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Apple Coffee Cake & Pepper Jack Muffins +
{Gooseberry Patch Hometown Christmas Giveaway}

Today I have another tasty review and giveaway for y'all.  If you're looking for a festive holiday cookbook packed full of Christmas recipes, then Hometown Christmas is for you. This beautiful homespun cookbook has everything you need to get you through the holiday baking season.

Christmas is my favorite time of year especially for cooking and baking. Christmas is the time of year when I think back to when I was a little girl and all the holiday recipes my mom made every year.

Hometown Christmas i
s packed with over 200 scrumptious recipes and heart warming memories of Christmas at HME.

Grab a mug of cider or hot chocolate and curl up and enjoy 7 delicious chapters of this festive cookbook!
  1. Breakfast with Santa
  2. Sledding Party Warmers
  3. Old-Fashioned Christmas Dinner
  4. Open House ....You're Invited
  5. Tree Trimming Treats
  6. Slow-Cooker Comfort Food 
  7. Come Home For Christmas
You can also visit the Gooseberry Patch You Tube Channel and see 7 Hometown Christmas recipes prepared by Vickie and Jo Ann themselves. I can't wait to try the Hearty Pizza Soup and the Scalloped Potatoes & Ham. Gooseberry Patch also has a Pinterest board with more wonderful recipes from Hometown Christmas. Click the Pinterest link above and follow along. 

Now it's time for me to share the recipes that I tried from Hometown Christmas. The first recipe was for this delicious Apple Coffee Cake from Chapter One. This recipe comes from Robin Horst in Virginia Beach, VA. 

Robin says that her Grandma Helen made this coffee cake every year when she came to visit. You can use apple, pineapple or even peach pie filling. I found that this coffee cake taste even better the second day around. 

Grandma Helen's Apple Coffee Cake

1 - 18 oz package yellow cake mix
3 - eggs, beaten
1 - 21 oz can apple pie filling
1 - teaspoon vanilla extract
1 - cup all purpose flour
1 - cup sugar
1/2 - cup butter

Preheat oven to 35o degrees. In a bowl combine dry cake mix, eggs, vanilla and pie filling: mix well. Pour batter into two 9x5 inch loaf pans sprayed with non stick spray. Set aside. In a separate bowl, combine the flour, sugar and butter. Blend with a pastry blender until the mixture resembles crumbs. Sprinkle the crumb mixture evenly over the top of the batter. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 - 40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. cool; remove from pans. Keep well wrapped. Recipe yields: 2 loaves.

The recipe states to bake the coffee cake in two 9x5 inch loaf pans. I use one large loaf pan and used the remaining batter to make mini coffee cake loaves for gift giving. Just wrap in clear sacks and attach a ribbon and a gift tag. I also added a mini ornament to add a festive touch. This coffee cake freezes very well.

Second on the list was these yummy Pepper Jack Corn Muffins pictured above. A pan full of these warm muffins pairs wonderfully with your favorite chili or taco soup. I baked my muffins in my cast iron popover pan, because besides popovers it also makes wonderful cornbread muffins. This recipe was submitted by Vickie herself.

Pepper Jack Corn Muffins

1 1/2 cups yellow cornmeal
1 - teaspoon salt
1/4 - teaspoon baking soda
2 - eggs, beaten
3/4 - cup sour cream
1/4 - cup vegetable or canola oil
1 - 14 oz can creamed corn
3/4 - cup shredded pepper jack cheese, divided

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a large bowl, combine cornmeal, salt and baking soda: set aside In a small bowl, whisk together eggs, sour cream, oil, creamed corn and 1/2 cup cheese; add to the cornmeal mixture. Stir with fork just until moistened. Spoon batter into greased muffin cups filling 2/3 full. Top with remaining cheese. Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes until golden brown. Recipe yields 12 muffins.

