I Spy Watermelons & Mackenzie's Chocolate Cake

Today is kind of a "Show and Tell Saturday". A couple days ago the kids were so excited when they returned from checking out the garden. It's kind of a ritual for them, they go outside every couple days to check out if anything new has popped up. They were so surprised, and so was I to see not one, not two but three Watermelons coming along. Yeah!!!!! I was beginning to wonder if they would ever grow. The vines are taking over the garden totally covering up the strawberry plants. I hope they continue to grow the kids are really excited each one of the kids have claimed there own watermelon. Mackenzie said three kids and three Watermelons... one for each of us. We shall see, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the kids sake that each of Watermelons continue to grown and thrive. Look how pretty they are..... I only have a picture of two of them the third one is in the back of the garden hiding I didn't want to mess with it and try and get a photo, but its there.

Look how the Watermelon Plant has just taken over.

OK this is my silly son Carson who added some spiderman sun glasses to Freeway our Chocolate Lab. I swear you can do whatever you want to this dog and he wont budge. Poor Freeway he sure puts up with a alot from my kids.

Here is a picture of all my Lazy Bones.
Zoey, Freeway, Mackenzie & Carson

My daughter wanted me to share a spot on my blog for the Chocolate Cake she made all by herself. The only help she had was me putting the pan in the oven but other than that Mackenzie did this all on her own. She was so excited when she asked me if I would put it on my blog in the same step by step fashion as i do with all my dishes. I promised i would so a promise is a promise. OK Everyone here is how to make Mackenzie's Chocolate Cake.

Ü Cast of Characters Ü

add water, eggs and oil according to package directions. Mix well with a hand mixer.

Spray a 9 x 13 inch baking pan with non stick spray.

Pour the batter into your baking dish and smooth. Place your pan in the oven and bake according to package directions.

Let cake completely cool and frost. This was the hardest part for Mackenzie she hates waiting. Mackenzie used Chocolate Chocolate Chip Frosting. She wanted it really chocolaty. Everytime she spread on the frosting it made a hole so she thought she needed to eat that part that stuck to the spatula.

Ta DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mackenzie's Chocolate Cake. She did it all by herself. I am so proud. She did everything exactly the way she should. Mackenzie has the cooking bug just like mommy. Usually she is my little helper but today mommy was Mackenzie's helper. She wanted to go out in a bang so Mackenzie says in such great Paula Style "Mommy I wish them Love and Best Dishes" LOL she cracks me up. Can you tell we watch to much Paula Deen.

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Tina, what a great blog. Your watermelon pics look wonderful. I so miss the days when my daughter was little. She couldn't wait to get in the kitchen with me to bake something up. Now she's 18 in college and she will cook, but she's always too busy to clean up. Enjoy the heck out of your daughter. She's precious. Good job neighbor.
RecipeGirl said…
Growing watermelons is terribly exciting!! I'm envious!

Isn't it fun to get your kiddos involved in your love for cooking and baking!? :)
Tina Butler said…
Oh Teresa, I love cooking with Mackenize she has become quite the helper. She can work the mixer, chop all the ingredients really she can do alot more then i give her credit fore. I started my kiddos out young cooking in the kitchen they could hold the bowl and mixer before they were 2. I knwo one day she will be all grown up and i will miss these times. For now i hope they go by slow. Thanks for stopping by.

Lori, we are so excited about the watermelons. I took those pictures 3 days ago and they are already three times that size is so exciting. My kiddos are pretty good helpers in the kitchen so i always love when they cook with me.
Anonymous said…
This topic have a tendency to become boring but with your creativeness its great.
Everybody gets excited about growing your own food, don't they? Your watermelons look awesome!
Stephanie said…
My squash plant is like your watermelon plant - it's taken over completely. It totally engulfed one sad tomato plant, and is planning its attack on the neighboring wax beans.

Looks like Mackenzie did a great job on the cake. Yum!