Sunday, August 1, 2010

Honey Soy Grilled Chicken Thighs ~ Potluck Sunday

With the weather being as hot as it is, I have been trying to take advantage of grilling outside as much as possible. Yesterday was a whopping 104 degrees and the rest of the week doesn't look much better. If you like hot, humid sticky weather then Texas is your place.

Me, I have lived her for 21 years and I still can't get used to summers in Texas. One of my favorite meats to grill is chicken. You can marinate it in so many different flavors and it always turns out perfect. My two favorite grilled chicken recipes are Honey & Lime Chicken and Honey Soy Grilled Chicken.

The flavors of honey, soy sauce, brown sugar and ginger are the perfect combination. The first time I tasted honey soy chicken was when I lived in Hawaii. That was the sauce mom always used when she wanted to grill chicken. Another favorite of ours was Bulgogi , which I still need to share with y'all and I will the next time I make it. 

 While living in Hawaii I was exposed to many different cuisines, Hawaiian, Korean, Japanese and Filipino. It was no surprise that my mother learned to cook quite a few of the local dishes while we lived there. I really do miss all the flavors of Hawaii, but it's nice to be able to make them myself every once in awhile. I hope you enjoy today's potluck recipe.

Marinate the chicken in a shallow baking dish or a gallon size zip lock bag.

I especially loved chicken grilled because it gets nice and charred on the outside, but juicy and tender on the inside. Enjoy!!


Rebekah said... #

These look so good!

Rachelle S said... #

Mmm, that chicken looks good, all nice and charred from the grill!

I shared my handmade recipe for mint ice cream. No maker needed!

Tina Butler said... #

Oh yummy my favorits is mint chocolate chip. That's what I get when we make a visit to Braums.

Mom24 said... #

That looks amazing! Thanks for the recipe.

NancyC said... #

The Honey Soy chicken looks and sounds so good!

Anonymous said... #

Tina, your chicken looks so good. You can tell the skin is nice and crispy just from the picture. Just the way I like it!

the country cook said... #

those look fabulous! I look forward to owning a grill someday.

kitchen flavours said... #

The chicken looks yummy. I absolutely love your blog. I'm your new follower and have submitted to Potluck Sunday, which I think is a fantastic idea. However, I did not do it right, linking to homepage and not directly to the posting as requested, I'm so sorry and will try to do it right the next time! Look forward to your next post. Have a nice day!

Julie said... #

Sounds just scrumptious! I'm sure we'd love these. Think I'll poke around in my archives and see what I can bring along too :)

Tina Butler said... #

Kitchen Flavours that is ok. That will just give us all a opportunity to poke around your site. Thanks for linking up.

Chef Dennis Littley said... #

that chicken looks amazing!! you can cook for me anytime!!

Anonymous said... #

The best chicken ever. The whole family loved it. We cook on the grill every weekend and sometimes during the week. I am always looking for different ways to cook chicken and this is wonderful. My chicken is marinating as i type. This will be the second time using this marinade. Thank you for your recipes.

Unknown said... #

Wanted to thank you. I used this recipe for a Sunday school social at my home. Everyone loved the chicken, and several asked for the recipe. Coming back to print more copies for them.

Anonymous said... #

These were phenomenal!! My husband doesn't like the dark meat on chicken, so I made both the thighs and boneless/skinless breasts. Personally, I thought the thighs were WAY more tasty and juicy than the breasts. Will definitely make these again!

THE IslandGirl and Makijo said... #

Just put this one boneless chicken for the grill tonight! Can't wait to try it.