I couldn't imagine the holiday season without a Gooseberry Patch Holiday Cookbook in my kitchen. Not only do they have fabulous recipes, but their cookbooks also include so many affordable craft and gift ideas sprinkled throughout the cookbook. I have so many simple ideas saved that I can't wait to try. 

Hometown Christmas is available at
Gooseberry Patch, Amazon,
Walmart, Cracker Barrel and various other retailers.   

Hometown Christmas Cookbook Giveaway
In addition to providing me with a cookbook to preview, Gooseberry Patch also gave me a second copy to use in a giveaway to one lucky Mommy's Kitchen Reader. 

  1. To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite Christmas recipe that reminds you of Home. (mandatory entry)
  2. For a Bonus entry tweet the following (leave a separate comment): Stop by @mommyskitchen to win a copy of Hometown Christmas from @gooseberrypatch. #giveaway
Contest is open to US & Canadian Residents only due to shipping charges. I will choose one random winner using If you post a anonymous comment please leave your email address in your comment, so I can contact you in the event that you're the winner. Contest begins today 12-22-13 and ends of 12-31-13. I will contact the winner by email. Winner will have 48 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Gooseberry Patch. I was provided with a copy of Hometown Christmas for purpose of this review as well as a second copy to use in a reader giveaway. All opinions stated above are 100% entirely my own.

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Jenn said... #


Unknown said... #

Definitely ginger crinkle cookies. We make 2-3 batches every year!

Unknown said... #

Definitely ginger crinkle cookies. We make 2-3 batches every year!

Tina said... #

Coconut cake and Ding Bat cookies are favorites that bring back all the memories of home at Christmas!

VickiT said... #

It would have to be cut out sugar cookies, because my Mom and I used to make tons of them every single year. Mom always made sure the local children's home had cookies and also a nearby nursing home so we decorated them and took them to both places. I always remember her when I make them myself.

Tina said... #

Coconut cake and Ding Bat cookies are favorites that bring back all the memories of home at Christmas!

Beeblue said... #

I´m mexican and the "buñuelos de molde" are my favorite. The buñuelos are a recipe made with flour, milk and eggs. You must to have a "molde" to deep in the mixture and fried in a very hot oil. After a seconds, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. We share with the family and friends and enjoy with "atole blanco" mmm... all the flavor and love in Chritsmas!

BumbleBeeLane said... #

Grandma's sugar cookies. Warm Blessings! Amy

Anonymous said... #

It has to be Sherry Triffle I make it every year and it reminds me of home. (Scotland)

Katie said... #

I don't a Christmas recipe but my favorite recipe is my grandmothers spaghetti sauce. I'm making spaghetti and meatballs for Christmas Eve and then she's making lasagna for Christmas. We eat it through out the year but it so much more at the holidays surrounded by family.

Unknown said... #

Every year for Christmas I make the same broccoli rice casserole my mom made when I was a kid

Aunt Lynne said... #

Mexican Wedding cookies are the cookies I baked for the first Christmas I was married, 37 years ago. And still today they remain my favorite.

Unknown said... #

Cream cheese mints! Never a Christmas without them.

flowerchild said... #

I love Cinnamon Rolls , I make them every Christmas. Thanks for the chance.

flowerchild said... #


April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said... #

Hot glazed cinnamon rolls remind me of Christmases at home...

Andrea said... #

Sausage balls!!!! We always eat sausage balls Christmas morning as we open presents.

Colleen said... #

The Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks are wonderful. They have the best recipes.
Filled Cookies that my late mother used to make, sausage cheese balls and my 3 Day Coconut Cake;(has to sit in refrigerator for 3 days before it can be eaten.)
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity
Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas

Heather B said... #

A favorite Christmas recipe that reminds me of home? Homestyle Cornbread Pudding. It was one of the best dishes my Grandma had ever made and I still have yet to find anyone who makes it as well as she did.

Tonia Deakin said... #

Banana Pudding was my dad's favorite so my mom would make it often.

