Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I know it just recently snowed here in Texas, but I am so in the smoothie mood. Maybe it is the site of all the ripened fruit that needs to be used up.

What better way to use all that fruit then to make smoothies. I am not sure in your house but in mine bananas and strawberries ripen faster than we can munch them down.

Next time your fruit looks like its on it's last leg just toss them in a freezer bag and freeze them. That way you will have them on hand whenever you are in the smoothie mood.

If you are not sure how to freeze bananas just click on the link for step by step directions on how to freeze bananas. Strawberries can be frozen in the same manner, just remove the stems first.

 I like to flash freezer bananas & strawberries first before adding them to a freezer bag. That way they don't stick together and they are already in pieces to toss in the blender for a quick smoothie.

I love using frozen fruit to make smoothies, they come out so much more thicker and creamier. Keep in mind If using frozen fruit you will need to scale back on the amount of ice in the recipe or it will be way to thick.

Also if you don't like almond milk or you are allergic to nuts then you can substitute with regular milk or vanilla soy milk.

The almond milk is so good though so I recommend trying it first. I use honey to sweeten this smoothie so there is no extra sugar added just the amount in the the yogurt. 

If you want an easy and tasty Strawberry Banana Smoothie then this is it. To make it even more healthy you can add some ground flax seed to the mix.

This is Gracie aka my smoothie buddy. We love to have smoothies in the morning together. There isn't a smoothie that I have made that Gracie has turned down ♥.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

1 - cup vanilla almond milk
1 1/2 - cups ice
2 - ripe bananas fresh or frozen
1/2 - 1 - cup whole strawberries fresh or frozen
1 - cup strawberry or vanilla yogurt
1 - 2 tablespoon honey

Blend everything in the blender on ice breaker then smoothie setting and serve. If you smoothie is to thick add a bit more milk. If its to thin add more ice.

Recipe Yields 2-3 servings.


What beautiful pictures Tina!
Looks like a taste of summer.
Siggy said…
We are smoothie making fools here! Trader Joes has a bagged frozen fruit that is a combo of mango, blueberry, and rasberry called Mangolicious that is my new favorite...mmmmmm! I bought some almond milk to use in my smoothies, but just haven't made the leap yet, lol!
Kylee said…
I have also been craving smoothies like no body's business!!

Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

I love love love your blog Tina, you are fabulous. From one Texan to another!
Amy said…
I love smoothies, and this one looks delicious! I have been following your blog for a while, but I don't comment very often. However, I've nominated you for a blog award, I hope you'll come by and accept it!
Leslie said…
I heard someone else talking about almond milk the other day! I am going to have to give it a try. And we are a smoothie house! love em!
DailyChef said…
Perfect for the springtime! Will definitely try this since I looove smoothies.
Kathleen said…
This looks delicious. I love your photos!!!
Anonymous said…
My daughter loves smoothies for breakfast. I will have to try this with almond milk. I adore your blog. Wonderful recipes!!!!!
Just discovered your blog and I am always checking you out!
My 14 yr old son is a smoothie connoisseur.

He's had them from just about everywhere around here that sells them.

I'll have to try these out on him.

Your photos made me smile though because I took a lot of strawberry beverage drink photos today too (frozen strawberry lemonade).

Thanks for the post. I missed Potluck Sunday this week!

Julie Bolton said…
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