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Crayon Goodie Jar & A Crayola Review

Good Morning everyone. I haven't done "Crafty Kitchen" in a while so I thought it was due time to post something crafty!! Today I am posting a project that is so cute and fun all at the same time. It is for a "Crayon Goodie Jar". I love to make homemade gifts and so do my children. So with Christmas just around the corner this is the perfect teacher gift.

We made these a couple years back for each of my kiddos teachers and they absolutely loved them . You can fill them with all sorts of things. We added m&m's to our goodie jars, but the possibilities are endless. You can fill them with festive chocolate kisses, m&m's, skittles, wrapped hard candy, gummy bears or really what ever you like.

If you want you can add a homemade granola or trail mix just add it to a plastic goodie bag and tie a ribbon around and add to the inside of the jar. The directions on how to make this cute little project will be at the end of this post. Today I want to kick off December with my first giveaway!!!!

Crayola's Lights, Camera Color!

I was sent this awesome box from . The box consisted of a crayola crayon tower and a code to print off personalized photo coloring pages. This program is really cool and easy to use. Here is a little information on the product. Crayola Lights, Camera Color is a kid-friendly, easy-to-use online application at .

It allows children to upload their very own digital photos and transform them into unique coloring pages, then add fun designs and pictures that turn them into totally customized creations. Specially-marked Crayola crayon boxes (48, 64, 96, 120-ct. as well as the 150-ct. Crayon Tower) will include a code that lets you print off the custom coloring pages.

Here’s how kids (and moms) can transform their memories into customized coloring pages:

  1. Upload a new or existing digital photo onto the “Lights, Camera, Color” application at me.
  2. Print out your coloring page or save and send it to Coloring Page Maker to customize with fun graphics.
  3. Choose a background: you can choose from several including a desert, a beach, a haunted house and more.
  4. Add props such as a hat, mustache, wings, etc.
  5. Select words/phrases: “Best Friends,” “Kids Only,” “All Star” to name just a few.
  6. Save and print.
  7. Start coloring your one-of-a-kind creation.
I have included some photos of my kids enjoying the "Lights, Camera Color"

The kids loved that it was a tower of crayons with so many to choose from.

Mackenzie chose a photo from the pumpkin farm

Carson chose a picture of him sitting on a firetruck.
The finished product!!!! Really cute and they had a blast transforming their photos in to fun coloring pages. My kids said they loved the Lights, Camera, Color. It would be a nice Christmas gift.

Now onto the Giveaway. Crayola and My Blog spark were nice enough to offer one of my lucky readers a Crayola Lights, Camera, Color Gift Package of their very own. You will receive a Crayola Telescoping Tower and code good for six-months of unlimited prints. Details below on how you can enter.

Crayon Goodie Jar

1 - Pint Size Canning Jar (with a neck)
1 - 48 or 64 count box of crayons
black spray paint (for lid)
hot glue sticks
hot glue gun 
ribbon of your choice (we choice a ruler ribbon)
wooden decoration for top of jar
candy or goodies for your jar (Hershey kisses, m&m's, hard candies, skittles, Star burst, etc.)

Start by spray painting the lid and rim of the jar with black spray paint. While that dries start gluing the crayons to the outside of the canning jar. Use your hot glue gun to do this. 

Try to glue on the crayons in a straight line or at least as straight as you can get them. I can't remember if I added the hot glue directly on the jar and then place the crayon on the jar or if I added the glue to the crayon and then stuck it on the jar.

Try whichever way works the easiest. After all the crayons are attached put the jar aside. Making sure the lid and ring are completely dry glue your little decoration on top of the lid. 

Fill your jar with the candy of your choice and add the lid to close the jar. Add a pretty ribbon around the crayons and that's it a pretty cheap but pretty teacher gift.

Disclosure: Thank you to crayola and my blog spark for sponsoring this giveaway. I was supplied with a Free Telescoping Crayon Tower for the sole purpose of reviewing this product.


Anonymous said... #

Love this crayon idea - Micahels has large packs of crayons that are only a dollar that would be perfect for this. So many great ideas! I'm excited about the crayola giveaway - sign me up! Corynne -

Nicole said... #

I love the coloring page idea!

Nicole said... #

Oh and I'm a fan now on facebook.

Maria said... #

I am so confused and normally I am good at leaving a comment! HA HA Who knows where the other one went, but it went like this: I love this idea! I think my son will have a ball with this and hey, if I don't win...I will go and buy it! Adorable jar!

