January Menu - Menu Plan Monthly

Out with the old and in with the new. Happy New Year Everyone!!!! January's Menu Plan is my first post for 2014. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday? We stayed home the entire Winter Break except for one day to visit family. It was so nice to relax, unplug and enjoy the holidays in our own home. It was a such a nice change.

I'm a bit sad that the kids headed back to school today, because they have been so good, but it will be nice to get back into a normal routine again. I hope you find something you like. As usual, red titles are past or linked recipes. If a recipe has {New} noted next to it those are recipes I am working on and hoping to post in the near future.

January Menu Plan 2014

Amish Beef & Noodles, Peas & Carrots & Popovers
Pasta Carbonara, Salad & French Bread  
Grilled Steaks, Shrimp Cocktail, Baked Potatoes & Salad
Biscuits, Sausage Gravy & Scrambled Eggs {Breakfast Night}
Lasagna Soup {New} & Artisan Bread 
Creamy Spaghetti & Garlic Bread sticks
Goulash & Salad
Crock Pot Venison W/ Brown Rice {New} & Roasted Broccoli

Smoked BBQ Ribs, Macaroni & Cheese, Baked Beans & Salad
Crock Pot Pork Carnitas {New} & Cilantro Lime Rice 
White Castle Sliders & French Fries
Honey Barbecue Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Steamed Carrots
Chicken Alfredo Pizza & Pepperoni - {Homemade Pizza Night}
Crock Pot Pork Chop Meal In One {Pork Chops, Corn & Baked Potatoes}
Comfort Meatballs, Mashed Potato's & Green Beans

Mom's Lemon Cheese Bars {New}
Crock Pot Carrot Cake {New} 


Anonymous said…
who can afford some of these things shrimp, crab?
Unknown said…
This looks great:) Will definitely use a few of these.

And to the other person that commented,imitation crab isn't that expensive. It's like 3 dollars. And yes shrimp can be expensive,it's not like it's listed every other day. It's only on there once.
Tina Butler said…
Not sure what crab you are talking about besides imitation (as Corinne stated above) for the crab Rangoon's. As for the shrimp we always have steak and shrimp. One bag of shrimp at Costco last use 3 meals when we have steak and shrimp, so no it really isn't expensive. When we cook at home and eat out less we can afford small perks like shrimp. Other than that they are very affordable meals.
Anonymous said…
imitation crab and a bag of frozen shrimp. Just got a bag of frozen shirmp yesterday for $6.98. I agree my Buget is very tight but as I said there's ways around it by using imitation or frozen. No disrespect meant.
Tina Butler said…
imitation crab is fine for crab Rangoon's but shrimp is my favorite. It's worth the splurge + one bag of frozen shrimp from Costco lasts us for 3 meals along side grilled steak, so very affordable. We don't eat a lot of prepared or boxed meals, or eat out on a regular basis, so our budget can afford special things from time to time.
beesknees4 said…
Any idea on how soon some of the recipes will be up?
Tina Butler said…
Which recipes are you referring to? The recipes are linked and you can access them if you click on the links. The only ones that are no accessible are the one with {New} noted next to them. Other than that all the recipes are there.
Bobbie in Ohio said…
Thanks for the awesome menu, Tina. As always, it looks lovely! Keep them coming!
Tina Butler said…
If a recipe has {New} noted next to it those are recipes I am working on and hoping to post as I make them throughout the month.
Anonymous said…
Looks so yummy.
beesknees4 said…
Thanks for the prompt response. I look forward to seeing them!
Emilee said…
I just found your site. Love the idea of you posting an entire month of meals! I am a mother of twin 2 year olds. We attempt :) to eat very balanced and clean. However, I run out of ideas QUICK! I am enjoying looking around your site. Thank you for the inspiration!
Serena said…
The BBQ/Honey Meatloaf was a hit. We are trying the Dorito Beef Casserole tonight.
Your website is GREAT!!!
Lots of wonderful recipes.

Thank You
Anonymous said…
So excited I found ur page!!!!
Anonymous said…
Will you have some of the new recipes up soon please? Would love to try the whole month so want to do a shopping list :) thanks!