Sunday, June 1, 2008



Eva's Cakes said... #

Does anyone have a good "hush puppy' recipe?

Anonymous said... #

Just mix cornmeal, buttermilk, 1 egg and a bit of sugar, (if you like).

Scoop with a med cookie scoop and deep fry in hot oil for just a bit. Lay on a cookie rack so grease can drip off.

This is just a good basic recipe. We have added grated onion or a can of niblet corn to it.

Just good Southern Hush Puppies!!

seajane said... #

I always add a little grated Vidalia or sweet onion to my hush puppies.

pattiw said... #

Just discovered your site yesterday and I am planning on using your Baked Mac & Cheese for Easter. Can't wait to try out so many of your recipes. I'm looking for a stuffed mushroom recipe. Is there one on your site or does anyone have a simple one???

Scarlett said... #

Hush puppies are lighter with 1/2 cornmeal & 1/2 flour, rather than just cornmeal.