Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tater Tot Casserole - Weeknight Easy

Tater Tot Casserole is a classic comfort food dish layered with ground beef, a creamy beef gravy, tater tots, and covered with shredded cheese. This dish is always a hit with the whole family. (with updated photos 2020). 
Today I'm sharing a family favorite dinner recipe with y'all!  My family loves Tater Tot Casserole and it's a dish that both adults and children like. I'm a big casserole person, but my husband doesn't like them as much as I do, so I try not to make them too often. 

There are many recipes for Tater Tot Casserole, but this recipe by far in my favorite. There's nothing special about this recipe and it consists of your regular tater tot casserole ingredients, ground beef, tater tots, cream of mushroom or chicken -mushroom soup and cheddar cheese.

Now I'm not going to claim that this recipe is better than your recipe, but I do add an ingredient that you won't find in in most tater tot casseroles. That ingredient is sour cream! I don't know why but I really think the sour cream makes all the difference and my family seem to like it. 

I also prefer to use the Ore Ida's Crispy Crowns because they're super crispy, but the store was out of them this week, so I just used regular store brand tater tots and it still turned out delicious. If you're looking for a quick weeknight easy meal than this is it. 


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Lydia C said... #

I love the idea. I'm going to have to try it out. I haven't had tater tots since high school!

Karilyn said... #

My children (seven of 'em) used to LOVE this!!!

Thank you for the reminder!

Oh, I've never used sour cream in my tater-tot casserole, I'm going to, what a brilliant addition! (I always add a tablespoon of sour cream to my banana nut bread, it's great to keep on hand)

Love your page, by the way, thank you for having such a fun page to stop by~

Dorothy said... #

Ah, a woman after my own heart...I would've lined up the tater tots too, instead of just dumping them on top! Neat and tidy, please :)

Lisa said... #

Love this! Never thought to do a casserole this way. Thanks!

Ange said... #

We make a very similiar casserole at our house but we add 2 cans of green beans and mix it in with the meat and cream of mushroom so everything is moist. Love the pictures of your casserole making process!

Jill said... #

Our easy recipe is "mock lasagna." Kind of like taco salad, but instead you cook mini lasagna noodles (or some other variety) and then put out all toppings so everyone can make their own how they like it. It's always fast and easy and never complaints 'cuz it is made to order. :)

MissEllie in MO said... #

I love Tater Tot casserole! Sometimes I stir in a can of mixed vegetables, and sometimes I use a can of cheddar cheese soup instead of the cream of mushroom. There are so many ways and they are ALL good!

Jody said... #

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog!I have printed out several of your recipes, as they all sound wonderful!

Tina Butler said... #

Karilyn the sour cream really makes it so great.

Dorothy I guess thats my ocd coming out LOL. Neat and tidy is the only way.

Nelson Family that is the great thing about this casserole you can veggies or anything else that you might want. It is very versatile.

Libby@CookingWithLibby said... #

I've heard of this before and I think I made it once but no one liked it over It wasn't like your recipe I may give it another shot. I know what you mean about certain brand name foods. My daughter won't eat chicken nuggets unless they are the "Tyson" brand. Anything else...forget My favorite quick casserole is one called Husband's Delight. I'm going to have to post that recipe on my blog one day. It's super easy and really, really delish! :)

Julie said... #

Oh how I wish my hubby liked casseroles better =(
this is something I KNOW I would love I love all those ingredient and together hmmmmm
I think i might just torture him anyway ;-)

Jennifer said... #

That is my favorite casserole in the world, next time I shall sour cream, great idea!

Love Lorri said... #

I saw your post and immediatly craved tatertot casserole! My whole family loves casseroles and we were having company so it seemed perfect!

It never occured to me to add sour cream!
OH MY! so yummy! It was printed and put into our family cookbook!

Thanks for great recipes!

mrsofficer said... #

I just found yourblog and loveit! Im dropping in from SITS but im totally adding you to my list to follow!Great recipes. Cooking is one of my passions

Melissa said... #

I've never had tater tot casserole - I'm going to make it this week! Quick question - do you thaw the tater tots or just put them in the casserole frozen? Thanks, can't wait to try it!!

karanmi said... #

Could not help but chuckle when I saw this post. I just fixed this last Thursday only for 425 people. I work as a cook for a local Senior Center and we cook for 240 homebound seniors plus another of the smaller Senior Centers in the county and serve aproximately 100 each day in our own center.

When I do this at home I also like to add a layer of green beans before adding the soup and sour cream mixture.