Nancy said... #

I love the thought of kids getting to color pictures of things they know!!

Nancy said... #

Just became a fan on facebook.

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Thanks for the great ideas. Love them. Heading to facebook now. :D

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That is a great idea!

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What a fun idea! I like that they can print pictures of themselves and color them.

Lynette said... #

I am also now a fan on facebook!

Anonymous said... #

Really cute jar. I'll need to remember this for my son's preschool teacher. We would love to win the Crayola package, too!

Stephanie said... #

That Crayon Goodie Jar is soo cool! What a fun idea!

Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

The Photographer said... #

This Crayola gift looks great!

Toby said... #

The Crayola giveaway is awesome.. I love how you can create your own pages to color. The Crayon jar is so neat.

Gourmet Freezer Cooks said... #

I absolutely love this. In fact, I was looking at the telescoping tower today for a christmas present, was waiting to talk to my husband to see what he says but, I will try and win and if not then we will definitely buy it. I also love the craft and am going to make this for my kids teachers. Thanks for the great idea.....

Anonymous said... #

just became a fan on facebook :)

Steph said... #

This is an awesome craft!

Teresa Cordero Cordell said... #

Tina, what a wonderful project. As old as I am, I still love my crayola crayons and my coloring books. It's a great de-stressor. You're such a good mom!

Unknown said... #

I LOVE crayolas!!! My husband makes fun of me, because every time they are on sale I go out and buy them. We have a lot of them, but I figure you can never have too many. I love the idea for the coloring page.

Unknown said... #

Wow that is an awesome give away. I have 3 girls (ages 4,3,1) and they love to color. This would also be something that the Sunday school kids at the church I attend would love to use.
I love the jar idea. I will be home schooling my daughters and so arts and crafts ideas are great.


Unknown said... #

I just became a fan on facebook as well, thanks for the giveaway!

Linda said... #

I love crayons especially Crayola. I just went to FB and signed up as a fan. Love the crayon goodie jar, hmmm, would really make a good present for a teacher.

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said... #

Oh wow! Count me in, please. I just signed on as a Follower too.

LOVE your blog!!!

Ratnay1 said... #

I love the coloring page idea, I think my grand-daughters will really enjoy it. Thanks for all your good ideas,

Unknown said... #

This looks like a lot of fun for both kids & adults!

Unknown said... #

Thanks for the Christmas idea and for the chance at the Crayola giveaway! By the way, my deviled eggs turned out perfect at Thanksgiving thanks to your tips and directions! So thank you! Leigh Ann

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This is such a fantastic idea! My email is : )

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I am now a fan of Crayola :)

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YAY im a fan of crayola!!! I love the tower of crayons and the crayon goodie jar is a great idea.

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what a great idea for a xmas gift for teahers!!

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I love this idea!more coloring pictures

Rachel said... #

very cool!

Anonymous said... #

This would be a cute teacher gift.
Would love to win this giveaway for my your blog!!!!!

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The coloring page is such a great idea!

sbswtp said... #

I just became a fan on facebook :)

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sorry I forgot my email address

Emily said... #

I love the crayon jar idea!! I babysit three kids quite regularly and this would be something FUN to do so they could give to their teachers or even keep for themselves!

The "Lights, Camera, Color" thing is AWESOME! Oh, I want one to keep those kiddos entertained!!

Emily said... #

I also follow your blog, duhh! =]

Julie said... #

Looks like fun...I want to win for myself!

Mommy Crafts said... #

Coloring is always FUN even for ME! It relaxes me and puts me in a good mood...But my Little boy would love this too! Great Giveaway!!

Mommy Crafts said... #

I follow Mommy's Kitchen!!

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I follow you on Twitter!


Mommy Crafts said... #

I tweeted about this Giveaway!!


NGato77 said... #

This sounds like a really good gifts for kids. I know my godson would love to have something like this for Christmas. Susy -

Colleen C. said... #

Hello! Love the teacher gift idea, we are going to try it. Please enter me for the giveaway.

Lara said... #

What a fun giveaway! My kids would LOVE the crayons!

Lara said... #

I thought I'd been following your blog for months and months, but it turns out I was just "following" it via google reader. Now I am an official follower!

Colleen C. said... #

Just became a Facebook fan of Crayola. Not sure why I wasn't before, Crayola are the only crayons for my family.

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What a good idea!! my grandkids would love doing this fun project... now a fan on FB

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How cool is that?!? What a great idea and giveaway!

jojo17 at gmail dot com

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I hope we win, thanks for the giveaway!

