Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tasters Choice Instant Gourmet Coffee Review & Giveaway

One true fact about me is that I love me some coffee! Recently I was contacted by Nescafe and asked if I would like to try their new Nescafe Tasters Choice Single Serve Packets. I was a little hesitant about trying out the coffee. You see I am a huge coffee lover, but not for instant coffee. I don't think it is bad or awful, it is just something that I don't usually purchase on a regular basis. So I really don't know to much about instant coffee. But I was willing to give a try to see maybe if it was something that I was missing out on. Well surprisingly I loved the coffee. This post will include my video review and also some information about Tasters Choice New Gourmet Single Serve Packets. So lets start with my video review so I can tell you a little bit more about my coffee experience.

I am also submitting a second video below on using the single serve packets to create a recipe. I went to the tasters choice website and found a recipe for a Caramel Café Mocha. If you have never been to the tasters choice website your really missing out. Their website has a lot of information, down loadable coffee coupons and lots of recipes for you to try. They even have a section on delicious desserts using their instant coffee, now I thought that was pretty cool. Click here to stop by the Tasters Choice website. With all the drink recipes they have listed there is bound to be something you will like. Don't forget to click below to view my video on making their Caramel Cafe Mocha recipe.

So as you can see by my video reviews I really liked the instant coffee, and I am so glad that I gave it a try. Now I am not going to throw out my coffee maker and go all instant, but these little coffee packets are so great to have on hand. Below I have made a list of what I like most about the Tasters Choice Single Serve Coffee Packets:

  • First off the convenience of the packets. Just open one up add it to a cup of hot water and you have coffee. Its that easy! Plus I have some emergency coffee packets if I run out of my regular brew coffee, that seems to happen a lot.
  • Second I love that they are portable so I can take them anywhere. (to work, out of town or carry some in my purse.)
  • I really like the flavor variety so I am not stuck on just making one flavor of coffee. I can change it up when I want to.
  • The coffee packets are really affordable. At just $3.49 for a box of 20-22 single serve packets. I think that is a pretty good deal.
  • These little packets are perfect to make homemade individual hot beverages such as a Cappichino or Latte. This will help cut my local coffee house budget down a bit.

I really hope you give the Tasters Choice Gourmet Instant Coffee Packets a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised just like I was. Click here and you can print off a coupon from the tasters choice website to get you started.

Today I am also going to be giving away a coffee break kit to one of my readers. Then you can enjoy your own coffee experience. To enter the giveaway please read the details below. I want to thank all my readers for listening to my coffee review and I also want to thank Tasters Choice for including Mommy's Kitchen to be a part of the "What Flavor are you Today" coffee trial. I had a lot of fun. And thank you so much for offering one of my lucky readers a coffee break kit.

Contest is now closed! I will announce the winner soon.

"Giveaway Details"

One winner will receive a coffee break kit identical to the one pictured above.

The coffee break kit consists of the following items:

a weeks worth of tasters choice gourmet instant coffee samples
2 - coffee mugs (1) insulated & (1) ceramic
1 - coaster set and product information

How to enter: Just leave a comment on this post and let me know what your favorite coffee flavor is. Maybe its just plain old joe that's OK to. I will randomly choose one winner on Friday November 13Th. Last day to enter the contest will be Thursday, November 12Th. Good luck.

Dont forget to leave a email address if yo don't have a blogger accounts. That way I can get in touch with you if you are the winner.

Disclosure: This post was made possible by Nescafe Taster's Choice who provided me a Flip Video Recorder, Coffee Samples, Coffee Mugs and Coaster’s. The products stated above were sent to me for the sole purpose of reviewing their product and to document my thoughts and opinions. The Opinions stated are solely my own and have not been wavered or compensated by the products I received. No other payments or sponsorships were taken for this review.


Leslie said... #

Every morning when I make my coffee, I put cinnamon i the coffee grounds. Thats as fancy as I get! I would love to try Tasters Choice.Did you get to keep the Flip?

Angie said... #

French vanilla is my favorite!

Kassy said... #

I really enjoy French Vanilla coffee!

Toby said... #

I really like French Vanilla but I love the different flavors that they come out with around the Holiday Season

arbecky said... #

I love French Vanilla as well as Chocolate Mint.