Tonia Deakin said... #

tweeted about giveaway at

Susan Broughton said... #

My recipe that reminds me of home was my Grandmothers Peanut Butter Fudge recipe or her Banana Pudding recipe. Those are the two that she made that made me think of home.

Susan Broughton said... #

I tweeted your message about the giveaway. Here is the link to it:

Anonymous said... #

My Mama's dressing, so good.

Anonymous said... #

Christmas Sandwich Cremes! Its a buttercream filled wafer cookie and its so good.

Unknown said... #

Mom's scratch homemade blackberry jam cake with brown sugar icing.

Anonymous said... #

One of my favorites was the ambrosia
my grandmother made each year. She always made it with fresh grated coconut.


Mary said... #

My Mom always made Sandies cookies.

jderouin55 said... #

cinnamon rolls

Anonymous said... #

I love homemade Mac n cheese,

The imPerfect Housewife said... #

I think anything with egg nog reminds me of the holidays. I've only had it to drink but I'd like to try making some Egg Nog Bread or fudge or something. Sbams5(at)

Kristin T said... #

Ginger molasses cookies

Unknown said... #

Banana bread ! This was a yearly treat that family and friends looked forward to every Christmas. Us kids always got to help with smushing the bannas with our hands. My mom always said that using hands instead of a tool made the bread taste so much better.

Anonymous said... #

Homemade peanutbrittle, sugar cookies, bon bons.

Anonymous said... #

I tweeted! bakeknitread2

mahnrafjtb said... #

My favorite recipe is my grandmas homemade peanut butter fudge. It wouldn't be Christmas without it.

mahnrafjtb said... #

I tweeted your message.

bensonb said... #

Believe it or not, Fruitcake! My aunt used to make fruitcake every year when I was a child. She would start in July. It was wonderful!

Anonymous said... #

My kids love baking sugar cookies for Christmas.

Margie Huddleston said... #

I have been making the egg nog cookies ever since you first posted the recipe. They are now a staple at Christmas!

curlyrose49 said... #

Mine would have to be Peanut Brittle :) love to make all kinds of goodies to give away for Christmas....Merry Christmas everyone :)

Anonymous said... #


Jeanne said... #

My favorite is banana's a must have !

SarahAnna said... #

Cinnamon Rolls!

Lisa Hetrick Bryant said... #

I made your Toffee Candy or "Christmas Crack" yesterday for the first time! OMG it was soo good! I will be making it every Christmas from now on,that's for sure! Thank you for all the wonderful recipes!

Unknown said... #

Moms chicken noodles

Unknown said... #

Moms chicken noodles

Unknown said... #

Moms chicken noodles

Unknown said... #

Penuche fudge

Johna said... #

Sugar Cookies, always take me back to 4yrs old

Unknown said... #

Those look awesome!

Anonymous said... #

Nothing beats my mom's old fashioned stuffing....bread, celery and chicken stock! I can smell it now...sure do miss tasting it...

Anonymous said... #

my mom made a wonderful fruit salad! (Minta Blankenship)

Unknown said... #

My grandmother's lane cake.

Unknown said... #

i would have to say chocolate chip cookies...was a tradition with my family...

Anonymous said... #

I'd love to win because my husband will return from Afghanistan soon and I'll need all the help I can get!

Carol M said... #

I would LOVE to win the cookbook...I love cookbooks and love making things from them

Anonymous said... #

Iced cut out cookies !! YUMMY!!

Star said... #

My favorite Christmas recipe is our family Greek Christmas cookies -- the best in all the world!!

Star said... #

I also tweeted about the contest. Here is my comment:

Star said... #

I also tweeted about the contest. Here is my comment:

Anne said... #

I love making shrimp and crabmeat dip as an appetizer

TexasTigress76 said... #

My mom's chocolate chip-date-pecan cake!!!

Char said... #

I think frosted Christmas sugar cookies!! We always left some out for Santa! :)

Tabitha Martin said... #

Peanut butter balls and sausage balls make it feel like home.

