March Menu ~ Menu Plan Monthly

I am finally getting back into the swing of things. I apologize that my March Menu is a couple days late. I had planned on getting it together before I went out of town, but things sometimes don't workout how we plan. February is a blur and March is already underway!!! I cant help but to think about Spring being right around the corner. With spring comes our yearly vegetable garden. We really need to get started on it or at least get the ground prepared and ready to plant.

We are a bit late this year due to all of our cold weather plus the freak snowfall we received. You know Texas you never know what your gonna get year to year. I think we will hold off a couple more weeks. Until then we will start preparing the ground and thinking of what we want to plant. Isn't that the most exciting part, well besides it all growing in. I am thinking of planting green beans, zucchini, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos, lettuce, green bell peppers and maybe some tomatillos. I'm sure I am missing something but that is all that comes to mind. What are your plans for your garden? I have also included McKLinky at the end of this post. If you are a bi weekly or monthly menu planner, then I would love for you to link up your menu.

March Dinner Menu

Pioneer Woman's Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes & Veggie
Beef & Bean Burritos
Lasagna Soup & Crusty French Bread Rolls
Sub Sandwich Night
Spaghetti a la Philly, Salad & Rolls
Perfect Pancakes, Bacon & Eggs
Pork Lo Mien & Baked Crab Ra goons
Fettuccine Alfredo W/Grilled Chicken, Buttered Gr.Beans
Taco Salad
Bushs White Bean Chicken Chili & Flour Tortillas
Ground Beef Stroganoff, Rice & Broccoli
Easy Chicken Gumbo (Southern Living, Artisan Bread
Baked Pork Chops & Rice
Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Corn
Taco's & Cheese Quesidillas
White Castle Sliders & Fries & Fruit Salad
French Toast, Eggs, Bacon & Hash browns
* Crock Pot Beans & Smoked Sausage & Cornbread
* Beer in the Rear Chicken, Baked Pot. & Grilled Vegt. Packets
Corny Dogs & Fries
Meat Loaf, Rice & Carrots
Pizza Night (Make Our Own)
Roast Beef w/ Gravy, Potatoes & Carrots (new recipe)
Date Night (My Birthday)
* Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti, Green Beans & Duggar Rolls

Monthly Desserts & Goodies

Fruity Strawberry Cupcakes
Frosted Peanut Butter Cake
Sour Cream Pound Cake Cupcakes (Southern Living)
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Dessert
Easy Coconut Cream Cake
Chocolate Zucchini Bread
Green Dogs (Smoothie)
Black Bean Brownies

Linked Recipes are recipes that are already listed on my site or listed somewhere else. Recipes that are not linked will be shared as I make them. * Represents a meal carried over from last months menu that did not get prepared. No problem, I already have all the main ingredients to make that meal which is always a plus.

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Tina, The Mom in Mommy's Kitchen


Michele said…
Glad your back and doing well. Don't ya hate when the week gets a head of you before you're ready!!! It makes me crazy sometimes. Your menu looks yummy, lots of comfort food, and especially the peanut butter goodies.
Tina Butler said…
I am a peanut butter nut!!! I cant wait to make all of them and share the photos.
Aggie said…
Wow, I'm so impressed. I really wish I could plan out like this. I started doing weekly plans earlier this year and it worked really well for me. I kinda lost track right before our trip. I hate not knowing what we are having for dinner.

I'm a peanut butter nut too!
Tina Butler said…
Aggie I hate not knowing what to fix for dinner. A monthly menu works out best for us. Did you see the Green Dogs on the list?
Tricia said…
I'll be checking out your recipes for my next go 'round of meal planning. Lasagna soup and buttermilk fried chicken sound really good.

We are planning on planting tomatoes in our garden of course. We also had great luck with squash and cucumbers last year. My daughter wants to try and grow potatoes in a garbage sack. She's doing a garden plan and backyard redo for a science project. Thinking spring!
Heather said…
I'm all the way up in WV, so there's no way I can even think about planting a garden for a couple more months.

As far as what we're growing, we already have an established strawberry patch & an established grape plant. The strawberries will produce tons, but the grapes might not produce for another year since we just planted it last year (we replaced a diseased plant with a new one).

We also grow tomatoes & cucumbers every year. We eat them as fast as the plants give them to us. Last year we tried lettuce & it grew really well. A few days before harvest, a freak hailstorm hit & destroyed all of the lettuce that we had grown. I don't know if we'll try it again or not.

We also grew red & white onions last year. They grew very well. I'd love to do them again this year.

I'm thinking about trying my hand at potatoes and maybe carrots this year. I haven't quite decided yet. I'd love a blackberry bush, but I still haven't fully convinced the hubby to let me have one.
Your menu sounds incredibly delicious!
Welcome Back! Boy, there's a lot of homemade goodness here. I'll have to set aside some time to check a few new links...

March is starting out wet and mild here in Maine, but mild is relative. We're still in winter mode and we're very anxious for spring.

Your garden plans sound wonderful. We used to have a big garden at our old house, but our lot here is way too shady. Fortunately we are close to a fabulous little farm and farm stand. And our town hosts three farmers' markets each week.

I hope March is good to you!
Yum! I admire your consistancy with making meal plans. I know I need to do it but it will only last for 2 weeks here or a month there - usually not more than 6 weeks out of any year are planned. It seems like there is always something that foils the plan and it is discouraging - not to mention, my kids HATE casseroles. It makes dinner a nightmare - everything is "too spicy" or something (though the picky one ate sausage pizza tonight!)... This week, though, I'm hoping to make the Frugal Gourmet's Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza (YUM!) I won't have fresh basil for it though (boo!) I'm envious that you get to put in your garden so soon - here in Minnesota, we don't put them in until between Mother's Day and Memorial Day. I played around with (I think thats the link, or you could google Plan Garden website) - it was fun to arrage my garden last year
Unknown said…
I'm pretty new to this site and love your blog. Your going to love The Pioneer Woman's BBQ Meatballs, I made them Monday and their great. I just started menu planning, but have only been able to come up with a weeks worth of meals, and am working on week two right now. I'd like to be able to do a month at a time as you do. Maybe I'll get there as I get more used to planning my meals in advance.
We grew tomatillos last year. They were really fun, and a little bit of a mystery!I am getting eager to get my garden going as well. I went to try and find some onion bulbs such luck! I'm hoping they will have some next week and I can get them in the ground!
Thanks for the link up, Tina.
Have a great night!
Tina Butler said…
Jenny - Frogmama I would love to get the recipe for the chicago deep dish style pizza. It sounds so good and my little guy might like it. Texas doesnt get as cold as Minnesota by far. Hopefully you can started on what you want to plant. We still have couple weeks left because March can be a mystery in itself weather wise. I will check that link out sounds fun.

Jamie I fell in love with the tamitillos in Napa. Chef Andy and Connie showed us how to roast them to make verde sauce. They are so good. I was instantly hooked.
I'd be happy to share! It's one of the recipes on my blog - HERE
Unknown said…
Thank you for the menu. I am looking through it now. :)
Amanda Bowyer said…
I just read about your trip to the CIA! It sounded like you had alot of fun! Your menu looks really good!!! I'm new to blogging, Iv'e only been at it since mid Jan. Still learning and love reading other people's blogs. I have a disease (it's called Sarcoidosis) that keeps me home most of the time. I have a link on my blog about it. Love your blog it's very creative!!!