July Menu Plan

Hi Everyone! Sorry this month's menu is a couple of days late, but I am still trying to get back into the swing of things after an unexpected gallbladder surgery. I was also unable to post a June Menu because something was wrong with blogger and I couldn't link anything. All is well now, so I am back to posting my monthly menu again. 

If you're new here each month, I share a Monthly Menu Plan that is filled with easy - everyday dinner meals, sides and delicious desserts. If you're in a dinner rut or need a few new meals to add to your dinner rotation, I think my July Menu has you covered. I have included approx. 26 meal ideas, leaving the remainder open for eating out, last-minute meals or for leftovers. 

Any recipes noted in (NEW) are recipes I plan to make and will post in the near future. Hopefully you'll find something you like. A new menu plan comes out every month, so make sure to Pin it or save it. 

Dinner Meals 


Blackberry Dumplings (NEW)
Picnic Banana Pudding

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