Unknown said... #

Divinity, my daughter and I make. It gives us time to be together.

Kathy said... #

The recipe that reminds me of Christmas at home is roll out cookies with icing. Mother made them every year and I carry on the tradition now.

TexasTigress76 said... #

I also tweeted about this giveaway!

Sue said... #

sour cream coffee cake. sour cream on top of sweet dough, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and brown sugar, let rise and bake. YYYYYUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMmmyyyyyyy

Unknown said... #

Mincemeat pie. My grandmother made her's with deer meat. It was the best! Reminds me of childhood Christmas dinners with family!

annemarie said... #

My favorite is sour cream roll out cookies with lots of frosting and colored sugars.

Frieda Boltz said... #

My aunt's divinity, my dad's peanut brittle, fruit cake cookies and fruit cake.

Unknown said... #

One of my favorite Christmas dishes is corn casserole!

Anonymous said... #

My mother chicken and dumpling my grandmother whiskey cake

eclairre said... #

green bean casserole

Jen said... #

What says home to me is my moms hamburger soup. Or perhaps its my grandmother's oatmeal raisin cookies. It's so hard to choose.

Erin said... #

Peanut butter balls

Jeanie Pauketat said... #

I love Gooseberry cookbooks! At Christmas, my Mom would always make a Date Roll. I make it now and think of her when I make it! Merry Christmas!

Unknown said... #

One of my favorite reminders of Christmas was my mom's Jam Cake. She made it often from the berries we picked during the summer. Mom was special because she was in a wheel chair from polio she contracted just 2 months after her marriage. Everything she did was a struggle, yet she raised 2 children and worked hard on the family farm wearing her braces and using crutches. I think about her whenever I see a Jam cake recipe.

Creativeproducts said... #

I really would love to win this book I use some of the recipes from your other books all of the time. Last night I made Peanut Butter Brownies from one of your cookbooks and they turned out great. My husband ate most all of them.

Unknown said... #

Jam Cake is my favorite for Christmas. I remember my mom making this from the berries gathered during the summer. Mom was very special because just 2 month after her wedding she contracted polio. Everything she did from that time on was done from a wheel chair or with a huge leg brace and crutches. Life was hard for her living on a working farm. She did amazing raising 2 daughters. I still have the pan she used to bake the cake in.

Kay Sargent said... #

My favorite recipe that I have baked for the past twenty Christmas seasons is Fudge puddles,given to me by a dear friend.It just wouldn't be Christmas in my home without them.

Unknown said... #

Its definitely the green cornflake wreaths with little cinnamons on them !

Jami Brown said... #

Cherry Mash!

Sharon said... #

Chocolate dipped Peanut butter balls. I love them dipped in white chocolate hubby and kids like milk chocolate. Been making them since my grown kids were babies.

Diana said... #

Merry Christmas to you and your family - its the home made buckeyes and sugar cookies that mother and all her five girls made!!!!

darci wilson said... #

Orange Cranberry sauce

Dale Sue said... #

Grandma's Sugar Cream Pie! Complete with lard crust, whipping cream filling and mixed with my fingers to get all that love in there.

Sharon said... #

I tweeted your giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win. Merry Christmas to you and your Family!

Suzie Button said... #

Annual Christmas punch of 7-up and orange sherbet!

Sarah & Kristi said... #

Cut out sugar cookies, LOVE THEM!

Unknown said... #

Favorite Christmas Recipe?? I can't name just one!! My Mother still makes my Grandma's Fruitcake, and it's the best I have ever eaten. Chocolate Fudge is my Son's favorite, Butterscotch Crunchers are my Daughter's favorite. My favorite has to be my Carrot Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting. The Holidays just wouldn't be the same without these!! ♥

Suzie Button said... #

I tweeted here

Unknown said... #

Good ole fashion sugar cookies. The decorating was the best.

Val Bent said... #

All the dishes were great she made, but she did make great fudge and desserts. She's been gone for awhile now. But, will never forget Christmas as a child.