Tina Butler said... #

Melissa I just take the tater tots out of the freezer when I start browning the ground beef. So they are still a bit frozen I dont think it really makes to big of a difference.

Karen, that is so awesome that you work there. I am sure they all love everything you make. This is such a versatile casserole that you can most any veggies you want. Thanks for stopping by.

Brenda Wilkey said... #

This is an all time family favorite! I love my tator tots nice and crispy so while I am browning the meat I live to precook them. Have you tried Shepherd's pie? Similar idea with the meat, gravy and potatoes.

Shanna said... #

I just made this tater tot casserole tonight and it was a huge hit at our house! I've never made or had tater tot casserole, and I will be making this one again very soon. Even my picky five year old son ate it and asked for seconds! Thanks for the great recipe!

Tina Butler said... #

Shanna I am so glad you liked the casserole. Somtimes it is just the simplist meals that please everyone.

Stacey said... #

I make TT casserole also. Just a little bit different than yours. I put in a couple of bags of frozen veggies, a carrot, broccoli and water chestnut blend. I just zap those in the microwave until tender and then drain them and add them in with the ground beef and cream of mushroom mixture. Then I top that with Velveeta chunks and then put my TT on. Oh and mine are thrown on all haphazardly. LoL. I also like to use the onion tator tots. Although some kids might not like that addition. My child doesnt seem to mind. My husband and Mom love this dish and the guys at my husbands shop ask for it every year for their annual holiday meals. Crazy guys.

Anonymous said... #

I liked it and since we are eating less Hamburger these days I tried it with ground turkey and cream of broccoli soup and light sour cream ..turned out tasty!

Anonymous said... #

I've always used a different recipe for this casserole. We tried your version tonight with ground turkey and it was the best Tator Tot Casserole by far! I was able to freeze half of it to save for when my baby boy arrives, thanks for the recipe

Jeanne said... #

I made this last night. It was very easy and very good. My daughter loved it, I liked it, but my hubby wasn't too fond of the texture, which I anticipated. I am glad to find something my little picky eater likes though! Thanks!

Anonymous said... #

We recently returned from Seattle where my husband always orders this casserole from Zayda Buddy's. It's awesome. I did substitute ground turkey and it came out just fine. Thank you- I love your recipes. Kelly from Hawaii

Anonymous said... #

I guess disregard my previous question about thawing the tots. I just saw it answered in the comments. Thanks!


Anonymous said... #

I am trying this tonight, with some green beans and french's fried onions! (: cant wait to dig in!

StagerLinda said... #

This recipe sounds so yummy and easy. I'm sure the sour cream does make it more tasty. Can't wait to try it!

Amber said... #

Hey this was DELICIOUS! Thanks so much for the recipe, however, I thought the casserole needed more tots there was a TON of meat (I used 2 lbs) and not enough tots. Next time I'll use 1 lb, but I still think it needs more tots either way. How would you recommend placing the tots so they don't get soggy? Should I stand the tots "up" so I can fit more in or place them on top of eachother?

Tina Butler said... #

2 lbs of meat was probably too much. I go with 1 - 1 1/2. I'm pretty sure that is what the recipe called for 1 1/2. My tater tots don't get soggy when I cook the casserole. Maybe it is the brand you are using. The ore ida are the best to use.

Liz Losingit said... #

Our family recipe has green beans in it. I think that is the only difference. I LOVE tater tot casserole!! Haven't had it in forever!

Lacey said... #

Made this tonight and I must say, man that was AMAZING. The sour cream really did make it and bc of that, this is now my go-to recipe for tater tot casserole. I only used 1 pound of meat and a 20 oz bag of tater tots bc that's the biggest bag I had on hand. But it turned out great with lots of saucy goodness :P! My boyfriend says I now have to add this to my menu plan for every month lol. Thanks so much for the great recipe!

Unknown said... #

This was fabulous! I have had this dish before, but never with the sour cream. I think that is the tweak it needed! Love your blog!!! Just discovered it today, but I will be coming back! Thank you for a great recipe!!

JessHug said... #

I added a bag or so of frozen brocoli and it was perfect! Great recipe.

Karen said... #

I made this for dinner tonight, it is so simple and easy to make. My family isn't crazy about mushrooms so I used cream of chicken instead of cream of mushroom, and it was soooooo yummy!!!! Thank you for the recipe!!!!

Anonymous said... #

This was very good!!!! My kids loved it!!!!!!

