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Hi everyone!!! I wanted to take some time to wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving. Before I know it time will be getting away from me. I still have so many things to bake and cook for Thanksgiving which isn't far away. So I wanted to make sure and wish everyone a happy holiday and also to let y'all know how much I appreciate all of you. I don't think Mommy's Kitchen would be what it is without all of my amazing readers. So thank you! I thought it would be fun to post a little video wishing everyone a happy holiday. You can view the video below.

Also included in today's post I have posted some information, recipes and links to help you out this Thanksgiving. Whether you are hosting the big Thanksgiving feast at your house or going to family or friends I have lots of information that will be very helpful. If you are a guest this thanksgiving please keep in mind that the turkey dinner is the highlight of the Thanksgiving Holiday. So along with a turkey dinner comes lots of hard work and preparation. Please don't forget about that special person who will be preparing that wonderful meal. Whether it's your mom, mother in law, grandmother, your husband or a friend. Remember preparing a thanksgiving meal is a lot of work. If you are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner it is always a nice gesture to take a gift for your host or hostess. A gift recognizes the hard work involved in cooking for a group and thanks them for their effort. It doesn't have to be anything big just a little something. Big or small it still shows that you are thankful for everything they are doing.

Here are a few ideas to help you when deciding on a gift to bring. Everyone loves flowers so how about a Thanksgiving flower arrangement or even a bouquet of flowers. A bottle of wine or sparkling cider if the host or hostess are non drinkers. Even a festive candle or a box of chocolates means something. You can take a harvest basket filled with lot's of goodies such as pumpkin bread, cookies and home canned items. Even though I am going to my mother in laws this holiday season I always take her a big harvest basket. Mine will have lots of baked breads, cookies, peach preserves, apple butter, apple pie jam, amish friendship bread and more.

Maybe you don't have time to bake up a bunch of goodies. You can still take a pie, cake or cobbler to contribute to the dessert table or a yummy appetizer to share. So you see if doesn't have to be anything great just a little something, I know if I were hosting this holiday season any one of those gifts would put a smile on my face. I have also included links to thanksgiving recipes on my site. There are also links for recipes on different ways to prepare your holiday turkey. I hope this information helps someone out this holiday season. I am so excited to go out of town and share all my goodies I am baking up in my kitchen. I am looking forward to relaxing a bit and spending lots of time with family and friends. So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I will be back posting after the Thanksgiving holiday. I do have one more item to get baked up to take to moms house, so don't be surprised if I pop on to post it before Thanksgiving. Maybe you still have some menu planning to do for your Thanksgiving Feast. I think the following recipes will be helpful. Just click on each recipe title to view and print the recipe.

Breakfast Ideas:
Sausage Cream Cheese Crescents
Pumpkin Patch Pancakes
Overnight Cinnamon Rolls
Ihop French Toast
Breakfast Casserole
Ultimate Coffee Cake

Deviled Eggs
Ham & Cream Cheese Ball
Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball
Pimento Cheese Spread
Cheese Wafers

Side Dishes:
Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole
Cheesy A gratin Potatoes
Macaroni & Cheese
Cornbread Dressing

Bread & Rolls:
Dinner Rolls
Freezer Crescent Rolls
Perfect French Bread Rolls
Old Fashioned Beer Bread

Cranberry & Salads:
Cranberry Fluff/Salad
Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce
Easy Fruit Salad
Harvest Spiced Applesauce

Pumpkin Crunch
Apple Pie
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Sheet Cake
Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie
Sweet Potato Pie
Pumpkin Pecan Chocolate Chip Bread

Turkey: (Lots of different ways)
Brown Bag Turkey
Grizzly’s Smoked Turkey
Alton Browns Deep Fried Turkey
Turkey in a Oven Bag
Butterballs Oven Roasted Turkey

Don't forget the Turkey Talk Experts at Butterball are also there to help you through the process of preparing your turkey dinner. No question is too tough for these turkey talkers, they are ready and excited to tackle any challenge you throw at them. You can give them a call at 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372) now through December

You can also check out their website at for more great Thanksgiving ideas. They also have a Thanksgiving Guide to help you plan and prepare your special meal.

Here is a list of Thanksgiving Menu's from all the Food Network Chefs. (Recipes & Photos)
Recipes from the Food Network Chefs.

Mom logic has a list of great meal ideas and recipes. Just click on the link to view all the different ones:
Momlogic Thanksgiving Meal Idea’s You’ll Love.

Thanksgiving Menu Bonanza from: Southernplate.

Thanksgiving ideas from: Gourmet Mom on the Go.

Allyou Magazine has a article for Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Dishes. Check it out for some great ideas.

OK now Lets not forget about the Kid's: Preparing your holiday dinner can be a very hectic time for mom, so let's not forget about the kiddos. I know moms attention will be on getting everything prepared for the big Thanksgiving meal. So I have included some fun activities to keep the kids busy while moms cooking. Below are some links to coloring pages, puzzles, activity place mats and even directions to make Tom the Apple Turkey (my favorite). Why not let the kids have a bit of fun while all the adults are busy. I will be printing off lots of the activities and coloring pages to make each of the younger kids in my family a activity packet to take on the road. That way they can stay busy until we get to grandma's house. I think we will make the apple turkey once we arrive. The kids are so excited. So remember Don't Forget the Kiddos!!! I have linked up all the activity pages below.