Betty said... #

Making Cookies and Candies in the Kitchen at Christmas time an then hiding then until Christmas eve

Maria F Barajas Rangel said... #

Dutch apple pie and cinnamon rolls

Unknown said... #

Homemade Chocolates or Butter Tarts

Susie Shaw said... #

A tradition that my children hold me to each Christmas morning is Overnight Sticky Buns.
I tried to fool them this year by telling them I had the ingredients for blueberry muffins to make on Christmas morning and they said that's not we always do. Sticky Buns it is then.

annagonzales said... #

My famous Rum Balls! ;))))

Kathy said... #

My grandson( 8) who lives with me has been in the kitchen with me a lot while I am cooking & baking. He told me that he wants to be a good cook so I won't have to standing so much. I'm disabled & would love to sit in the kitchen & help him with new recipes in this cook book. I would love to see if he can cook & bake some of these recipes in this book. We certainly would put it to good use. I've been making a dish my grandmother made & everyone always asks for it. And It doesn't have to be a holiday If I'm asked to make it I would be happy to. My Grandma's scalloped corn it is so good & so easy to make.

Kathie H. said... #

I tweeted:

Kathie H. said... #

I love making any kind of Christmas cookies...especially sugar cookies..with my sons. It just makes it feel so Christmas-y and my boys just love making the cookies.

Unknown said... #

Merry Christmas from fort Worth Texas! My favorite recipe that I share with everyone on Christmas is my grandmother's chocolate chip cookie recipe. Nothing special for some but means the world to me since Memie is in heaven!

Unknown said... #

Merry Christmas from fort Worth Texas! My favorite recipe that I share with everyone on Christmas is my grandmother's chocolate chip cookie recipe. Nothing special for some but means the world to me since Memie is in heaven!

Dianne said... #

These are one of my favorite cookbooks. Love your sight also, Merry Christmas

Anonymous said... #

My favorite is a cookie Anisette Knots. Make them every year except this year cause my oven is broke. Really miss them they made the holiday for me

Thersa H from Atoka TN said... #

Peanut brittle. My Mom only makes it at Christmas.

Anonymous said... #

I love the Ham for Christmas. And I love my daughter's Pecan Pies. And this year I baked the Mexican Wedding Cookies. They are delish.

Anonymous said... #

The whole meal for christmas, ham, potatos salad, green beans, etc

babyfacezxzx at aol dot come

Anonymous said... #

Christmas I bake several treats to give away to needy families: the most popular are Rice Krispies in Christmas colors and shapes-2nd are the Pecan Meltaways aka Mexican Wedding Cookies. I love the warmth their smiles bring-no greater gift. Your cookbook would be a new adventure for all Merry Christmas all year!

Anonymous said... #

My favorite Christmas recipe is Three Corn Casserole.

Judy said... #

Mine is definitely fruit cake except I don't have the recipe my grandmother used so I've never been able to duplicate it but I'm always looking.

loretta said... #

My mom's icebox fruitcake
without a doubt

Linda Dubbelman said... #

My favourite holiday recipe is my Mom's stuffing recipe. I'm glad that I wrote it down a few years before she died, otherwise it would've been lost. :)

Claire said... #

Chocolate fudge, date balls, fruit cake cookies, and lady fingers! My mom made them every Christmas!

Naomi J. said... #

My dad's Christmas Cookies. He would make his cut out cookies only between Thanksgiving and New Years, and he would make close to 100 dozen just for the family. I remember him either mixing or baking during the holiday. My cookies come close, but nothing can compare to dads.

Unknown said... #

My granddad's homemade ice cream. I still make it every year. I remember my granddad and my uncles taking turns turning the crank on the old ice cream maker. Then one year someone finally got him an electric ice cream maker. To this day, it is by far my favorite recipe. It has been handed down for many generations.

Anonymous said... #

my moms pecan pie, and home made buns!!!

