Pizza Roll or Pizza Subs

A new twist on Pizza, Homemade Pizza Rolls . These are really simple to make and taste so good. I stuffed mine with pepperoni, black olives, green pepper, onions and cheese. The original recipe just says just to stuff them with meat and cheese. The kids seem to like that best so I add the other toppings on the side for the adults. 

I got this recipe from one of my favorite foodie friends, Christy over at a Southern Plate. You have to check out her blog she has the best Southern Food around. These Pizza Rolls are just to die for . They're very easy to prepare as well as easy on your pocketbook. These pizza rolls are guaranteed to please any big guys appetite. 

I love how Christy prepares extras and stores these in the refrigerator to keep on hand for a quick lunch or snack. I can say one thing they don't last very long at all so I recommend making the full recipe. I made a half of a recipe yielding 6 rolls and they were gone in a flash, next time I'm making more.

These are the ingredients you will need. Sub buns or Hoagie rolls (un split) , ground beef, pizza sauce and Mozzarella cheese. Pizza toppings of your choice.

Place ground beef in a skillet and stir in Pizza sauce. Stir well and cook on medium until bubbly.

Slice each of your rolls as you would a hot dog bun, careful not to go all the way through. The rolls I purchased were already semi cut so i was lucky on that one. Fill with beef mixture and any other pizza topping you like.

My husband loves pepperoni and black olives so i added that on a few of the subs and then topped with cheese. At this point you can serve the pizza rolls or follow the directions below to store the rolls in you refrigerator.

Wrap in Saran Wrap. Tuck the ends onto the side and you've got a pizza roll! Start over with a new roll and stuff until you have used all your rolls Ta DA your done!!!

Now once you have them all done and wrapped up, put them back in the bags and close the bag. Pop these in the fridge and whenever you want one, just get it out and microwave for one minute! 

When they come out of the microwave they are really hot to handle so be careful not to burn yourself. My son found it hard to get the plastic wrap off his after warming so I recommended for him to remove the plastic wrap first and place on a plate for reheating.

Pizza Rolls Recipe

2 - pounds ground beef, browned and drained
2 - cups mozzarella cheese
1 - dozen sub rolls (un cut)
2 - 15 oz jars of pizza sauce
pizza toppings of your choice (optional)
pepperoni, green pepper, mushrooms, black olives, etc.

Brown the ground beef and drain off any grease. Saute onions, peppers and mushrooms and then set aside for stuffing

Add one and a half jars of pizza sauce to the ground beef. Stir and cook on medium until bubbly. 

Slice each bun almost through and spoon beef mixture into the bun. Add cheese and whatever topping you like and serve. If you would like to store these for a later time wrap in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator.

To reheat place one pizza sub in the microwave for one minute. I recommend removing the pizza sub from plastic before reheating.  
Recipe Adapted from: Southern Plate


Hey Tina, this is the kind of recipe my husband and daughter love. Quick and easy and you don't have to wait for mom to come make it you. Thanks neighbor. Hope all is well. I look at your site everyday. You've got some great ideas. Talk to you again soon.
Tina said…
My Dayhome kids will love these...just one question the Brand name of your rolls..."Bimbo"??? LOL Too funny!
shweetpotato said…
such a great idea to freeze them, wondering if you could use potato rolls or something smaller to make pizza bites to freeze?? SO tasty :D
Anonymous said…
My mom always made something like this. But, she wrapped them in foil and popped them in the oven. The bread gets a little crispy and is so yummy.