Friday, October 23, 2009

How To Freeze Bananas & Buttermilk

Once a fresh banana is too ripe to eat don’t throw it out. Did you know that you can freeze bananas to use at a later date? I stumbled upon this idea years ago, it never occurred to me that you could freeze bananas.

Frozen bananas come in handy for so many recipes. Now anytime I have bananas that are really ripe I just toss them in the freezer. There are so many uses for frozen bananas you can thaw them out for banana bread, muffins or pancakes.

You can also use them frozen for smoothies. I love them in smoothies because you don't have to use as much ice since the banana chunks are frozen. I have made a list below of the different ways to freeze and store bananas.
  • Peel and place the whole bananas in a large freezer bag. Seal and date bag.
  • Leave the peeling on and freeze the whole bananas in a large freezer bag, Seal and date bag. (pictured below)
  • Peel the ripe bananas, mash them and place in a sealed freezer container.
  • Peel ripe bananas and cut into chunks. Lay each banana piece on a baking sheet and flash freeze for at least a hour. Remove from freezer and place bananas pieces in a large Ziploc bag and date. (pictured above)

These are bananas that have been frozen with the peeling still on. They may look brown on the outside, but when the peeling is removed, look how great the banana looks. 

To use frozen unpeeled bananas, remove from the freezer and let thaw until a bit soft. Cut off one end of the banana peel and squeeze out the banana like you would squeeze a tube of toothpaste. You can also cut a slit down the center like I did above and remove the banana. Add to your favorite muffin or banana bread recipe. I use frozen bananas to make my banana bread all the time and it turns out perfect, if you need a good banana bread recipe click here.

This is my favorite was to freeze bananas. Slice up the bananas and flash freeze them. They're perfectly chunked for smoothies. My two favorite smoothie recipes are the Bananarita Smoothie and a Blueberry Banana Smoothie. Bananas will keep up to 3 months in the freezer.

How to Freeze Buttermilk

Next time you find yourself with leftover buttermilk after whipping up your favorite coffee cake or a batch of biscuits, here's a tip: freeze it! Who can use up all that buttermilk that you get in the container from the grocery store.

Not me! I have always been freezing the entire container of buttermilk and then thawing it out as i need it. Well that method wasn't working out to well for me. I saw a buttermilk storage trick on line somewhere and I have been storing and freezing my buttermilk this way ever since.

Brilliant is what I think. Keep in mind that buttermilk can be frozen for two to three months with no problems. There is likely to have some separation when the buttermilk is thawed, but a quick shake will improve that. And since they're already measured in 1 cup bags, I can just pull out the amount I need and leave the rest in the freezer.

My grocery store always has buttermilk on clearance, so I purchase multiple containers and store them. Now I always have buttermilk on hand for Buttermilk Biscuits, Buttermilk Chicken Strips or Fried Green Tomatoes.

These are the items you will need: buttermilk, measuring cup (1 cup), Ziplock sandwich bags, and one large Ziplock freezer bag.

Using a large glass or cup add a sandwich bag inside and drape the opening over the sides. This will make it easy to pour in the buttermilk and you will also have a clean seal.

I store mine into individual 1 cup measures. It is just easier for me to remember one cup.
Seal the sandwich bag and then add all of the smaller bags to the one large freezer bag. Seal, date the bag and store in the freezer. I can get about 6-7 cups stored in one large freezer bag.

To thaw out the buttermilk just remove a bag from the freezer and let it thaw out completely. 

Make sure to give it a shake to mix up the buttermilk. If I'm in a hurry I thaw mine in a bowl of warm water. There ya go no more throwing away over ripe bananas or leftover buttermilk. I hope you will give these methods a try.


krista said... #

I love the original fiber 1 cereal mixed with fiber 1 yogurt. yum!

Linda Lamb said... #

My favorite is the caramel drizzle granola bars. I am hoping to try the caramel crunch cereal (don't think that's the actual name).

I have tried numerous recipes you have on here and can't really choose a favorite because our tastes are really very similar so there is so many good ones to try. I especially like your Paula Deen tributes. She is my favorite on Food Network also.

Linda Lamb
Winnsboro, TX

Becky said... #

Great tips on the bananas and the buttermilk. I will use that! :)

I like the original fiber one cereal because I use it in the Hungry Girl recipes. The granola bars are really good as well.

Becky Davis
Mooresville, NC

Anonymous said... #

I love the yogurt. My favorite flavor is the Vanilla, it is so tasty!

Carrie said... #

I love the original cereal. I used it instead of bread crumbs and also grind it up and add to baked goods for extra fiber YUM!

Laurie said... #

I also love the caramel drizzle granola bars. They are a great snack around 10 in the morning!

roblovesleo said... #

I am a member of ww's- I am hooked on all the fiber one products..the yougurt is ZERO points and it's wonderful..The bars I cannot keep enough in the house..I actually have to hide a box for me as my 23 year old son eats them like they are going out of season..after his run- or any of his workouts- he has a fiber one bar. He is a physical fitness buff- and loves these as much as I do! Thanks!! Robin

Heidi said... #

I do the same thing with my bananas and buttermilk.

I can't think of the name of the fiber one bars I like (but I can recognize the box!). They are some sort of nut(not peanut) and carmel.

Christy said... #

Great tips on freezing the bananas and buttermilk! I'm definitely going to start freezing leftover buttermilk.

My absolute favorite Fiber One item that I can't live without is the chocolate chip granola bars. They are a perfect fix for my chocolate craving and only 2 ww points! :)

Janelle said... #

I'm a big fan of Fiber One's newer products. The Key Lime Pie Yogurt is a favorite, as are the Brown Sugar Cinnamon toaster pastries - they are such a perfect breakfast!