Anonymous said... #

It wouldn't seem like Christmas without peanut brittle!

Anonymous said... #

All of my moms cookies she made for Christmas,and her lemon pie

Teresa said... #

I love these books. I'd like to win one.

Anonymous said... #

I love all the gooseberry cookbooks,the recipes fit right in with my life style of cooking, love your website its great. Merry Christmas.

charliesangel2186 said... #

Divinity! My birthday was Saturday and my dad made me my own tin, lol. Since I was little it has been my favorite at Christmas :)

Phyllis said... #

I'm a NUT when it comes to CookBooks! LOVE LOVE LOVE them. When My kitchen got remodeled I had them build a section just for cookbooks.
I love your blog and the fantastic recipes. I love to try them and share them. THANKS!!

Anne D. said... #

French Apple Pie is my mom made it the best. annejk112233 at yahoo dot com

Anne D. said... # tweet link
annejk112233 at yahoo dot com

Astrid said... #

Great recipes!

Val S. said... #

Chocolate Crinkles!!

michelle hicks said... #

My mom used to have a buffet style dinner and we would have guests thru our door all day. Her prime rib was excellent!

Cheryl S. said... #

Big, huge, fluffy, homemade rolls!

Cheryl S. said... #


Anonymous said... #

Pumpkin bread!

rachel said... #


Ruth penland said... #

Love recipes, but get tired of printing them. Looks like great recipes here!

Janet said... #

I love making sugar cookies

Anonymous said... #

Fruitcake is my favorite

Anonymous said... #

Each year I make my kids favorites & even now that they are grown, they still remind me to bring....Joey's favorite-Bacon-Cheese Wraps, Jenna's favorite--Deviled Eggs and anything baked is always a hit.
Jo Lynch
( )

wen budro said... #

I remember my Grandmother making Christmas fudge and divinity....I miss that.

wen budro said... #

I tweeted

Nana Faye said... #

Apple bread

grtdad said... #

My family enjoys dessert best Apple Dumplings with Rum Sauce. Of course it falls on me to do 'cause they say no one else can make the sauce. Dah!

susanlulu said... #

Favorite Christmas recipe - making raisin pie for my 89 year old father because his mother always had him one on Christmas!

Anonymous said... #


sobizy2003 said... #

Tamales (didnt leave my info last time)

Unknown said... #

I would say it probably is Pumpkin roll and fudge.

Karen Walker said... #

Traditional Cut Out Cookies and the fun of frosting them.

faith craig marsh said... #

It would have to be Christmas Sugar Cookies. I love making the shapes and then decorating them with the kids. To me nothing says Christmas quite like that.

Unknown said... #

I love cookbooks. said... #

Carrot cake & ambrosia!

Patsy said... #

Chocolate pie reminds me of home. Mama beat the egg whites with a fork.

Unknown said... #

I can still smell the hot homemade rolls baking in the oven!!!! Love that smell!! Judy F

patty fizer said... #

I couldn't pick just one. I remember banana pudding…macaroni salad, potato salad and the best ham I ever tasted. Still to this day we all get together on Christmas Eve and that is what we fix to eat before opening presents.

Cindy C. said... #

Cut out sugar cookies and pistachio salad!

Cindy C. said... #

Cut out sugar cookies and pistachio salad!

debbie said... #

pumpkin roll and pie and of course christmas cookies (cut out)

debbie said... #

pumpkin roll and pie and of course christmas cookies (cut out)

Unknown said... #

Hot glazed cinnamon rolls remind me of Christmases at home...

Michelle P said... #

Fudge, peanut butter or chocolate I love them all : )

cman said... #

Italian apple pie and soft sugar cookies.

Unknown said... #

My mother's tea rings, she would decorate them with red and green cherries.

Jana Earll said... #

date candy;

Amy said... #

My favorite recipe is my mom's sweet potato casserole. It is amazing.

Cristal Tucker said... #

I love cookbooks!!