Anonymous said... #

So yummy!!

Camille said... #

I make this frequently and I add Ro tell tomatoes to my casserole. We like to give our casserole some zip. If I have them, I will also add chopped green chilies. I will cook my tots in the oven until crispy and then mix everything together and place in the oven. Just thought I'd let you know how this Texas girl cooks this casserole. We love making this for dinner.

Anonymous said... #

Made this for the first time! I added a little something extra. On one side I added jalapenos! I like spicy food and it turned out great!!! This will be a go to in the future!

Midge said... #

I make this with a can of cream of onion soup along with the cream of mushroom or use a can of cream of mushroom roasted garlic soup. I also use the crispy crowns as my family doesn't care for the tater tots. I normally use sliced american cheese under the tater tots and will turn the broiler on to crisp up the tater tots about the last 5 minutes of the baking time. Love your blog and all the recipes!

Anonymous said... #

I have now used this recipe several times. My family loves it!

Anonymous said... #

I use sour cream too, and I also add in some French's cheddar french fried onions. Now my daughter has decided she's a vegetarian so I use corn instead of hamburger. Still tasted great - I was pleasantly surprised.

ABrand said... #

I just blogged your recipe! I tagged your page a few times. Thanks for sharing such wonderful meal options!

Rhonda M said... #

I have been making this for several years now after a trip to visit family in Mississippi and it was on the dinner table. Mine is very similar to yours, but I use cream of celery and cream of mushroom combined. I layer American cheese slices on top of the hamburger, then top with the tater tots. Once I was out of tater tots but had some frozen hash browns and my family liked that version also. This is very versatile ... any "cream of" soup would work. Love your blog!

Anonymous said... #

First of all, thank you for your amazing recipes. I am a spontaneous cooker, and never know what Ill make til its ready to start.. for the last three nights, I have used recipes from you, and they are all delicious and EASY! I love your pictures.. I just wanted to add that Preogresso has their new "Recipe Starters" sauces out.. and I used the Portabella Mushroom Sauce in this recipe, and OMG it was SO delish!

Anonymous said... #

I put frozen corn in the ground meat when I am browning it...mmm good!!

Anonymous said... #

Just now found your blog, and think I will be hanging around quite a lot! I was looking at a few recipes and came across this tator tot one, my son who ate dinner at a friends tonight saw me book marking this page and said that's what he just ate! Now thanks to you, I will be trying your version real soon. YUM!

Teri said... #

We have been making the same thing for years EXCEPT we use pork chops instead of Hamburger meat and we have always called it Pork Chop Potato Bake, exact same receipe just different meat, and is is awesome

Jane Kapitan said... #

Another winner! My husband loved this casserole as well as everything else I make from this site. So many great ideas. Hubby said don't lose this recipe, lol - Thanks

Anonymous said... #

This recipe sounds amazing! ! Definitely trying this tonight! ! :)

SugarPuddin36 said... #

Love the idea of adding sour cream! I put sour cream in everything including mac n cheese...However I do not like ground beef so I use ground chicken instead. Since chicken isn't as flavorful as beef I add bell peppers and onions instead.

Shannon Dunlop said... #

I love tater tot casserole! I use ground sausage instead of beef. And I use a 16 oz container of sour cream and 1 can of cream of garlic and mushroom soup. It's great warmed up the next day with a fried egg on top!

Anonymous said... #

Followed this recipe today but had to tweak one thing. My fiance' does not like cream of mushroom, so I tried it with cream of onion soup. The casserole was amazing and my first time at trying it with sour cream. Wonderful!

MaureenInMaine said... #

My daughter, age 22, is pregnant and craving something different daily. Today she wanted Tater tot Casserole. Found your recipe and gave it a go. Turned out well!(used cream of celery since she is not a fan of mushrooms) Thought maybe next time I might try using one of the Philadelphia cooking creams instead of the sour cream. Your recipes always rock and give me new inspirations on tired old standbys!

Unknown said... #

MaureenInMaine- I just made this recipe this week and added Whipped chive cream cheese! Yum!

Tina, thanks for the sour cream idea! Loaded baked potatoes are a favorite and this addition did the trick!

Unknown said... #

Was looking for something to make for dinner and came across this I am so making this for dinner tonight. Thank you for the recipe.

Unknown said... #

Thank you so much for the recipe. I am so making this tonight for dinner.

