Old Fashioned Southern Pecan Pie

You cant get anymore Old Fashioned then Southern Pecan Pie!!! Really any pie is a old southern favorite, but there is just something about pecan pie that just screams south in your mouth.

Most people in Texas only have pecan pie around Thanksgiving or Christmas. I love it all year round especially if you have a great recipe.

I have seen many pecan pies, some not so pleasing to the eye. You can run into the problem of the pie not setting up and there is nothing worse that a runny pie. If you cook it to long or just have the wrong recipe you can end up with a rock hard center.

I used to shy away from baking pecan pie, only because I just never found the right recipe for my taste.

The consistency of a perfect pecan pie should be silky-smooth and taste sweet but not over powering sweet. My favorite taste in a pecan pie is the buttery vanilla flavor.

Well, I can finally make the perfect Pecan Pie! I solved my problem by using Moonshine Syrup. I thought my pecan pie was pretty good to begin with but now it is even better.
 I stumbled upon this syrup at a local peach orchard. This particular syrup stated it was specially made for pecan pie. 

I wasn't sure what was in the syrup, nothing was listed on the label it just really peaked my curiosity. I took it home and made my favorite Pecan Pie recipe.
I used moonshine syrup in place of corn syrup and Bam!!!!!! I had the best pecan pie I had ever put in my mouth. 

You can bet I will be stocking up on this syrup the next time I head out to Hams Orchard. I can bake two pies out of one jar of syrup maybe three, but that might be pushing it.
I tried doing a search to find out exactly what moonshine syrup was but I cant find it. I emailed Hams Orchard and they stated it was similar and very close to cane syrup. 

So if you cannot locate moonshine syrup then cane syrup would be a good substitute. If anyone out there knows what Moonshine Syrup is please let me in on the secret. I just know its a jar of sticky sweet goodness.

Update: I found out that Moonshine Syrup is a combination of Corn Syrup and Cane Sugar. So now we know.

These are the ingredients you will need:
Pie Crust (I use Pillsbury) I know cheater, but it is so dependable and so good. Pecan Halves, sugar, eggs, real butter, vanilla extract, moonshine syrup or cane syrup and salt.

Here is my beloved moonshine syrup, oh how I ♥ you.

Preheat oven to 350 degree and prepare the crust.

Cream (mix) the sugar and butter well in a medium sized mixing bowl.

Add syrup, salt, and vanilla. Mix again look it is already getting thick.

Add the eggs and mix.

mix well. Stir in pecans (save a few to place on top of pie after cooking).

Pour mixture into unbaked pie crust. Look at all that thick creamy goodness . Bake in preheated oven until top is brown and pie set (about 45 minutes). Test with toothpick. Center of pie should come out almost dry. 

Southern Pecan Pie


1/2 - cup sugar
1/4 - cup butter, softened
1 - cup corn syrup or replace with moonshine or cane syrup
1/4 - teaspoon salt
1 1/2 - tsp vanilla
3 - eggs
1 - 1 1/2 - cups pecans
1 - 9-inch unbaked deep dish pie shell or homemade single crust

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream (mix) the sugar and butter well in a medium sized mixing bowl. Add syrup, salt, and vanilla. Mix again.

Add eggs and mix. Stir in pecans (save a few to place on top of pie after cooking).

Pour mixture into unbaked pie crust. Bake in preheated oven until top is brown and pie set (about 45 minutes). Toothpick stuck in center of pie should come out almost dry.

Cooks Note: Be sure to mix ingredients well. Otherwise the pie may not set up. You can use chopped pecans or whole. Store in the refrigerator. May be reheated in microwave before serving (about 15 sec).

Substitute for Moonshine Syrup: 
Cane Syrup, Corn Syrup, Yellow Label Syrup or Honey. 


Lara said…
We love pecan pie here at our house, but now I am intrigued by this moonshine syrup. I'll have to start looking for it.
Kathy A said…
This is my favorite - reminds me of my grandmother!
I'm like you Tina, I love pecan pie any time of year! Does the Moonshine Syrup taste like honey at all? The color makes it sort of look like corn syrup with honey, or maybe molasses in it. I thought that they had to put that kind of stuff on the label!

Anyway, you pie looks perfect and delicious!! Send me over a slice!
Tina Butler said…
Lara I hope you can find it. I had never seen it until that paticular day. Cane syrup is a good substitution.

Kathy, the old time desserts and pies are my favorite.