LanaB said... #

Gingerbread cookies and yummy sugar cookies. Decorated with colored frosting. I think of Christmas when I see and smell them. Yum

Cathy said... #

Would have to be either homemade sweet potato pie or homemade eggnog :)

Anonymous said... #

I've always made sausage balls for Christmas...and my family EXPECTS them too! Love how we spoil our families. :)

Doris Henson
gourdolina AT gmail dot com

corky said... #

coretta shelton my mommas cornbread dressing with jiblets.

Donna Blassingham said... #

Being an older reader, my favorite thing mama made was 'Billy Goats'...they were an oatmeal bar cookie with powder sugar dusted on the top. That memory is so special.

Marjorie/cenya2 said... #

Homemade perogies are my favorite for Christmas. Also, we always had fish on Christmas Eve. This book looks amazing and I like that receipes here are simple without a lot of fancy ingredients.

cenya2 at Hotmail dot com

Robin said... #

My turkey and stuffing.. Love this.. then best of all turkey sandwiches for the next few days..yummy..

Nancy Renth said... #

On Christmas Eve my family & I always enjoy a 2 layered jello cake----one red layer and one green! Yum!!!!!!

Nancy said... #

My grandmother's cornbread dressing was a favorite on holidays!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Amanda Rauch said... #

Merry Christmas!! I am actually making our family Christmas morning breakfast right now. It is an egg casserole with ham and mushrooms and green onions. It is so so yummy. My mom made it every year when I was a kid and I have been making it myself for almost 20 years now. We can't start opening our presents until the breakfast has been put in the oven :)

amandajoyrauch at

Amanda Rauch said... #

I tweeted with the handle @amandajoyrauch; here is the link:

amandajoyrauch at

mtbears819 said... #

cranberry bread

Anonymous said... #

The recipe that takes me back to childhood Christmas is a recipe called Nut Loaf. I had thought that this recipe was lost, but ran across it in time for Christmas this year. My mother passed away Oct. 2008. So when I came across this recipe of hers, I excitedly and quickly made this recipe. I shared it with my coworkers at our Christmas party. It was a hit and a joy to be able to share with them as well.

Bee W Bedard said... #

cinnamon buns was a must for the morning
brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

Bee W Bedard said... #
brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

Laura West said... #

Shortbread cookies!
My grandma made them every year at christmas and my dad continued to do so each year, and now I've started to do the same.

Anonymous said... #

I live sugar cookies yummy! ,

Lissa Crane said... #

It would have to be my Mom's Christmas ham! I don't know she does it, but I have never been able to do it the way she does!

Janet said... #

Cinnamon rolls and monkey bread

Aurora said... #

Very delicious!

Susan B said... #

Butterscotch blondies! Thanks for the opportunity!

Anonymous said... #

Delicious pierogi! These are Polish dumplings that can be filled with anything! Thanks for the chance!

kpintn said... #

My favorite is Mom's Gingerbread!! and the royal icing to go with....remember baking hugs batches of these every Holiday Season for years!!

kpintn / at / hotmail(dot)com

kdrae said... #

I love my mom's Christmas cookies! I wish she made them year round! :)

kdrae said... #

I tweeted!

lmurley2000 said... #

I make a pecan pie that reminds me of home

lmurley2000 said... #


Anonymous said... #

Moms Christmas sugar cookie recipe is my favorite holiday recipe.

Elizabeth said... #

Homemade coconut cream cake and homemade fruit cake.
Elizabeth Dunn

Dixie the said... #

My mom used to make the best cinnamon rolls. After sled riding we would come in and have those and hot chocolate. Some days I can still smell them baking.

Cynthia said... #

Sugar Cookies!!

Cynthia said... #

Sugar Cookies!!

Deb said... #

My mom's peanut butter fudge recipe reminds me of Christmas and takes me right back to my childhood! :)

Deby said... #

Granny's syrup cake.

Jason said... #

Gorilla bread.

JACLYN said... #

Zuccinni bread!

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