Anonymous said... #

I wanted to come back with our verdict...YUMMY! I posted on 9/27 and finally made it last week. I made one with sour cream and one without out for the few in our big family who don't care for it. Everyone liked it and said to make it again. Personally though I thought the one with sour cream was the best.

Unknown said... #

Fantastic recipe! The sour cream made the difference. My husband grew up with a different recipe and said that he wished that he would have had this one growing up. Good job!

Anonymous said... #

forgot the milk and really concerned about how it will turn out:/ ivmade this recipe alot and love it so fingers crossed

Anonymous said... #

I made this tonight for the first time, and it was a huge hit withy husband and my 'more than picky' toddler. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said... #

This was a staple when I was growing up in Mn I use golden mushroom soup also with sour cream. Yummy. It was a fab ar school. Also layer frozen mixed veggies with shredded chz.

Unknown said... #

Trying this with shredded bbq chicken tonight, we'll see how it goes!

Anonymous said... #

I use manwich sloppy joe sauce instead of soup

Anonymous said... #

This is one of my favorites. I make it once a month, and its always a huge hit! thanks for the recipe!

Zbiegien said... #

I just made this! Huge hit with the addition of aour cream! Best tater tot Hotdish we've ever had!

Anonymous said... #

I just made is so delish :)))

Julie said... #

When ever I see a tator tot caserole receipe, I think instantlay of the Duggars :)
thanks for the post, (I actually found it on Pintrest)
We are making it tonight, sub'ing cream of portabelo mushroom soup, and sweet potato tator tots. (why?, well that's what I have in my freezer and coupboard) ;)

Unknown said... #

Made this tonight and it has a frozen taste to it. Not sure what went wrong. :( help?

Darlene said... #

I am making this right now however my sister adds a layer of frozen mixed vegetables. She owns a restaurant and her customers asked for it for New Years Eve. Must be

Anonymous said... #

I usually use a can of whole kernal corn and a can of creamed corn. Never used sour cream. Will use it tonigbt. Cooking for my dad now. So I am looking to change things up.

Christian mamma of 2 said... #

ooh tater tot casserole is my oldest son's favorite.. i have never tried it with sour cream will have to the next time i make it.. otherwise i use just the same ingredients, the only thing i do different is i layer it.. i mix the soup and milk in with the hamburger after browned and drained.. then i layer beef mixture tots and cheese.. and end with extra cheese on the top.. yummo

Anonymous said... #

I add green beans and veg all to mine but otherwise the same... This mama loves this quick cheap and mainly healthy meal :-)

Anonymous said... #

I've made tator tot casserole before but never with sour cream great idea will definitely try out tonight...... thanks

Angie Z. said... #

I love this dish. We add green beans and half a packet of taco seasoning. Gives it an extra kick. Next time I'll try the sour cream too.

Anonymous said... #

My taste like that when I use store brand tater tots.

Anonymous said... #

I have been wanting to try this. Today is the day. My young nephew made tater tot casserole and brought it to Thanksgiving dinner. It was a hit! He deleted the ground beef and baked it with slices of bacon on top instead! Yummy!

Anonymous said... #

Sounds good but i don't have sour cream. I have milk, cream chedder cheese, hamburger, American slice cheese. Is this all okayy?

Tina Butler said... #

If you don't have sour cream I would just omit it in the recipe. It really gives the recipe a nice tang, so try it next time.

Anonymous said... #

I made two tonight.... One w cream of mushroom and one w cream of broccoli..... My kids liked them but loved the broccoli one better.... U should try it.....

Erin Civey said... #

This was so good! All 4 of my kiddos loved it :). We subbed ground turkey in place of hamburger and it was great! Love your site!!!!

Unknown said... #

This is the best! My family loves it! I also add green beans.

Unknown said... #

This is the best recipe I have ever made! It was so easy. Will defend make again and again.

Anonymous said... #

Put a thin layer of cheese between soup mix and tots, that will help a bunch

Anonymous said... #

Love this recipe. I was able to make it a little more healthy with fat free soup, plain Greek yogurt, low fat cheddar, and ground turkey. And it was still amazing. My husband just polished off 3 servings.

Whitney said... #

Just made this for dinner last night - loved your recipe!! It was so yummy! I don't know if I've ever had it with the sour cream before - delish! Thanks for sharing.

jeanette493 said... #

I have been making something similar for years. But, the recipe I have calls for a can of drained Veg All mixed in and no cheese. Ground beef, onion, Veg All, 1 can cream of mushroom, 1 can cream of celery, mix and top with mini tator tots. Good stuff! With or without the veggies!

