June Menu - Menu Plan Monthly

Happy Tuesday everyone! I can't believe June is already here, and in a few short days my kiddos will be out for summer break!!! I'm so glad, because I love having them home and spending time together. I'm heading out of town for a couple days, so I kind of just threw our June Menu Plan together. I have listed some crock pot meals, and since the weather is warming up we usually grill out quite a bit. I will keep this short and sweet, so I hope you find something you like.  

June Dinner Menu

Spaghetti & Texas Toast
Skillet Ravioli , Salad & Ranch French Bread {New}
Grilled Bourbon Rib Eye Steak {New}, Baked Potatoes, Grilled Broccoli & Ambrosia
Chicken Alfredo Pizza (Pizza Night)  
Honey Barbecue Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Steamed Carrots
Goulash, Green Beans & Fruit Salad
Stuffed Bell Peppers, Salad & Baked Acorn Squash {New}
Sweet Fire Chicken, Brown Rice & Egg Rolls
Peach Whiskey BBQ Chicken, Steamed Broccoli & Salad
Margherita Pizza {New} (Pizza Night) 
Huli Huli Grilled Chicken {New}, Thai Coconut Rice & Grilled Zucchini
Ground Turkey Taco's & Spanish Rice
Crock Pot Cube Steak, Green Beans & Mashed Potatoes
Sausage Gravy & Biscuits, Scrambled Eggs {Breakfast Night}


Titles in Red are linked recipes. Recipes that have {New} noted next to them are recipes I'm working on and hoping to post in the future.

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Sharon H. said…
Love your June menu! I think I will borrow from it quite a bit--thanks! Your dinners all look like things my family would eat, too. I get tired of always trying to figure out what to make for dinner. This will help me out when my own creative juices run dry (which is quite often, lol).
Colleen said…
Now that is quite the menu. I thought I was doing good just doing a weekly menu but then I plans my meals around my hubby's work schedule.
That pumpkin chili was pretty curious about so just had to go and check it out. Have never heard of putting pumpkin in chili before.....a must try for sure. I can just hear my dear hubby now; "pumpkin is for making pies."
Whenever I make something new I say, "don't say EW until you chew".
Will be trying a few of your menu recipes; especially that pumpkin chili........But not going to tell hubby what's in it. :}

Will be having our 45th anniversary this Sat. so I need to come up with a special meal. I have a bottle of champagne but that's it so far.
Enjoy your day Tina and have a wonderful evening

Anonymous said…
Can not pull up the receupes- says I need to close windows but I only have facebook open with your receipes .
Tina Butler said…
@Colleen, I love the Ew before you chew LOL. I was kind of that way with the pumpkin chili until I made it. This is a great way to add a bit of vitamins and no one even knows the pumpkin was added. I have fooled many people with this chili. This recipe is great around Fall, but I have plenty pumpkin puree in the freezer that needs to be used.

@Sharon, I hope you like the menu? Menu planning is such a life saver for me. I hope this sparks some inspiration!

@Anonymous, the recipe links are working I just checked them. It sounds like a issue on your end or you need to go directly to my blog to open the links.
Colleen said…
When my daughters where growing up they would look at something new and say, "I don't like that" before they even tried it, so that is where the 'don't say EW before you chew' came in at. :} I always made them try at least 1 bit for good measure.