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Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet & Hot Pickles aka Wickles

Homemade Sweet Hot Pickles - a slightly sweet, slightly hot pickle that is crisp and delicious. Also known by the name of "Wickles". All I know is these pickles are so good and so simple to make. Not to mention they make such wonderful gifts during the holidays. I'm trying to get a jump on some of my canning and I'm having so much fun.

I've been canning all sorts of items. It's going to be so wonderful when Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive, because I will have so many different homemade canned items to share with my all family and friends. The first time I had these pickles was a couple years back during the holidays. 

I recall a family member brought them to Thanksgiving. They shared them with everyone and the taste was so awesome kind of sweet and a bit hot what a great combination. If you like hot and sweet you most definitely must try these pickles. They reminded me of the sweet and hot jalapenos (Texas Cowboy Candy) just not as hot.

This recipe is so so cheap to make you wont hardly believe it. You can purchase the huge gallon size jars of pickles at Sam's Club or Walmart for under $4 and the Jalapenos a large size jar for under $3. So, you see you can make a lot of pickles out of that one gallon jar. To much to keep but perfect for sharing.

Since this was my first attempt at making these, I started off small and used a 46 oz jar of Walmart Brand Dill Pickles. For this size jar of pickles I used 2 1/2 cups sugar. and all the jalapeno juice it would hold. I purchased a large jar 64 oz. The recipe at the end of the post is for a big gallon size jar of pickles.
Drain all the pickle juice out of the jar. Remove pickles and cut into large chunks. I have a handy helper in my kitchen. He hates pickles but he loved counting and adding them to the bowl. Add the chunks of pickles back to the jar. Now for the jalapenos, I removed most of the jalapenos and put it into a smaller jar since I'm going to use some of the jalapeno juice. Add a few jalapeno slices to the jar of pickles. Keep in mind that the more jalapeno slices you add the hotter the pickles will be.

Start adding the sugar to the jar add as much sugar as the jar will hold. Then pour enough jalapeno juice that you can get into the jar.

Put the lid on tightly. And place it in the refrigerator. For the next 7 days you will turn the jar every day to rotate from top to bottom. (Sit with top of jar up one day and upside down the next repeat this everyday. When the 7 days are up

Separate into smaller jars for gift giving. I made my pickles ahead of time so what I did was just process the jars as you would for canning. I sterilized all my lids, rings and jars and then added the pickles to hot half pint jars and processed in a hot water bath as if I was canning jams or jellies. For half pints process 5 minutes and for pints process 10 minutes.

Sweet Hot Pickles aka Wickles

Take 1 gallon dill pickles & 1 large jar of Jalapenos (about 64oz) as cheap as you can buy. You can get a gallon jar of pickles for under $4 at Sam's or walmart and a large jar of Jalapenos for under $3. 

I buy the jars of pickles and jalapenos at Walmart in the over sized section. Cut into chunks and discard the ends and the vinegar you have drained off the pickles. Return the pickles to the gallon glass jar and start adding the sugar. 

Add as much sugar as the jar will hold. After adding the sugar start adding the jalapeno juice the same way as the sugar. Add as much as the jar will hold.

You will have to shake the sugar as you add it for the jar to hold it all. When you have about half of the sugar in the jar shake the jar vigorously and add the remainder of the sugar. 

You can also add a few of the jalapenos if you want (be careful cause the more jalapenos you add the hotter it will be)

Put the lid on tightly now for the next 7 days you will turn the jar every day to rotate from top to bottom. (Sit with top of jar up one day and upside down the next.)

Refrigerate large jar while turning. When the 7 days are up divide into smaller jars for gift giving.

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priscilla said... #

yummy, that looks delicious! i've neverhad sweet and hot pickles but sounds great!

Joan said... #

Those sound unbelievable. I love those sweet hot jalapenos, I just bought some as a matter of fact. I think I would love these too. They seem so easy, I will be trying these soon!

Teresa Cordero Cordell said... #

Tina, you are so smart. I mean, is there nothing you can't make? These pickles sound quite tasty. I have never canned anything in my life. But you make it sound so easy. I'll just have to roll up my sleaves and give it a try. If I'm successful, I'll send you a pic for your approval. Hugs.

Heart 4 My Home said... #

Gonna definitely try this. It sounds a lot like "Wickles" that we got in Fredricksburg, Texas. Yum, yum!


HiHoOhio said... #

those sound so good, makes me miss my grandmother who used to make those ever year with garden items! Okra too!

tam said... #

Oh my those pickles sound so yummy! That would be a big hit at our house! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said... #

I found a version of pickles at a farmers market and loved them, but couldnt find them again. I used this recipe and loved them, in fact thought they were better than the ones i had bought

Straitcrazy0308 said... #

I have a batch of these pickles in the frig right now.
My husband love's hot stuff and he has bought jar's ofthese pickles for $8.00 a quart.
I can every thing I can and hate paying $8.00 a jar.Plus I know what's in what I can.
Thanks so much for the receipe.

Whitehead's Monthly Menu said... #

I am giving these a try today. Wish me luck =)

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said... #

I've never heard of these! Are they spicy? Kids & I don't do spicy, but they LOVE pickles!

Tammye Jo said... #

I love WICKLES and buy them all the time. BUT they are pretty costly. This sounds pretty easy. Do I need to boil the mason jars, just like when I'm doing jam or jelly????? Or can I put the pickles in them cold? I cant wait to do this. I am gonna have some really great holiday presents this year thanks to YOU!!!

Mommy's Kitchen said... #

Tammye, I just added a note to the end of the post about processing the pickles in a hot water bath. Here is note:

* If making the pickles ahead of time they can be canned. I just process the jars as you would for canning. I sterilized all my lids, rings and jars and then added the pickles to hot jars and processed in a hot water bath as if I was canning jams or jellies. For half pints process 5 minutes and for pints process 10 minutes.

Arizonaharleyman said... #

Tina, Thanks for the great recipe, I can't make enough of these. I hate throwing things away and was ending up with bunches of jalapeno slices, sooooooo..... wait for it..... I put the slices in a gallon jug, filled with sugar same as pickles, then filled with leftover pickle juice, followed turning instructions and now I have sweet and hot candied jalapeno slices. They are proving to be almost as popular as the pickles.

Anonymous said... #

hi! I'm candy and i just have a few question. I'm wandering if there i a fast way of making them where they don't have to set for seven days.
And the other question is do they have to be refrigerate and why.

Anonymous said... #

I am going to try this recipe. I have had the Wickles, they are delicious! they are not hot, not to me anyway, they are very flavorful! I would suggest trying them, they also have a Wickles relish, and that is very good as well. :-)

kathee bin said... #

I cannot wait to try this, I love all of the Wickles products, they are all delicious. Thank you for sharing this recipe. :-)

Anonymous said... #

I love wickle pickles. If these come anywhere near the taste I'm making my own.
Now smith farms in Alabama has some that are so good but the price is a sticker shock....but so good I just about ate the jar befor I got home. Thank for recipe.

Anonymous said... #

How much sugar for the gallon jar?

Tina Butler said... #

You add as much sugar as the jar will hold, so there is no set amount and it all depends on the size of the jar.

Brandy Jones said... #

Quick question, I am wanting to make these and use the hot water bath method to preserve them for eating later on, so do I make in the large jar and rotate the jar for seven days, then put them into seperate jars and seal in hot water bath? Will they preserve that way? I am fairly new to canning. I appreciate your help :)