Anonymous said... #

My mom made this growing up. And I make it for husband and kids now. The only difference I do is put everything together with the raw hamburger and cook it longer we also add french sliced green beans. My tots come out perfectly done, and my picky eaters love it. Thanks for the great dinner idea for tonight. <3 cary

Vanni007 said... #

This sounds great! I am in a serious rut with dinner ideas so this recipe came at a good time lol! However I have to make some modifications due to some dietary constraints in our family. I am going to use ground turkey, Greek yogurt & the Healthy Request version of the cream of mushroom soup. I am sure it will still be great. I'll come back and post the results! Thank you so much for the idea & I love your blog!
~Vanessa =-)

Anonymous said... #

Makeing it right now:)

Anonymous said... #

Looks good! Printed this out and plan on cooking it tonight with my little girl helping. Thanks!

Sarah TS Meier said... #

I found this recipe awhile ago and IT IS THE BEST! My whole family loves it (so much I have to double it so we can have the leftovers!).. I always add a can of french cut green beans to it so then you have your veggies right in it! Also, I am a Tastefully Simple consultant so I always add the onion onion, garlic garlic, and season salt to the meat while it is cooking. Delish! Thanks so much!! You are awesome!!

Anonymous said... #

OMG!!! I hate to waste food and had about half a container of sour cream. Used some last night in a wash (milk/sour cream) for chicken tenders so this recipe helpd me use the sour cream and it was also delish and satisfying... GREAT RECIPE!!!

Unknown said... #

Took dinner tonite to a family from church.Dad is in hospital.Two young boys at home. I wanted to find something kid friendly that I could also feed my hubby. This was great!! I make my own yogurt so I used plain yogurt instead of sour cream. This one is a keeper! Thanks,I'll look for more good ideas here!!

Colleen said... #

I made this today with cheddar cheese soup because it's all I had, and it was very good! Great recipe will try it next time with the cream of mushroom as it was a little too much cheese for me, but loved the combination of flavors. I think green beans would be good in it too. I have had it this way before.

Anonymous said... #

I love this hot dish! I add an envelope of Lipton Onion Soup mix to the burger and corn to the hot dish. The family loves it!

Unknown said... #

I always put tots on the bottom bake about 10-15 min while I brown meat mix in soup seasoning and salsa then layer onto tots and add tots and cheese Yummy! It is always a hit.

Kerrie McLoughlin said... #

I love this dish so much I wrote an ebook about it with tons of recipes! You'd be surprised what you can do with this dish!

Book Crook Liza said... #

I came across this recipe today when this dish from my childhood popped into my head - made it tonight! It was lovely! Thank you for helping me re-achieve that memory! It tasted just the same!

herbs@herbsandoilsremedies said... #

We love tatertot casserole! It’s such a quick fix,,great recipe!!Thanks!! Herbs&oilsremedies

Unknown said... #

Sounds delish! Are the tater tots frozen or do they need to be thawed?

Tim said... #

Hi, I really enjoy tator tot casseroles, I make one with ground beef,chili con carne, cheese, cream of mushroom soup, onion,garlic very good I love it and as a single man its as easy to make as anything but I have a friend who cant eat dairy and I was wondering if any one has a dairy free recipe that I can make for my friend and I am sure she would thank you for it because I am always bragging how good tator tot casseroles are. Thank you in advance.

Unknown said... #

I was looking for a Tator Tot casserole dish recipe to make tonight, yours sounds FANTASTIC! I will be making this one :)

Unknown said... #

I made this last night and my family loved it (me, hubby, mom, dad, and the 1.5 year old)! My son seriously ate every bite on his plate and that never happens! This will definitely be a new go to in our rotation to make sure my kiddo eats up! I threw some corn in there last night :-)

Unknown said... #

I put mine in frozen and they came out perfect :)

Terri said... #

I make mine with sour cream also but mix all ingredients together and put in the baking dish and also line my tater tots in a row but at the end of the cooking time I turn on the broiler and crisp the tots, nothing better then crispy tots(cheese is on the inside so just tots)all in all YUM

Anonymous said... #

An earlier post about using sausage and then using it the next day for breakfast with eggs on top gave me an idea. I bought a lot of ham when they had shank hams at an incredible price. I'm going to try ham or maybe ham and sausage. The next morning I can top it with eggs. I have made this with diced chicken before for a healthier version.