Ann's Page said... #

I would have to say just good ole I do love white chocolate Mochas from the Starbucks
I have never seen that flavor offered..and that's one of the best sellers at Starbucks..Thanks for the opportunity..


sheila said... #

Im a huge coffee fan, my favorite is hazelnut. i buy all kinds of different flavored gourmet coffees all the time. I also love french vanillaand mocha. Thanks for the info i will have to try tasters choice.

Lara said... #

I actually don't drink coffee, but I just had to stop and say how fun it was to see you in a video. I love your accent and I love the idea of a video review.

Heidi said... #

I love instant coffee. I always use mine with splenda mocha flavoring. I also make iced coffee with it.

Betsy said... #

I just wanted to let you know that my husband made me the pumpkin cookies you posted about a couple of weeks ago and they were yummy.
If you really want real coffee you must drink Bustelo or Pilon and make it in the italian expresso maker. You will never go back to anything else. You can find it in the spanish section of the grocery store.

Tanya said... #

I love a good cafe latte, but hazelnut is good too. You made me laugh when you said you wondered why you got a headache when visiting relatives!

Tina Butler said... #

Oh goodness Tanya, that is funny I hope it doesnt sound like my MIL was giving me that headache. When I was there I kept saying my head hurt. I went in the cabinet to get something and saw a big green can of coffee and saw the words DECAF!!!!! ugh I said have you been making that for coffee every morning? she said yes. I told her no wonder I have a headache LOL

Lori said... #

Last weekend I made some egg-less banana mocha chocolate chip muffins and the "mocha" part of my recipe were 2 of these vanilla tasters choice coffee stick packs. They turned out super delicious !

Joan said... #

I am a huge fan of plain ole coffee! Around the holiday I like to try the flavored creamers but mostly just love the taste of regular coffee!

DH said... #

french vanilla and hazelnut are my favorites

Stephany Brown said... #

Coffee Rules! I tried your iced coffee recipe a while back,sooo good! Keep the recipes coming.

Sylvie said... #

french vanilla and hazelnut are my favorites, no need to add cream or sugar, delicious on its own!

Kendra said... #

I am really nuts about hazel nut flavored coffee!

Anonymous said... #

I am also a big coffee drinker and never have cared for instant coffee but would like to try them after watching your video.

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said... #

After the starbucks pumpkin spice I would have to say that vanilla is my favorite.


miamiargirl said... #

I am such a coffee person! When the cool weather gets here is when I usually start back up with the flavored varieties. Love making too big of a pot of coffee because then I have an excuse to make iced coffee!

Amy said... #

My favorite is french vanilla, or gingerbread!!! OH yum, ok gotta go heat up some water...

debbid said... #

I love the flavor of regular coffee

Sheri said... #

I love all flavors, but straight vanilla is SOOOO yummy!

Sheila said... #

I love mocha lattes--hot in the winter and frozen in the summer.

Mary said... #

Hi...Well I don't much care for instant coffees but if I'm desperate and need a cup I will drink it sometime. I do like Vanilla and Irish Cream flavors, chocolate isn't bad either. Since my husband doesn't like flavored coffees I don't make it by the pots though. All he wants is Folgers, period lol.

Tina Butler said... #

Becky Umm chocolate mint sounds good and different.

Hey Leslie, yes Tasters Choice let me keep the flip video as a gift. That is the coolest and easiest video camera to use. I actually didnt need anyones help to get it working.

Toby, I had forgotten about all the holiday flavors. I love those as well.

Fiesta I am glad you liked the pumpkin cookies. They are so addicting. I will keep your coffee in mind next time i am in the latin isle. I am always in there.

Stephany the iced coffee is awesome perfect for summer. you can still get your coffee fix when it is hot outside. Now its cold so break out the lattes!!!

Hey Amy I love gingerbread as well. I have a gingerbread latte recipe on my site. I got it from stephanie at the crockpot site. It is so good and perfect for the holidays, you should check it out. You can make it in the crockpot so it is great for guests. Everyone can serve their own latte.

Teresa said... #

This is my first time posting but love reading your blog everyday and trying some new recipes. My favorite coffee is just plain ole black coffee.

Punksmom said... #

I love the Chai!!!