Melissa Denton said... #

Hey Tina this is so cute. Cole is finally at the age where he loves to color and draw. He would really like this. Sign me up for your giveaway!!!
Melissa Denton

Unknown said... #

I love this idea of the crayon Goodie Jar, I really enjoy your blog,I would love to be in the drawing for Crayola Lights,Camera,Color.Beth

Anonymous said... #

I love the jar and I love the gift idea... please enter me!! Michelle

Jennifer said... #

I love this craft idea! I also love I just joined recently and my kids love for me to print even their non-personal coloring pages! They have a ton! I just became a fan on facebook. :)

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Perfect idea for our homemade chocolate covered pretzels!

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My kids would really enjoy this.

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Mami2jcn said... #

I'm a new blog follower.

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What a great idea. The grands will love it ~ if I win.

tgonz10595 said... #

I love the goodie jar idea. I think I will make them for my 3rd graders teachers for Christmas.

Tammy Adkins said... #

My boys would love this! Sign me up...I would love to win it!


Anonymous said... #

love this new product. My son got a digital camera for his birthday, so this would be a neat thing to do with the pictures he takes.
missindy76 at sbcglobal dot net

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okay, I'm a fan on facebook too!
Love your blog!

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oooh! my kids would love this! love the crayon idea Ü

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Neat craft idea!

Unknown said... #

Pick me pick me...Love this and the jar so cute. We will definatly be making a couple of these for the holiday season or end of the year one. Thanks
Starke, FL

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What a neat idea and fun giveaway!! sign me up!
amanda effinger

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This is a great idea. I have been racking my brain for a gift idea for my son's teacher. This is something he can help me with - very special.
He also loves the personal color pages. We tried it out earlier. I think we're going to do this for all of the grandparents for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much!

Serena said... #

This is such a great idea. I have never heard of this Crayola picturebook thing until I read your post. Such endless possibilities!!!!Thanks again!!

Shanna said... #

I love the crayon jar idea, I'm gonna take the kids to craft store this weekend and get the supplies so we can give them as gifts to their teachers! Thanks for the wonderful craft idea! Heading to Facebook next.

Shanna said... #

So excited, I just became a fan of Crayola on Facebook!

Anonymous said... #

My daughter would LOVE coloring pictures of herself. That is such a neat idea!

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Love, love, love this idea!!!! What will they think of next! I have three girls and my youngest is 6. She loves to color and sometimes when she has all her books and crayola colors out I can also find my two teenagers in there with her!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome gift!
And I'm a fan on facebook now also!

Kim said... #

What an amazing blog. I am a huge fan of baking and cooking. I am excited to explore your site. For more wonderful ideas. I am excited about the crayola give aways. Thank for all your fun ideas.

Lucky Me said... #

My 7 year old is our craft lover. He would love it. Crayola is awesome!!! They come up witht he greatest stuff. We're going to make the jars for our teachers too. Thanks!!!

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I signed up on facebook and your fan site. Thanks again for all the great ideas and recipes!!

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That is soooooo cute! I love your website. I am a subscriber!!!

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What a fun idea!

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Awesome! My 5 daughters (aka..artists) would LOVE this!

The Steady Bunch said... #
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bless their hearts mom said... #

oooooo- why didnt we have such a great tower when we were kids??????????????

bless their hearts mom said... #

tweeted about the contest:

Tammy Adkins said... #

I'm now a fan of Crayola on Facebook! Would love to win the Crayon Tower!


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My two granddaughters would love this. If I don't win, will certainly buy it for them.

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My kids would love this!

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karen said... #

My granddaughters and I are making this on Sat.. they are so excited..

Kent Plumbing said... #

I will have to give this a way with my daughter one day as she loves making things. I’m sure to bookmark your site for future.

Gailanne said... #

I am a fan on Crayola's Facebook Page! I LOVE coloring!

Gailanne said... #

Merry Christmas Tina, thanks for sponsoring this cool giveaway...stay blessed!

Gailanne said... #

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Chrissie said... #

This is a great idea Tina! You are so crafty, I love it! Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!


sandy8 said... #

I love your craft ideas. the Crayola idea is great.

Susan said... #

What a cute idea. I would love to win for my granddaughter.

Anonymous said... #

Instead of candy, it could be filled with a couple really nice pens, post it notes, and a gift card.... For those teachers that don't care for sweets