranching, etc. She must have several extra hours in the day than the rest of us!

mommyof2sons said... #

Thanks for sharing about your time at Borders and seeing the PW. I think I would ask her what her favorite food to cook is?

Christy said... #

I would ask her if she would allow me to come cook in that beautiful kitchen at The Lodge.

lindsay said... #

Oh my goodness! This is my second chance. I went to see her when she came to SLC and I couldn't wait to get in (I had to rush home to my kids). I would definitely ask her how she stays so thin. Thanks!

lindsay said... #

Oh my goodness! This is my second chance. I went to see her when she came to SLC and I couldn't wait to get in (I had to rush home to my kids). I would definitely ask her how she stays so thin. Thanks!

Unknown said... #

I would ask her how much time she spends a day working on her blogs. They're amazing. Her pictures and her recipes are great. Thanks for the chance to win.

sbphair said... #

I would ask how you survive a book tour! I would love her cookbook!

Anonymous said... #

enjoyed reading your adventure of the book signing. As for your question I would ask: I would ask you and the Pioneer woman how you will spend Christmas Eve. What will you be serving? Any special traditions you have for the 24th?
Wishing you a blessed Advent season

Brandi said... #

I would ask Ree if she could only have one thing to eat what she'd pick.

Jen said... #

I would ask her to tell us about her greatest cooking tragedy. I'd like to think I'm not the only one who has these sort of adventures!

Anonymous said... #

I would juat tell her she is a wonderful person and thank you!!!

karen said... #

I would ask how far she thinks she can keep up the pace that she is going, before it catches up with her.

Beth said... #

I drove 3 hours to see my cousin who flew into Dallas for a church conference on Tues. I did NOT know she was to be in Dallas, or we might have had to drag my cousin Todd to Borders! :-) I am sure he could have found your husband and they could have commiserated together! It looks like you had a great time!

Kelly said... #

I'm in Garland and follow you daily. What a wonderful husband to get your book and spot in line, you are one lucky lady!!

Between you and Ree there are so many recipes and so little time!!

Kath Mattus said... #

I would ask where she has the energy to do ALL the things she does. Wow!

Lisa M. said... #

I would just love to ask her how she does all she does! She's amazing!

Rita said... #

I would love a cookbook! What a great story getting to meet her!

Miranda said... #

I would ask her how she stays looking so in shape while eating such delicious food all the time!

Danielle said... #

I would ask her where she gets her energy to do it all? She truly is an amazing woman.

Unknown said... #

Thanks for sharing your adventure to see Ree. I would ask her what type of books she likes to read when she has the time.

Pam said... #

I love her photography as well as her cooking. I have two questions for her. I would ask her what her favorite camera lense is and how she does all that she does. She's such a busy girl!
Thanks for such a great giveaway! I would love to win!

Beth of CrunchyPenguin said... #

I would ask her what her absolute favorite recipe from the book is.

Thanks for sharing a copy of the book with all your readers!

Beth of CrunchyPenguin said... #

Oops, I forgot to leave my email address: it's crunchypenguin (at) gmail [dot] com.

Skye said... #

So great of you to do this, I'm in Reno, would lurve to have this!!! Love your blog, have made many of your recipes, all delish!!

Erin said... #

Oh, I have been wanting that cookbook so bad. She was in Little Rock, AR and I can't believe I missed her. I live about 2 hours away. Definitely would have went. Please enter me.

Beverly Shortes said... #

I have been waiting on a post about your trip to see Pioneer Woman! What an adventure! I think I would ask her to sing like Ethel Merman! lol!

This cookbook is on my Christmas wish list but what a special gift this would be to have a cookbook signed by Ree.

Beverly Shortes said... #

I forgot to leave my email address. It is Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said... #

I would ask her how she stays in shape with all the cooking she does!