Mary, it does not taste like honey, but has the color of honey. I do not detect a molasses flavor either. This was home canned at the Ham Orchard Farm in their own kitchen. Then sold at their farmers market. It is a home canning label so nothing is listed except the name just as it is in the picture on my post. I dont think if you home can something you have to list ingredients. I emailed them and they wont say what the ingredients are and I cannot find it online. All they said was cane syrup was the closest.
Joan said…
That looks awesome. Can we order the moonshine syrup online? I have never heard of it. That pie looks absolutely perfect, it set up just right.
Tina Butler said…
Joan I just sent them a email to see if it can be purchased online. I know you are a fellow Texan and have posted in the past you have been to Canton. Hams orchard it right in Terrell. Not sure how far it is from you. Maybe next time you make a trip to First Monday you can swing into Terrell.
sherri said…
This does look perfect and who would have known that MOONSHINE was the secret ingredient?!
Lisa said…
Thanks for the great tutorial!
Michele said…
I have never made pecan pie...With your recipe, there may be a first! Looks so yummy! Wish I could have a piece!
Melody said…
I've never made pecan pie, but it looks delicious. The whole pecans are totally speaking to me.
Heidi said…
My grandma makes the best pecan pie. Yours looks so yummy and gooey just like hers. I can't wait until the next holiday so I can get me a piece. You lucked out finding that moonshine syrup.
Tina Butler said…
The orchard just replied. They stated they do not do any online orders or ship any products out. She mentioned that cane syrup is a excellent substitute:

Cane Syrup: This Southern staple is made from the juice boiled down from sugar cane, similar to the way maple sap is boiled down to make maple syrup. Cane syrup is thicker, with more viscosity and tends to have a fuller, sweeter taste than corn syrup. (Brands Steens,Sorghum, & Gorgia Cane Syrup)
Unknown said…
Pecan pie says, "Ya'll come to my house." I rarely make it now that there are only two of us at home, but I sure do love it. When I do make it, I tend to make it in mini pie pans and share it with neighbors that way. I'm not familiar with the Moonshine Syrup, but I use cane syrup as you suggested. I also noticed your slow cooker steak recipe that was recently posted. I hope you will join with me in August when I begin hosting Crock Pot Wednesdays on August 5 at diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com. Thanks for your great directions, too.
Tracy Bentley said…
ohhh!!! How I love pecan pie. Instead of cake on my birthday I would rather have a pecan pie. I finally made my first ones last year at christmas. I did not realize how easy they are to make. Thanks for sharing.

happy cooking
Alisa@Foodista said…
I love pecan pie,they should sell moonshine syrup online!I'd love to guide our readers to your site if you won't mind.Just add your choice of foodista widget to this post and it's all set to go, Thanks!
Mrs. Rogers said…
Do you have a recipe for the moonshine syrup?
Tina Butler said…
Laura, I dont I purchased the syrup at our local peach orchard. I cant even find anything online on to what the ingredients are. Sorry.
Jan A said…
Years ago I was making pecan pies and didn't have enough light Karo syrup. I didn't want to go to the store so I added some honey to it. That was such a hit that I always substitute about 1/4 or more of the Karo with honey.
Carrie said…
Wow, your pie looks incredible!
bakes with love said…
Just wanted to let you know this Southern Pecan Pie recipe is the best! I've had a recipe that i've used for years,most time my pie don't set up or they are dry from overcooking,,just about when I was going to call it quits on making pecan pies,I came across yours. So I tried it for Thanksgiving,first time it set up,I did just use the corn syrup,but OH MY, I feel in Luv with this recipe, so it's a keeper in my kitchen! Thanks again, for posting these recipes, keep up the good work!
Autum said…
I have stayed away from baking pies because I could never get the pie to set up. However, I tried this recipe and the pie set perfectly. It also tasted wonderful. I am making two for Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for sharing.
Prin said…
WOW! I am so glad I found this site! all the recipes I will ever need on the same site!! I was in the same predicament as JanA only all i had was light brown sugar. it was awesome! The brown sugar made the filling much more custardy. But now I'm about to go in the kitchen and make one with cane syrup as that is what i have today :)
melanie said…
This is the first time I have been on your site. We live in Texas and I am a stay at home mom. I love to cook for my family and your recipes are great. I can't wait to try some of them. My family and I have a garden every year and I can alot of our food. If you have a recipe on dill pickles, I would love to have it. Thank you for your site, keep up the good work,
Karen said…
I am actually making 2 of these as we speak.I did add 2 tbsp brown sugar for a little more color.Wish I had the moonshine syrup.I posted your recipe on my site and am adding your button.
Gramma Linda said…
I found a place online where you can get Moonshine Syrup!
Here is the link......

I'm going to order some and bake your pie!!
Donna said…
I use a combination of Lyle's Golden Syrup and real Vermont or Canadian Maple Syrup (half and half ratio) as corn syrup/cane are difficult to find here in Europe...It really works and complements the pecans wonderfully!
Kuryakitty said…
Just found this site and I love it and wanted to pass on my mother's secret for her pecan pie. She ran out of karo syrup one year and all she had was the pancake syrup they make. Substituted the Karo Pancake Syrup for the regular syrup and what a wonderful find! I will look for the moonshine syrup and try that. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
My granny used to make her pecan pie with moonshine syrup. She got it at pretty much any grocery store in North Louisiana. Hope that helps.