Gooseberry Patches Tom the Apple Turkey Craft

Printable Diner Style Activity Place mats from Betty Crocker

Turkey Coloring Pages, Woven Place Mat Craft & More from Betty Crocker

Printable Thanksgiving Worksheets

Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Bingo

Pin the Tail on the Turkey

Are you going to be Entertaining or Hosting this Thanksgiving?
If so I wanted to let everyone know that two of my favorite people from from the Food network, Pat and Gina Neely are partnering with Sam's Club for the Holiday Taste of Sam's Event. Sam's Club is the perfect stop for all your holiday entertaining needs.

What is the Holiday Taste of Sam's Event?
Basically all members and guests can walk into their local Sam’s Club to see demonstrations for how to prepare Boneless Spiral Ham, Frenched Rack of Lamb as well as hand dipped chocolate desserts. Associates will be sharing recipe cards, and other samples and tips throughout the events, so it’s a good opportunity to learn more about Sam’s and get some ideas / inspiration for your holiday meals. Why not sample the foods before you serve them this holiday season. Click here for more information on the Holiday Taste of Sam's Event or to locate a Sam's Club near you. Everyone can use a little help when it comes to entertaining this holiday season. I have included a link here for their flyer so you can see some of the items being showcased at the event. If you are not a member of Sam's Club, no problem included in the flyer is a one day printable pass. Make Sam's Club your go to place this holiday season. This event will be going on in Sam’s Club locations across the country this weekend. I cant wait to attend and sample all their yummy stuff.

November 20 – 22 (11 a.m. to 6 p.m)
Members and Non Members are welcome to attend the event.

For more great Thanksgiving recipes visit Life as a Mom Ultimate Recipe Swap & The Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap

Happy Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble till you Wobble!!!


Unknown said…
Thank you for posting all the links! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
Tina Butler said…
You to Gloria be safe and have a great time.
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I LOVE the apple turkey from gooseberry. I am sooo doing that with my 2 kids and 4 nieces/nephews this year! Thanks for all the awesome ideas! Happy Thanksgiving ~
Kelly said…
Your daughter is adorable...She'd be a great guest on our show if you all lived a little closer to MN :D

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing all these great ideas!
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What a great post! Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful information! I have enjoyed your blog so much and look forward to another year of blogging with you!! I hope you and your family have a fun, safe holiday!
Tina Butler said…
Hi everyone thank you for the nice comments. My daughter what can I say about her she is such a toot. As soon as I got done doing the video Mackenzie said mom i was making just a few funny faces in the video. When I viewed it I told hmmm just a few LOL. Oh well thats my Mackenzie's personality!!!
The JR said…
I just found your blog. Wow, you did a lot of work on this post. Thanks for all the great recipes.

I was searching for a pecan pie recipe and that's how I found you.

Your daughter is a mess, very cute girl. Hope ya'll all have a very happy Thanksgiving. I know you'll have a lot of great food cooked.

Take care,
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Awe....Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!! You're so sweet! I'll have to check out the video when I am not at work!

Love coming here for a long time and watching you grow! Come by soon, I have an old fav from your girl Paula.
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So fun to see you on a video! It was neat to hear your voice and see M with you too -

Have a Happy & Yummy Thanksgiving!

Erin McMilon
fun4families said…
I love your blog!! So many great ideas to make for a great Thanksgiving celebration for the family. In addition to the crafts and recipes , this site has awesome family games, like Turkey Trivia and Turkey Tunes that you can print for free.
Heidi said…
Thanks for the great ideas! I want to try the brown bag turkey. Have a great holiday :)
Sarah said…
Thanks for the fantastic ideas! had a post on their blog today and two days ago on unique hostess gifts. I really like the one they feature today- a reclaimed slate cheese board made of recycled chalkboard from a school in Illinois. It's functional- serving cheese appetizers at the party (so it's useful!). It's eco-friendly (again, recycled chalkboard). It's educational- people can learn the names of the cheeses when you write it in chalk next to the cheese. It's a great conversation starter and it's so creative that your host/hostess will surely remember you for years to come! Here's the link to their blog and here's the link to their hostess gift guide
Cindy said…
Thank's Tina Hope it's a great Thanksgiving for you and your family
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So glad I found your blog! You have so many great recipes, I can't wait to try them out. Come over to for a visit!
Karen said…
What a great recipe list. Thanks!
Susan said…
Awesome links, thank you for so many ideas. I haven't had Thanksgiving on our own yet, my mom isn't willing to give it up, but I'm going early and insisting on including a few of these tasty ideas :)

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!
jannybelle said…
Thanks Tina for all the great Thanksgiving recipes and ideas - I sure do enjoy reading your blog! Your daughter is a real treat in the video! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too!
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Probably one of the best and most informative posts I've seen this year for Thanksgiving! Thanks so much!

These videos you've been doing are great, now I hear your voice when I read your posts :-)
Anonymous said…
Happy thanksgiving wishes