March Menu Plan

Happy Wednesday!!! Today I have my March Meal Plan ready to go! This month's menu is filled with simple, family-friendly meals and desserts. I have listed about 26 dinner meals and left the remainder of the days for leftovers or eating out. Any recipe noted with (New) next to the title are the recipes I plan to make and will post in the near future. I hope Y'all find something you like.

Dinner Meals 

Desserts for the Month

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Sandra said…
Thank you for this March Meal Plan. I'm new to your website and very excited to find new family friendly recipes. It is just my husband and me, and after cooking for 53 years we are in a dinnertime rut. Your meal plans offer me a wide range of easy choices. I can't wait to surprise my adult children with some of your delicious suggestions.
Tina Butler said…
Hi Sandra,
Welcome! I hope you find a few recipes you like. We too get in a dinner time rut as well. Our children are now grown so it's hard on dinner choices and for me hard to make smaller portions as I am so use to feeding for my husband and kids. It seems to be a new season of life for you and me. LMK if you need help finding anything.