Cranberry Crumble Cake & A CMA Awards Recap

This Cranberry Crumble Cake is easy to prepare with a little help of muffin mix. The cranberry-orange flavor really come through in each bite. #marthawhitecountry #spon
Today I want to share a festive Cranberry Crumble Cake with y'all. This cake easily comes together in no time with Martha White's Cranberry Orange Muffin Mix, and a few pantry staples. After one bite you won't believe this yummy cake with it's buttery topping started with a few muffin mix packets. 

Last month my sweet friends from Martha White invited The Country Cook and I to attend the 49th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville, TN. All I can say is that it was a trip of a lifetime and something I will always remember. Seeing the CMA Awards on TV and attending them in person are two completely different experiences. All those amazing stars and talent gathered up in one room is overwhelming for sure.

Nashville is one of my favorite places, the people, the scenery, the music, and all the food!!! I was so excited to be back and enjoying my time with my Martha White Family. I call them family because their hospitality makes you feel so special and welcomed which really makes it hard to miss hme.

My first morning started off pretty early in Nashville around 6 am to be exact. I really couldn't sleep anyways with all the excitement going on outside my hotel window. The photo below is the view from my room, and I was up bright and early after hearing the crowd cheering below. There were so many people lined up and gathered on the plaza at the Bridgestone Arena. 

People started lining up well before sunrise, because Good Morning America was broadcasting live from the plaza, so you could definitely hear and feel all the excitement. It's one thing to be awakened by a screaming crowd, but it's a whole different feeling waking up to everyone screaming, because Tim McGraw is doing his sound check before he performs. What a treat to enjoy my coffee, look out my window all while listening to Tim McGraw.

Attending the CMA Awards is definitely the highlight of my trip, but I have to say visiting the Historic RCA Studio B was equally as exciting. Historic Studio-B was built in 1957 which was once the recording home of Elvis Presley, Waylon Jennings, Dottie West, Charlie Pride, Chet Atkins, the Everly Brothers and more. 

Dozens of country and pop stars made recordings at Studio B primarily from 1957-1977 when the studio was operated by RCA Records. Over 200 songs alone by Elvis were brought to life and recorded in the famous Studio B. Just walking into the studio is crazy exciting. All the photos, memorabilia, and the music playing really gets you going. 

I loved our tour guide, and all the stories he told us about Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton. Just standing in the same room and having the chance to sit around the same piano that Elvis played on was a treat in itself. Studio B still has all the original recording equipment on display for everyone to see. Just walking into the recording studio is like being taken back into time.  

During our Studio B tour even our little Martha White group got a chance to actually record a tune. All I can say about that is "that song will never see the light of day" LOL. We only sounded as good as we did because of the beautiful and talented Rhonda Vincent helping us along. 

If you know Bluegrass then you probably already know who Rhonda Vincent is. Rhonda & her band the Rage travel around the country on the Martha White Express, and she's the sweetest person there is. I enjoyed having dinner with her on our first night as well as spending all day Friday with her.   

After Studio B we had the chance to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame. So many entertainers and so much history all in one room. Did you know that Martha White has been supporting country music and bluegrass musicians for a very long time.

Check out the packaging memorialized on the wall at the Country Music Hall of Fame. I love the vintage packaging on all the Martha White products. 
I also had a chance to see Elvis's famous Gold Cadillac, which was the ultimate luxury car for his time. The car's hubcaps, grille, and headlights were all plated in 24 - karat gold.

It really was something special to see it up close and in person. While I was there I ran into my man Luke Bryan, so I had to show him a little love!!!!! Thank you Brandie for taking the photo. Yep he's Mr. 2015 Entertainer of the Year and well deserved!!! 

Friday Night was the CMA Awards and walking out of the hotel and across the street was a treat in itself. As soon as we came out of the hotel doors this was our view in the photo above. Crazy exciting is all I can say. 

We could see the whole arena from our seats!!!! All the lights and the energy in the room was such a surreal experience. Seeing it all live is something different and so exciting. I kept imagining all the CMA Awards before this one when I watched them at home. Now I know all the fun and craziness that goes on in between commercial breaks. 

There were so many talented entertainers all in one room. It was so cool seeing the winners make their way from there seats to the stage. This is definitely a night I will never forget. I would like to give a special shout out and thank you to Martha White for making this trip of a lifetime possible and memorable. I had so much fun spending time in Nashville with the whole Martha White Family. 

As a big thank you I want to share a recipe using one of Martha Whites muffin mixes. What better way to celebrate than with cake!!!!! I thought a Christmas Cranberry Crumble Cake would be fitting for the upcoming holiday, so I hope y'all enjoy the recipe.  

Christmas Cranberry Crumble Cake 

2 - eggs
1/2 - cup sour cream
1/ 2 - cup milk
1 - teaspoon vanilla extract
2 - (7 oz) packages Martha White Cranberry Orange Muffin Mix
1 - cup whole fresh cranberries 
1 - tablespoon sugar
1 - tablespoon all purpose flour

Crumble Topping:
3/4 - cup all purpose flour

6 - tablespoons butter, softened
6 - tablespoons sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray and 8 - 9 inch spring form pan with baking spray and dust with flour; set aside. 

In a large bowl (using an electric mixer) or using a kitchen aid mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, add the eggs, sour cream, milk and vanilla; beat until combined. Add the two packets of muffin mix together until well blended. 

In a small bowl add the fresh cranberries, one tablespoon each of sugar and flour; toss the cranberries until well coated. Using a rubber spatula add the cranberries, and lightly fold into the batter. 

Add the cake batter to prepared pan and spread evenly to the edge of the pan and smooth the top; set aside. 

In a small bowl add 3/4 cup flour, butter, and sugar to make the crumble topping. Using a pastry blender or a fork cut the butter into the flour sugar mixture until it resembles a coarse meal. 

Sprinkle the crumble mixture evenly over the cake batter. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 35 - 40 minutes or until golden brown on top, and a toothpick inserted comes out clean. 

Remove cake from oven and run a small off set spatula around the edges of the cake to keep the sides of the cake from sticking. Cool cake completely on a baking rack and then remove the cake ring. Cut cake into wedges and serve.

Servings: 6-8

If you're looking for more recipes using Martha White & White Lily products stop by Linda Carmen's - Southern Pantry Blog. Linda has been the Martha White Test Kitchen Director for over 20 years and she's simply brilliant!!!!! I've also included a few links for more recipes using Martha White mixes. I hope you'll check them out.


That recipe looks AMAZING!!! Miss you already!
Tina Butler said…
Thanks Brandie. I miss you too!!! This cake is such a treat.
Angela Griggs said…
Looks delicious but I prefer to try it before offering to my friends so I am going to try.