Unknown said... #

I like this recipe! Tater tots are on the list of things I'm not allowed to use in cooking because everyone wants to eat them separately in ketchup. So I thought I'd try a variation: layer of peeled sliced raw potatoes in the bottom, raw ground beef on that, soup mix on that, shredded raw potatoes on that, add the cheese in during the last 30 min. of baking so it doesn't burn, and cook for an hour or till the thermometer comes out 160. I've not found anyone who has posted a recipe for this, so it's in the nature of an experiment.

Unknown said... #

Jill, what toppings are included in the mock lasagna?

Anonymous said... #

Just made this and it was the bomb dignity! Super easy for a new cook and I added carrots corn and peas :)

Unknown said... #

I have made this many times. I have never used sour cream­čĹŹOne is in the oven now, was having a cheesy tater tot attack! Thanks for sharing­čŹ┤

Unknown said... #

I add green beans, peas, mushrooms, & frozen corn, also I have a child lactose intolerant so substitute cream of mushrooms for cream style corn , taste almost the same .

dougirl said... #

I made this for our supper tonight. I used cream of chicken soup, added a layer of green beans over the hamburger and used finally shredded cheddar jack cheese over the soup.topped with the reg tator tots. It was delicious! Will definitely make again! :)

Unknown said... #

Can you do this in a glass bread pan. There is only 2 of us. Don't need to use 9 x 13.

Anonymous said... #

Thank you so much for the recipe! A family member made it with cream of mushroom too and it's so hard to find a good recipe with that!!! :) Thank you!

Racheal said... #

We had this tonight and the addition of the sour cream was great! My family of picky eaters all loved it.

Unknown said... #

I am trying this recipe tonight for my husband and I with a couple adjustments. I am using shredded cheddar from the store (we've tried grating our own but our cheese blocks never last long enough and always go bad before we can use them!) and instead of season salt I did a dash of regular salt and garlic powder instead of garlic salt as it seemed like it would be too salty. I love the ease with how this recipe came together though and I'm DEFINITELY bookmarking this page for future use and you can expect to see me from time to time on this blog from now on.

Great find!!! Can't wait to see what else you've come up with and what you have in store for the future!

tgfleet said... #

I add a little soy sauce to my mushroom soup, milk, and sour cream.

Anonymous said... #

HI, I am planning freeze ahead meals before the baby gets here. At what point do you recommend freezing? Do you assemble, cook, and then freeze all together? What are the reheat instructions? Thanks!!

Tina Butler said... #

I would assemble the casserole and then freeze it. I think it would be better that way. I usually don't freeze cooked casseroles. I like to bake them the day I eat them.

Lisa B. said... #

I add soy sauce too, and some chopped water chestnuts for extra crunch. Delish.
I don't even brown the ground beef first. Just let it bake at the bottom of the dish like a meatloaf with the tots on top. Been making it since my college days.

Anonymous said... #

Hi Tina,
I didn't read through all of the comments so I apologize if this is a duplicate. How many people would you say this casserole feeds?

deedle said... #

Do you thaw the tots first?

Anonymous said... #

Son and grandson love addition of sour cream. While putting this together I put the tater tots in to cook on a cookie sheet...we like them crunchy then add neatly placed on top before putting it all in oven again. I don't use cheese.

Anonymous said... #

We add green beans too!

ladyhawk3949 said... #

I love this & so does my grandkids!! It is always my go to for church functions as well as family get together & sadly for after funeral get togethers

Lyds85 said... #

This is a huge hit at my house. Our family is alwayd asking me to make this. Even my brother who is the pickiest guy i know. I have made this recipe about once a month for the past few years because i get asked so much LOL
Definatly a crowd pleaser!
I usually have to make 2 so everyone can enjoy leftovers.

Unknown said... #

This sounds really good!

Unknown said... #

Love this! I've never made it until a few weeks ago and my family loves it! Which is saying a lot because my 8 and 6 yr olds don't like much of anything but they will eat this!

misscathy said... #

I have a very large cast iron skillet...I browned the beef and assembled the sauce adding French onion soup mix and 2 c mixed veggies...cream of chicken soup...put sharp cheddar shredded cheese then tater tots...put whole skillet in oven...cook 30 min...then cover with more shredded sharp cheddar cheese and cook another 10 min or till all melted down...worked for my crowd!!

Shalindria said... #

No, you don’t thaw the tots

Anonymous said... #

Thank you so much for this recipe. I've been making this casserole for years now and absolutely love it. I add a can of corn to the meat mixture. Other than that, I do everything the same. It's a tasty and cost effective meal.