Liz said... #

I'm a vanilla lover, however~pumpkin spice really did it for me this year! WOW! My default, however is cinnamon vanilla...Mmmmmmmmm! Love your site! Follow it daily! Blessings to you and your family, Liz

Cindy said... #

I can't start my day without at least one cup of coffee. I think right now around the holidays it the pumpkin spice flavor I cant wait to try Tasters Choice's new instant flavors

Steph said... #

I love all kinds of coffee but Raspberry is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said... #

I like coffee and particularly enjoy any with a mocha flavor.

Denise said... #

When I lived in England (I was born and grew up there) instant coffee was all we really drank. Not many people even owned a coffee pot, I never did. Since being in the US for over 10 yrs it's like 'when in Rome'... and I bought a coffee pot the first week we got here ;-) Sad to say I've never bought instant since, but I'd love to try it again. I like plain coffee really but then add a flavored creamer like French Vanilla.

Terry said... #

I like rasberry chocolate truffle moca that I get at a local coffee shop.

NGato77 said... #

I just tried a new flavor, creme brule and it is AMAZING, it tasted just like the dessert, YUM! I am a HUGE fan of flavored coffees and am always on the look out for new drinks from places like Starbucks and Coffee Bean (live in California). I especially love when fall rolls around and Starbucks makes their pumpkin spice latte available, which is really good : )

Susie @ Hick Chick said... #

I'm a fan of a nice dark roast. I usually just go for some nice fat-free half & half on the average morning - but there is nothing wrong with some vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin, peppermint in a good cup!

YaYa's Funhouse said... #

I love me some coffee too. I like hazelnut, caramel, or just plain black joe!! I will definitely give the Tasters Choice instant Gourmet coffee a try...especially since I don't like instant.

Martha said... #

Great videos! Well done!
I LOVE coffee ~ particularly sipping a smooth cup of steamy hot java on the back porch! Moreover, I converted my husband from a soda consumer to a coffee consumer! My favorite flavor is French Vanilla; however, I like variety and adventure! Thanks for the opportunity to WIN the Nescafe Coffee Break Kit!

Unknown said... #

I like French Vanilla, but during the holiday I really like Pumpkin spice!

Bev said... #

These would be perfect since I don't always drink coffee. If I do it is only 1 cup. Love Irish Cream and Hazelnut best.

Janelle said... #

My favorite flavor is Hazelnut, but right now I'm digging the "Holiday Blend"s that I'm finding!

JMSPGH said... #

I normally do just like regular coffee. I am trying to branch out though :)

Anonymous said... #

I'm a pumpkin spice kind of gal. Yum. I can really put that stuff away. Vanilla is probably my second fave, but plain 'ole Joe still gets my heart pumping. Ahhh, nothing better that a steamy cup of coffee.....and a good book, and a couch.

Tina said... #

I love my coffee strong and black! Usually "plain ole joe" but would love to try the Tasters Choice flavors!!

Pam said... #

Not a huge coffee drinker. I usually prefer hot chocolate or chai latte. But when I drink coffee, I like a flavored creamer, preferably something with chocolate or vanilla. These individual packets sound great. My son drinks the whole pot when he makes it but I usually only want 1 cup so I hate to make a whole pot for myself.

Unknown said... #

I'm the only coffee drinker in my family & I only drink about 2 cups in a day. So I prefer Instant over having to make a whole pot.
I love Amaretto flavored coffee but it is hard to find so I settle for Hazelnut. The Raspberry Chocolate Truffle that Terry mentioned sure sounds yummy though!

Moy said... #

I started a few months ago drinking instant coffee. I havent tried Taster's Choice but would love to. My fav is hazelnut.

mommyof2sons said... #

I really like mocha flavor added to my coffee. I will have to try the instant though

zarpandit said... #

i like french vanilla and onto some cinnamon :)

lillie mae acres said... #

I usually drink my coffee rich, and black. Right out of the ole' pot! I do like caramel vanilla once in a while. Hubby drinks the Tasters Choice decaf and I currently have a box of singles in the pantry that I think he forgot about. They're not bad if you go by the directions.

Nonnas News said... #

I have never been a fan of instant coffee either, but would love to give this a try! French vanilla or Snickerdoodle are favorites of mine!

tgonz10595 said... #

I like cinnamon and pumpkin spice is my all time favorite.

ty said... #

i'm typically a hazelnut girl, but i loveloveLOVE pumpkin spice during this type of year!

