Sunday, June 1, 2008

Celebrity Recipes I Have Featured

It is no surprise that I just adore Paula Deen. I love trying out different recipes from her cookbooks, her shows and her website. Paula is a true southern girl with southern roots. She puts family first and never forgets where she came from. I also love Trisha Yearwood and both of her southern cookbooks.

Tried and true recipes from generations before us, in my opinion they are the best of the best. That's what Paula Dean, Trisha Yearwood and The Pioneer Woman offer us. My favorite recipes are ones with a story attached, It makes the food that much better to prepare and enjoy. The following recipes are from my favorite Southern Chefs. 


Mary | Deep South Dish said... #

You know I love her too!! Thanks for featuring the recipes that you've tried. I need to break out some Paula Deen too - love that goulash for sure! OH.. and the coffee cake is to die for. Course the beer chicken is great, and those cheese biscuits! I need to get busy!!

Lisa said... #

Omg I just came across your blog . Im always looking for some great recipes for me and my family. I have a big family and it is always nice to learn how to make good meals on a budget. When I seen you had Paula Dean on your blog I had to follow you. I just love her

Anonymous said... #

What a fantastic site, I'm glad you posted it on Paula Deen's site.
Debi V.

Unknown said... #

She's a hoot, isn't she. I love her story and her shows. It seems like I have been aware of her forever. I have eaten at Lady and Sons - remember doing so before I had ever really heard of her. I have to admit that I can't eat the way she cooks every day. Walking through my door would become a real problem. However, a good dose of Paula each week is a good thing. I would love for you to come visit me at and check out Crock Pot Wednesday.

Tina Butler said... #

A good dose of Paula every once in a while isnt a bad thing. Plus you can lighten up some of her dishes a bit. I would love to eat her food everyday but I to couldn't. Off to go check out your site. Thanks for stopping by.

Saleretail said... #

Paula Deen she is the "WOMAN", i would love to go cook with her that would be the best present ever. I watch her show everytime it comes on. I have learned to cook alot of things from her shows. I am about to make her famous chocolate gravy. I love ya paula from one country girl to another.

sarah said... #

I love how simple most of Paula's recipies are, too....Her "homemade Oreo" (I think she calls it something else) and Standing Rib Roast recipies are Christmas traditions at our house. Also, her Black Pepper Shrimp is a quick delicious dish we have every New Years! Thanks for including her recipies....btw, the Goulash is served at least monthly at our house!

Anonymous said... #

hi I LOVE your site.. you have recipes that uses ingredients that we can pronounce and that are found already in our pantry.. keep up the good work!! as for paula deen.. she is THE QUEEN of cooking!! I made her cheesecake with praline sauce..and OMG... the best cheesecake ever!!! i dont use the praline sauce much,, i usually put fruit on it! YUM... thanks kris teague