Texas Pecan Pralines

A decadent southern candy loaded with crunchy pecans, butter, and delicious brown sugar flavor.
If you're from Texas then you know what a Pecan Praline is. If not you really need to make this recipe and find out what they're all about.   My favorite treat when we go to a Mexican restaurant is the basket of pecan pralines sitting on the counter by the cash register.

I can never resist grabbing one or two on my way out the door. Every time I pick one up I say to myself, I gotta find out how to make these things.
They're so addicting I usually have one polished off before we make it back to the house. This Praline recipe is for a firm crisp pecan pralines, not the chewy creamy ones.
Don't get me wrong those are great too, but I love the firm pralines best. Pecans, Pecans oh how I love them!! Pecans are as much a part of Texas as cows, cotton and oil. After all it's the Texas State Tree. Texas Pecans are a special part of Fall and Winter.
I use them to make so many breads and candy throughout the holidays. I usually buy a bunch from a local farmers market or you can bet someone in the family knows someone that has fresh pecans for sale.

If you're lucky you can find a Pecan Tree in a lonely field just waiting for someone to come pick some off the ground. I never have to worry about trying to find a couple pounds of little gems. I usually have plenty bags of pecans, so I never have to worry about having them go to waste. 
Shelled Pecans can be frozen and stored for two years before they go bad, but mine never last that long.  I was a little nervous about making this recipe, sometimes me and candy making don't mix. I usually have the problem of my candy not setting up correctly and just ending up to be a runny mess.
The directions on this recipe were precise and to the point. I didn't have any problems. My husband made the pieces a bit bigger than I would of liked.  My Pecan Pralines looked more like cow patties, but that's OK they were wonderful and we only have couple pieces left.

I got this recipe from Peanut Butter & Julie, 
 I have been on a hunt for a true pecan praline recipe so I'm happy I stumbled upon this recipe.  Julie has a wonderful blog that I always enjoy reading you definitely need to check it out. She has a great recipe for Yeasty Texas Sized Dinner Rolls at her site that I am dying to try.

Pecan Pralines are perfect for gift giving. Add them to clear treat bags and tie a pretty ribbon around to close. Add to a basket with other items and I know they will love it. I always give Fall & Christmas Baked Items in basket for family members they contain lots of different breads, cookies, bars and candy. 
This will definitely be on my list this year to give. Like I said earlier I didn't think i could pull this recipe off but they turned out perfect. I even had the help of my husband this time. He loves to make candy.


Debbie said…
oh my word....they look good. They just might become my Holiday "Hostess Gift" for when I'm invited to parties and such.
Stephanie said…
Those look great! I really wish that we had such easy and inexpensive access to pecans here, but where I'm at they're some of the more expensive nuts and we don't get them very often. Sigh.
VG said…
They look yum Tina. Next time I am on holidays, I have to make this one of my cooking projects!

PS: Tks for leaving comments on my blog.
Nonnas News said…
I do the same thing when I go to eat mexican food-gotta have a praline for dessert! Your recipe looks yummy!
Kim Heinecke said…
Well, you don't have to be from Texas to know poetry on a plate when you see it!! Those look delicious...

Thanks for stopping by Deliberate HOpe! We camped at Turner Falls in Davis, OK. It's about 100 miles south of OKC so if you're in north Texas it would be good. It's a beautiful place to camp! A gorgeous waterfall and pretty streams.
MamaFaMi said…
Hello there. I was blog-hopping when I came across your site. Those Pralines do look yummy though I am not a sweet tooth. I bet, if it's served during kids' birthday parties, the pralines will be gone in a second huh!

Noor said…
Oh my goodness those sure look good. So how did they turn out? Were they better the ones you buy? I bet they were!
Delicious! I love pralines. I made some once with chocolate, but I will need to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing.
VG said…
Hi again Tina

There's an award 4 U at my blog...check it out.

:) VG
Anonymous said…
thanks so much for sharing... Being from Texas and understanding that there are two different kinds of pecan pralines, would you(or anyone reading) be so kind to e-mail me the recipe for the softer version if you happen to come across it? e-mail: onefaith@gmail.com

Thank you so much...
Dyanna said…
Hi Tina! I'm from Texas(Mansfield), currently living in KY and I miss Pecan Pralines sooo much. My husband and I were actually at a mexican restaurant this past weekend and as we were leaving I said to him "Man I wish they had pralines" and he said "HUH?" so I had to explain to him what I was talking about.

Now I can make my own.....which may not be the wisest thing as I'm sure I'll eat them all as well.

Love your blog!
Linda said…
How come there is not a printable recipe posted? I hate to write down recipes, I always miss something. Linda
Kristin said…
I just made these and they are wonderful! Thanks for sharing this great recipe!
Anonymous said…
Tina Butler said…
I just added a printable version for the pecan pralines. When I first started my site I did not have the print feature. This was a recipe from my second month of blogging. Wow how time fly's.
R. Eric Sawyer said…
OK. I have Had no experience with candy. I am a middle aged man who thinks he knows his way around a kitchen, Meat, Sauces, Veggies, etc (you know the type) Well, I am know on my own, and I thought I would broaden a bit this Christmas.

My first attempt refused to set, which is worse than a failure! It was delicious, but in no shape to give away. That much sugar in the house is NOT a good thing!

I decided to try again. I felt like I had followed all the instructions well, but as I asked around the internet, humidity seemed a common foe. We have been “dry” in Houston, but dry here could be very humid in say, Phoenix!. So a turned on the AC, in my apartment, as cool as I could stand it, shut all the windows, and made sure I did not scrimp on ½ of one degree on the temperature.

Perfection! These are wonderful, and exactly what I remember. Christmas is saved, scrooge is redeemed, and all is right with the world!

If you have trouble, keep at it, maybe your problems are the same as mine , or something different. But they can be overcome! and THESE ARE WORTH IT!

Thank you!

R. Eric Sawyer
Anonymous said…
Are these the soft chewie type likee lammies?
Tina Butler said…
These are more of a firm praline. I haven't tried making the chewy ones.
Sue Dickinson said…
I made Chewy Pralines for the first time last night! They turned out awesome! I've made this firmer type before but it's been awhile.....may have to make them, again!
mnleona said…
I was looking for one that sounds like my mother made. Thanks.