Sue's Crazy Life said... #

What a great idea on freezing buttermilk! My hubby loves to drink it but quite often quits drinking it before the carton is finished and while I bake a lot with it it does not always happen at the same time. Now I will never have to toss buttermilk again. As for my favorite Fiber One. It has to be the cereal. I even use it in my meatlosf. YUM!!!

Nessa and Jeebs said... #

My favorite item as of last week is their peanut butter granola bars! I ate a few too many,but they were good.

Laura said... #

I love the Fiber One Bars and my fav flavor is choc chip. My next fav is the peanut butter.

Emily said... #

YUM. I adore their chocolate and oat granola bars. They aren't the cheapest thing, but they're definitely my favorite granola bar.

Julie Pia said... #

I'm a fan of their yogurt! It's so yummy!

Cindy said... #

My fave is the Honey Cluster Cereal with sliced bananas. Their granola bars are pretty tasty too.....

Anonymous said... #

Yeah for the buttermilk tip. I use it to make these heavenly biscuits or a heavenly cake and only use a portion of the carton because WHOLE buttermilk doesn't come in pints! Thanks for being the cooking problem solver!

Susie @ Hick Chick said... #

Great idea for the buttermilk! My store usually has it on sale too, great way to stock up and still be able to use it. I love to soak my chicken in buttermilk.

I love plain ol' fiber one cereal. :)

Moy said... #

Great tip on the buttermilk..I do it w/regular milk and never thought to do it w/buttermilk...My fav Fiber One is the Honey clusters cereal. It has 13g fiber per serving and it taste great. I dont even have to add any splenda as its sweet enough for my sugar addiction.

Stephani said... #

Definitely the yogurt... yum!

Candace said... #

I love all of the bars!! Not a huge fan of yogurt in general but I do also enjoy their cereal! I have not tried the toaster pastries but brown sugar are my fav pop tart brand... Looks like I need to make a trip to the grocery store :)

Jamie and Emily said... #

Hi, just found your blog- great ideas! =)
My favorite is their granola bars, especially the peanut butter or chocolate chip... YUM!

Kathy L said... #

I like the peanut butter granola bars.

Jess said... #

My favorite Fiber One product is the oats and chocolate bars. I would really like to try the toaster pastries; I am a closet pop-tart lover! I will have to look for those at my grocery store.
Thanks for the tip about freezing buttermilk. I usually throw out leftover buttermilk, so this tip is an a-ha moment for me.

annaed_2 said... #

Hi! I just discovered your blog my searching fo crock pot oatmeal. I don't have the right ingredients to try your recipe but will soon!

We love poptarts in our home but I rarely ever buy them. Would love to give the Fiber One poptarts a try.

Thanks for the chance to enter!

Anonymous said... #

I am madly in lust with the Fiber One Bars. I love the Oats and Chocolate, and the Peanut Butter flavors. I buy several boxes whenever I grocery shop. My whole family enjoys them. I haven't tried the yogurt, yet. Hmmmmmm....

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said... #


Thanks first of all for posting about the bananas. I thought you could freeze them! I never use up my buttermilk either.

My kids love the fiber one bars for snacks!


Anonymous said... #

I love the site,and the buttermilk tip!! I been freezeing,peaches,apples,strawberries,bananas,and really any fresh fruit,with "Ball - Fruit Fresh",in the canning section.You just get ready,sliced,pealed,etc,and sprinkle it over fruit and bag.It looks like the day you put it in,and tastes as great.Or you can mix some with water,and put over fruit,and then bag.

SSS Creations said... #

I like some of the Fiber One bars, but my favorite is the Yogurt. I mix it with a little Lightly sweetened shredded wheat and some strawberries and it is such a filling breakfast.

Kristen J said... #

What a great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity. I love Fiber One, and actually just ate an oats and peanut butter chewy bar for a mid-morning snack. They are SO GOOODDDD!!!!!!!!

Lynette said... #

I really like the fiber 1 granola bars. Yum!

SNW said... #

My favorite is the yogurt... vanilla. & I'm currently trying out the new muffins from the freezer section!

chibi said... #

I really like the Fiber One cereal in original with sliced bananas.

Colleen C. said... #

I love the cereals and the yogurts. Haven't had a chance to try anything else yet.

Anonymous said... #

The only item I have tried is their yogurt which I love.

Unknown said... #

My favorite product is the yogurt. It is a must have in our house.

Erin said... #

I love their oatmeal and chocolate granola bars.

Anonymous said... #

The strawberry toaster pastries and their yogurt are SO delicious!

Unknown said... #

I knew about freezing bananas, but the buttermilk never occurred to me. Thank you Tina!

Unknown said... #

I found several large bags of bananas discounted for quick sale each at 99cents. I thought I could find someone who could explain how to freeze them & use them for later - and I found you! Thank you!

Miss Kimbers said... #

Thank you for the banana info. I am now going to freeze some bananas! I hate to see them going into the bin.

Destiny Roberts said... #

Hey these are all great ideas, but for year I have been cutting into chunks, dipping them in melted chocolate or strawberry syrup, sticking a toothpick in the end, freezing each separately. VOILA! a nice chunky banana popsicle. Plus you can skewer a cherry on end of banana before freezing it, then just throw all the chunks is a big freezer bag

Unknown said... #

Love the idea of freezing Buttermilk. If you don't need a full cup of the frozen one can it be refrozen and used again and again?

Tina Butler said... #

Yes you can re freeze what you don't use. It might be easier for you to freeze in 1/2 measurements.