Holiday Taste of Sams Event & a Conversation with The Neelys

Yesterday I was involved in the most awesome opportunity. I still cant believe it and feel like I need to be pinched so I know it was for real. Me and two other bloggers got to be in on a conference call with Pat and Gina Neely from Down Home with the Neely's. IKE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Neely's have partnered with Sam's club to help spread the word about easy entertaining for the holidays. The name of the event is Holiday Taste of Sam’s. The Neely's shared with all of us their secrets to easy entertaining. From what foods to serve to how much to have on hand. We got to ask Pat and Gina a few questions of our own on Holiday Entertaining. IKE'S again!!!!!! Pat suggested to always keep items such as frozen meatballs and smokies for drop in guests. Serve them in a savory sauce and you have a quick appetizer. Gina suggested to me a quick entertaining foods for the kids. Little Piggy's in a blanket, we all know how much Gina loves her piggies. She said the addition of a little honey takes those piggies over the top. Pre bagged vegetable for dipping and fruits along with a quick fruit dip, all the kiddos love that. I still cant believe I got to ask The Neely's a question!!! Pat also swears by his Famous Chili to be the best recipe around. I have their cookbook so I can vouch for this recipe.

We got to listen to Pat tell us their story of how him and Gina met, truly a fairytale and the luckiest man in the world Pat says. They started off a a long while back opening up their first BBQ Restaurant Neely’s Barb–B-Que with no cash register and a two burner eye to cook on. With the money they made on their opening night Pat used part of it to purchase a $80 cash register from Sam's Club. So you see Sam's Club has been apart of their life for some time now. If you don't have their cookbook Down Home with the Neely’s “ A Southern Family Cookbook” I highly recommend it. Great recipes from cover to end. Southern Food and BBQ what a combo you cant go wrong. The Neely's are working on their 2nd cookbook planned to be released next Fall, I cant wait to get my hands on their second cookbook.

What is the Holiday Taste of Sam's? well, members and non members can go into their local Sam's Club this weekend and sample foods that they could use for holiday entertaining. Foods like spiral ham, rack of lamb, cheesecakes, different cheeses and hand dipped chocolate desserts . There will be samples and recipe cards along with different demonstrations. It is also a perfect opportunity to learn more about Sam's Club. You really need to go, My family went today and sampled on a bunch of different items. We came home with summer sausage, crackers, different cheeses, dips and more so I think we are set for the upcoming holidays. When is the event?

Holiday Taste of Sam's Event
Friday November 20Th - Sunday November 22ND
11:00 AM - 6 PM

Here is a video from Pat and Gina Neely on the Holiday Taste of Sam's event. I have also included a printable coupon below. If you are not a member of Sam's Club you can print off the one day pass and get in on all the fun. Plus don't forget you can watch Pat and Gina on Down Home with The Neely’s every Saturday 11 am 10 am central time on the Food Network!

Just click on the pass to print.

I just want to say Thank you to Pat and Gina Neely for sharing a little of your time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. This will be something I will remember for a long time. You are as gracious and delightful as you are on TV truly a sweet couple. Thank you for all your advice and tips. And thank you Ashley for the wonderful opportunity.


Angie said…
I am so happy for you! What an exciting experience! I love watching the Neely's show, but haven't gotten the cookbook. I visit Sam's at least once a week. Everything is such a bargain, I strongly recommend the club membership that is one step up, the advantage plus I think, it pays for itself fast. I rarely buy the prepared foods there. But the staples are so cheap, like flour, yeast, OJ, milk, etc. I calculated I can pay for my membership only on my OJ savings. I love getting some of the fancy cheeses and sausages at the holidays. And they have great deals on everything else you need too. We buy toys, tires, everything, we always check there first. We just got a Sharp Aquos 55 inch $400 off Sam's low price just because it didn't have a box, and 6 months same as cash on top of that. Anyway I LOVE them too!
Jane said…
Hi Tina,
I know just how you feel! Meeting these celebrities is so much fun! I just went to Ellie Kreiger's book signing. Check out my pictures:

I went to Rachael Ray's book signing last year! It's so fun to meet these people in person!
Heidi said…
Wow!!! You have all the luck getting to meet the Deens, Ree, and now talk to the Neely's! You go girl (That's so 1990). You are awesome :)
Joan said…
Hi Tina, I wish I could get to Sams this weekend but my daughter is getting married and we are having an engagement party today. I love the Neelys! I think I would have been so nervous I wouldnt have even been able to think what to ask. I'm so excited for ya! I am going to get that cookbook and try the chili. Their recipes are great and so is the show. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
P.S. Freezing the cheese logs work out just fine. Have a safe trip to your MIL's.
Tina Butler said…
Thank you so much for the reply Joan. I had about a week to think of my ? so i was good on that. But i was excited and nervous all at the same time. Congrats to your daughter how sweet you are gaining a son.
Live.Love.Eat said…
Wow, too cool for words. I like them. I always think how it would be cool if my hubs would cook with me in the kitchen.
Cook'n said…
i have been menu planning for the past several months and i am loving it! thank you very much!
How exciting for you! It sounds like you had a blast and got some awesome tips! Congrats! Swinging in from SITS!
Unknown said…
What a great oppportunity! It looks like you had so much fun.

Stopping by from SITS.
What an exciting opportunity to get to listen in and ask questions from someone you admire so much.

Isn't it amazing how the blog world has opened up doors like this for so many of us?

Stopping in from SITS link up. Hope you had a great holiday!