Racheal said... #

I have 3 mainstays in my coffee: French Vanilla, Mocah, & Good Old Plain. I usually have a variety of different creamers to add wvwn more variety.

Anonymous said... #

I usually have just plain coffee. I would really love to win the set and try some of the flavors before buying them.Love your blog.Teresa

Amber M said... #

I love all flavors of coffee and types of coffee. My favorite is my morning coffee with some cinnamon sprinkled on the coffee grounds. I also like to sprinkle pumpkin pie spice over the grounds.

Joanna said... #

I love plain coffee mixed w/a packet of hot cocoa...YUM!

jojo17 at gmail dot com

Andrea said... #

OK, I had to go out and get some of this coffee since you posted the recipe for the caramel mocha!
It's delish!
Thanks so much for your reviews!

My favorite coffee is caramel or vanilla flavored!

Unknown said... #

I like my coffee first thing in the morning right before I let my three girls (all under the age of 4)out of there bedroom. I always have a cup ready for my husband when he gets home from work. We both really like white chocolate mocha's from Starbuck's. HMMM I should call my husband now and "suggest he pick a couple up on his way home =)

Lupita Gonzalez said... #

My favorite Coffee Flavor is French Vanilla. Love your website thanks for all the fun stuff you share with everyone. Lupe,

Jill said... #

My favorite flavor is Pumpkin Spice. It is perfect for the cool, crisp autumn mornings.

kristy said... #

I really love Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
There are a few coffee roasters than make pumpkin spice coffee beans as well. I look forward to this flavor every fall! One of these years I would love to buy an espresso machine.

Cheryl Wade said... #

I like hint of vanilla. MMM

Luvdaylilies said... #

I do like regular coffee for my morning cup but I love french vanilla at other times during the day=)
Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

Anonymous said... #

hazelnut or irish creme for me
Lory lpenniman

Susan said... #

I drink plain old coffee with half and half and sugar every morning. But during the day, or evening, i've been know to branch out to flavored coffee. Recently tried the Starbucks instant coffee. it was "okay". Anxious to try the Tasters Choice Instant!

Ashley Foster said... #

I've been doing a French Vanilla coffee mix with an amazing Spiced Rum creamer and it's become my favorite!

Anonymous said... #

I have two favorite flavors - mocha & french vanilla. I like FV best hot & mocha best iced. I loved the instant coffee singles so I would really like to win the give-away.


lisapollard said... #

I just discovered Hazelnut and I'm completely addicted! YUM!

Tiff said... #

My favorite flavor would have to be hazelnut! Thanks for the giveaway!

Amy in ne said... #

Oh, I am so glad you reviewed these! I just bought a box because I needed coffee for an out of town trip and these looked so handy. Turns out I never used them and now my daughter is taking them...I think I am missing out!! {{fingers crossed}}

Charnell said... #

I've been drinking coffee for 20 years now and have always loved my coffee straight from the coffee maker. Creature of habit I suppose.
I tried Nescafe's instant coffee and while not completely blown away I must say the convenience and flavor of the regular (Columbia I think?) packet was good to be instant.

Being able to toss these packets in your purse and go, making them essentially anywhere you have access to hot water is GREAT. When you're desperate for a cup of coffee and there isn't a coffee shop in sight, this is certainly the way to go.

Thanks for the recipe tip too!


Potts said... #

Boycott Taster's Choice. Their NEW packaging only results in ripping off the consumer, that's you, of your hard earned money. I use to buy their 12 ounce jars of 100% Columbian for $7.79, a good buy, now i get the fantastic deal of getting 20 single-serving packets for $4.99 which gives me a total of 20 X 0.07 ounces per packet. If you compare 12 ounces to a total of 1.4 ounces i'm sure you can see how much your saving! You could get 171 cups of coffee from the 12 ounces before compared to the 20 servings you now get in their single packs. Wait here's the good part, now you get the honor of paying over $42 for what you got for $7.79 before, what a deal huh! So they've improved the packaging for us huh, yeah right! Send these thieves a message, boycott them...

Carie said... #

Yum, love a cup a french vanilla in the morning. Wakes me up and gets me out the door.
I so enjoy your site, thanks for all the recipes.