Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Giveaway" Month at Mommy's Kitchen & Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman.

December is already here and November just flew by. Where is all the time going? Christmas is just around the corner and I still have so much to do. I wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that December is going to be a big month here at Mommy's Kitchen. All month long Mommy's Kitchen will be doing some great product reviews and giveaways. So you know what that means all of my readers will have a chance to win some great prizes. Make sure you check back all month to see what items I will be reviewing and giving away!!! Below is a list of some of the great sponsors I will be working with.

Tonight is also going to be a awesome night for me. I finally get to meet the wonderful and beautiful Ree Drummond!!! Y'all know her, The Pioneer Woman. I am so excited, she is in town for her book signing. I cant wait to finally get my hands on her new cookbook (The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl) and meet this wonderful lady we all know and love. I will take lots of pictures and post them. If you are going to be at the book signing tonight lmk in your comment I would love to say HELLO to some fellow bloggers while I am there. I will be having my first giveaway this week so check back and have a awesome day!!!

Below is just a listing of the upcoming giveaways I will be offering at Mommy's Kitchen. I will be posting the actual reviews and giveaways throughout the month of December so stay tuned to enter each of the Giveaways!

Campbell's Soup/ V-8 Fusion Prize Pack

Cheater BBQ Cookbook Review & Giveaway
(Awesome Cookbook)
From Mindy Merrell & R.B. Quinn

Crayola Lights, Camera, Color Review & Giveaway

Challenge Butter Review & Giveaway

Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms Review & Giveaway
(A must have cookbook) From the wonderful Jane Doiron

Progresso Soup Review & Giveaway

And a HUGE Giveaway from Sam's Club & Kitcheaid!!!!!! I am so excited about this one and a little jealous all at the same time. Someone is going to be really happy!!!

Tina, The Mom in Mommy's Kitchen


Cheryl Wade said... #

I am getting to see her next Tuesday. It is only a three hour drive!

I am having a problem with the links for the giveaways. When I click on the photo I just get a copy of the photo and there are not hyperlinks.

Tina Butler said... #

Cheryl I added a little part in my post. That is just a listing of the Giveaways I will be offering throughout the month of December.

Amanda said... #

Have fun! I went to her book signing a couple of weeks ago in Chicago. She's a super sweet lady :)

Denise said... #

I want to get Ree's cook book too. Can you post a couple of pics when you get it to let us see inside? I noticed an article in a magazine the other day with Ree in it too, forgot which one, she is amazing - I love her blog.

Jessica B from TN said... #

OMG!! Tina You will ♥ PW's Cookbook I ordered it first available day I couldn't wait any longer and it is Super Great!! I use it all the time

Heidi said... #

Yay!!! You have so much exciting stuff this month. I'm so excited for you. Have fun meeting Ree! I have her cookbook and I think it's a beautiful one and I love it! I ordered several copies to give as gifts.

Becky said... #

Oh that will be so fun! I'm super jealous lol Have a great time!

connie said... #

Have fun meeting PW! I wish she was coming closer to me. I love her blog.

Nonnas News said... #

How exciting! Cant wait to hear all about your evening with Ree! Also looking forward to each of your giveaways!

Linda said... #

Oh, I am so jealous of you getting to meet the Pioneer Woman. I am sure that you will love it.

Looking forward to the giveaways. There are several mentioned that I wouldn't mind winning at all. LOL!

Joan said... #

Hi Tina, it sounds like I will be even more glued to your blog with all these giveaway! How exciting. Ree's book signing in Austin is actually closer to me and its tomorrow I think. We are expecting icy weather so I am not sure if I should make that 1 1/2 hour drive but boy do I want to. I would love to meet her. I want to win a trip to stay at her lodge! If I do, I'll get you to come along with me! I want to hear all about the book signing in Dallas!

Laura aka Lolo said... #

What a great way to start the month Ree Drummond looooove her! In fact it is on my Christmas wish list but really it is the only thing on my wish list. I even blogged about it. Hope you had fun meeting her I hear she is super fun.

The JR said... #

Neat, looking forward to seeing what they are.

Teresa said... #

I saw Ree right before Thanksgiving on the Bonnie Hunt show...she is so funny. She was cooking with Jack Daniels whiskey!!!!!

Anonymous said... #

Hi, I would love to win the crayola tower for my niece Jada. She's 5 years old and colors beautifully for her age. Her and I spend a lot of time coloring when she comes for her visits, and this would be truly delightful for both of us. mary

Anonymous said... #

Hi, I would love to win the crayola tower for my niece Jada. She's 5 years old and colors beautifully for her age. Her and I spend a lot of time coloring when she comes for her visits, and this would be truly delightful for both of us. mary

Unknown said... #

I would love to meet her also. I am hoping to get the cookbook for Christmas. I would ask her when her next cookbook is coming out?

Laurie said... #

I think I would ask her how she prioritizes thing. She has so many good things going on and must be the most organized lady on the planet. I would ask her what strategies she uses so that maybe I could get more organized!

Unknown said... #

I would love to see a recipe collaboration with PW and you - great food and great fun!!