Brenda S Okie in Colorado said... #

What a great giveaway! I'm so glad you got to see Ree.
I'd ask, Where do you get all that energy?
Tina, being from Oklahoma, I read you and Ree everyday. My kinda cookin'♥

Marie said... #

I just stumbled across your site while looking for an eggnog bundt cake recipe. I LOVE it! I'm a big fan of the Pioneer Woman too and am so jealous you actually got to meet her. I am going to have to mail my copy to her b/c no book signings at all in my area...wahhh!
Anyways...thanks for the recipes :)

Anonymous said... #

i would ask her how many different recipes (of the same food) she has to make to finally come up with the best tasting one?

i would also love to ask her to try MY chocolate cake. ( we actually like mine better than hers) :)

Kathy said... #

How exciting!!! I heard her "From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" love story is her next book to come out!!! Can't wait!!!

I would probably ask her some photography questions - she is a GREAT photog!!!

throuthehaze said... #

I would ask her what her favorite recipe is!


Jonelle said... #

I enjoy reading your blog! Glad you got to see Ree. I would ask her how she eats all of the great food and not gain weight!

Have a great day! I'm going to make your eggnog bread during the holidays.


Krista said... #

I think I would ask what her cholesterol count is! A true southern girl who knows you must use Butter if you are gonna cook!


Tiffany @ Eat at Home said... #

WHat a great story of your book signing evening! It sounds fun despite the crowds and rain.

Margie said... #

I would love to ask the PW for one of her Cowboy catching recipes!I really need a cowboy :)

Shonda said... #

Wow - it sounds like you had so much fun getting to meet PW!! I have just recently found your blog and now come by regulary to see what's cookin'!! I live in Amarillo, so reading your posts is like visiting w/ a downhome friend. Thanks for all your great ideas and keep them coming....

I have to tell you about making your Gorilla Bread recipe - some friends and I meet for breakfast every week, taking turns hosting....we had talked about Monkey Bread, so when I saw your recipe, I knew that is what I had to make! They were sooo unassuming at the surprise that awaited, but after the first bite all I could hear was mouthfuls of "uuummmmssss" and "aaaahhhsss"! Gorilla Bread is the best ever and I don't think I will ever make it another way!!

Thanks again for taking the time to post all your great recipes!

Anonymous said... #

I would ask her if I could clone Marlboro Man. He is just the greatest! She is too.

Elizabeth H

Nonnas News said... #

Wow, what an exciting day! Thanks for sharing it with all your readers! I wouldnt be surprised if your famous one day yourself!!

I'd have to ask Ree how she does it all? She is an amazing person!!

susanleigh said... #

I would ask her where she gets her inspiration - I can follow a recipe but am always too scared to deviate too much and she takes old standards and puts such a fun twist on them.

Rachelle S said... #

That is exciting!!

I think I would ask if I can come hang out at the ranch house and just watch her cook! haha

mikey said... #

What an exciting night!! You have convinced me to buy her book- if I don't win it first:) I would love to know how she got started and if she ever imagined all of this?

Amy of Sing For Your Supper said... #

FUN! I live in Dallas, but missed the signing...bummer. I think I would ask her what her family's favorite Christmas tradition is (I'm in a very Christmas-y mood!).


Unknown said... #

Wow Tina how exciting to meet Ree. I would ask her if she had any tips about homeschooling.Next June I will start homeschooling my 4yr. old Hailey and I know she has lots of experience with homeschooling.

Anonymous said... #

I would LOVE a copy of Ree's cookbook. How cool that you got to speak with her!!

Unknown said... #

I think I would ask her where she goes when she needs a little quiet time. Her life seems crazy busy right now!

Anonymous said... #

Since we homeschool, I would ask her how in the world she homeschools in the midst of all the other things she does.

Kristi from Ohatchee, AL said... #

Thanks for the great post! I love your site and found PW through your talking about her. I have tried her amazing pancakes and have more things on my list. I would ask PW what was the one dish she was scared to make when dhe first started, because everyone has to have one they are scared of!

Marsha said... #

I would ask her how her hand holds up signing all these books! Wow, my wrist hurts just thinking about it - 3 am...Amazing!

On the food note I would ask her about staying so thin as well - her recipes are absolutely fabulous and I would love to win her signed book!

Unknown said... #

I would ask what her standard Starbucks order is. I hear she wishes there was one in the back 40.

Lori said... #

I keep up with your blog & Ree's blog! I love you both. I would have to ask how many hours are in her day? It has to be more than 24! Where does she find the time & energy to DO so, ranching, homeschooling, writing, just being a wife & mom???? Lori from Kentucky!!

Cyndi, Don and Lucas said... #

OK here's my comment....I know she's not coming to NC so I would love a copy of that book! Thanks!

Cyndi, Don and Lucas said... #
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Julie said... #

Wow, that was some booksigning! The closest she is coming to me is Nashville and that is 3 hours away. I won't be able to make it. DH got me her cookbook for my bday but would love to have a signed one!

I would ask her why she hasn't hired someone to tackle that laundry mountain she is always talking about. Surely, the sales of her books alone can take care of that task for her. ;)

Shawnee said... #

I would ask her how she takes all those beautiful pictures and doesn't burn dinner?! And how she finds the time to write so many non-boring posts?!


shawneeh at

Stacy said... #

I loved reading this post!!! I totally forgot that she was coming to Dallas! I just popped in on your site for a recipe to make for a "goodie's" auction during intermission of a Christmas play my daughter is in! I love so many of your recipes and I knew you would have something for me! So, since I am here and would love the cookbook, the answer to your question is... I would ask Ree how often she goes to the grocery store and how far does she have to drive to get there!

The Steady Bunch said... #

Oh i'm jealous! We'd never get a book signing in my small far out town! So thanks for the've now taken me to Ree's and Paula's book signings! Thanks!!!
I'd ask her for any advice she was willing to give--she seems so amazing!

Karen Marie said... #

I'd ask her how she feels knowing that she is keeping not only MM happy but many, many other men happy and satisfied, including my husband?!? ;)
I am a recent convert to her site and haven't stopped love following your blog as well! Thanks for the contest!

Stephanie said... #

What a fun and crazy night!!!

I'd ask her HOW she does it all (take such gorgeous photos, edit, AND post it all on her blog)...and still smile?

What a great cookbook to have on the shelf!

Joanna said... #

Awesome! I went to the book signing and got an orange wristband....we couldn't wait to get our cookbooks signed. :(

jojo17 at gmail dot com

Angela said... #

I would ask here if these were family recipes or if she is just so talented she creates them all on her own. I live in a small town and will never have the opportunity to meet her :(....btw I LOVE your site!

I Am Nacho Mama said... #

I would ask her where she gets all the ingredients to make her yummy recipes. Thanks for a great giveaway!

Susie Buetow said... #

I really loved your story! I would love it if she came to our area. Our closes BN is 30 min away! I would have to go there and wait all day! LOL I would ask her what is her very first recipe that she made and if she still makes it. I think most remember their very first recipe.
Thanks for the opportunity! @susieqtpies

Sandy said... #

I would ask her if she rents out her ranch? Sounds like a really nice place and maybe just maybe there would be some of Ree's special touches at the ranch, especially in the kitchen! :)

Lisa said... #

I would ask her what inspired her to have the love of cooking. I would love to have this book!! Thanks for the great giveaway. You really owe your hubby!!

Huntersmommy14 said... #

I would ask her if she ever in her wildest dreams could have imagined her Blog would lead her to getting a book deal and a super popular web site??

julie said... #

I think I would ask her what surprised her most about living in the country and what she is surprised to like the best about the country life.

Thanks Tina for the give-a-way!

Unknown said... #

hey Tina, I follow you in your blog, facebook and foodgawker. I have favorited several of your recipes and Pioneer Woman also. I strive to be like the 2 of you someday.♥

Anonymous said... #

I would get deaply personal and inquire about the amounts of money she is making from the website - hahaha I would not really ask it, but that is what I want to know!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said... #

I would ask her how many acres her family ranches! I love her food :)


Carrie said... #

I LOVE her website. So... what's her daughters names? Paige and ? I can't read it very well. I've only heard them referred to as "punks."

Thanks for doing such a great giveaway. I would ask her if I could come live on the ranch with her!

Sandy said... #

Great post, giveaway, and the woman rocks!

I'd ask her how many people work for her (or her family). That would interest me!?


Anonymous said... #

I would have to ask her if her hair was "naturally" red? ha. it is sooo pretty! I love her website - and YOURS, too! You have a beautiful family. My favorite thing about your blog - is that you are plain and simple-just like me and all of the other readers out there. We are all busy with out families and crazy lives - no weird ingredients and stuff like that!
Kim Hays

-Would totally LOVE a cookbook, signed or not! Thanks!

oumusicmom said... #

My daughter first found her website and has been a loyal follow since and has told me and all her friends about it. I would ask her and you how do you keep up the pace while still doing everything else you both do. I am totally impressed!

Anonymous said... #

Amber Rowland

Danielle said... #

Thank goodness for gold wristband getting husbands! A fishing trip is definitely in order. :)

I would definitely ask her about plans to publish her black heels/tractor wheels saga. I loved it!

Adouma said... #

In my excitement, I didn't leave my e-mail address when I sent in my question a few days ago. Sorry...

Molly & Maggie said... #

I would ask her how she stays as thin as she does!

Anonymous said... #

I'd ask her how does she balance everything she does...cook, take care of the punks, homeschool, write a cook book, clean, etc.

PS I love your blog too and have tried some of your yummy recipes!
clach at northpark dot edu

Kristy said... #

I have recently just found out about the Pioneer Woman. So I am a new fan :) I would love to ask her her favorite thing about homeschooling and what curriculum she uses.
We also plan to homeschool :)

Unknown said... #

I would ask if she needs another ranch hand and if she can pay me in food.

Tara said... #

I would ask her how she juggles everything she does! Her name should be the Pioneer SUPER Woman!!

Dyanna said... #

I would ask her to please come to Lexington, KY and teach me how to cook. Baking I've got down pat but the cooking thing I need help on.

Anonymous said... #

I would ask her if I can come move in with her & her family. Makes me sound like some crazy freak, I know.
I love PW. I've tried about half of her recipes & they are HUGE in my house.
Would love to be able to stop printing the recipes off her site & have a book of my own.

Megan said... #

I am so jealous that you met the Pioneer Woman! She was a few hours away from my house last night but I couldn't make it. I would ask her how she has time to do all that she does.

Cindy said... #

I'd ask her where she learned to cook? Did she spend time in the kitchen with her mom... grandma... aunts???

Dora said... #

I'm so excited for you to have had the chance to actually meet Ree! I'm not even that far away (FW) but with 4 little ones, one of which is a sick 3 month old I just couldn't make it. If I would have had a chance I wouldn't have a asked a question, just would have told her that she's my HERO!! And I LOVE her chocolate cake!

Lisa said... #

I would ask to post her daily schedule. Seriously. I love her but how on earth does she get it all done? Between photoshopping, cooking, blogging, ranching, homeschooling, traveling, where does she find the time?

Unknown said... #


Unknown said... #

I would ask her to create a recipe just for me, one that represents this small town Florida girl.

Unknown said... #

I would ask her if she's ever seen the show McLeod's Daughters b/c one of the characters reminds me of her.

Lynette said... #

I would definitely ask her if I could come cook at the ranch with her. That would be awesome.

RJ-TX said... #

Just discovered you blog and love, love your recipes! I also enjoyed the story of your trip to meet Ree! One question though, what is Cowboy Candy?

Unknown said... #

Okay, I'm in love with your site. Not at all sure how I initially wound up here but OOHHH LALA on the sunbeam tools do not reach the bottom of my bowl so I'm really dazzled by the mixer you're giving away. and the other prizes. Okay for appetizers, I love deviled eggs. Yummy

Unknown said... #

(2) become a fan of sams on facebook and said what a great site you have

David Griggs, SC said... #

I wanna ask, Why not a cookbook with you, PW and Christy Jordan?

After reading how passionate you are about PW, I couldn't help but buy her book The PW Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl... its great, Thanks.

Anonymous said... #

I randomly came across this blog post tonight after having visited the PW mercantile and lodge today. This was hilarious! Loved reading it. I was laughing so much I was crying.