Laura Ingalls Wilder's Prairie Gingerbread

This one bowl Gingerbread cake is a great way to celebrate Christmas. Gingerbread is an old fashioned cake made with molasses, ginger and other spices.  
Christmas is tomorrow! Are you ready? I only have a few last minute touches to do before tomorrow, but for the most part, I'm ready!!! In Texas, Tamales are a Christmas tradition, so that's what we will be having tonight for Christmas eve dinner. I have no idea how to make true tamales, so I always order mine from an individual that makes them homemade. 

I serve traditional side dishes to go along with the tamales, Mexican rice, beans, red salsa, homemade tortillas and a traditional Tres Leches Cake from a local Panaderia. All in all it should be a delicious Christmas Eve. I am planning a Christmas morning breakfast with my husband and kids and then we're opening presents and having a traditional Christmas dinner with family later in the day. 

I have finished up all my Christmas baking and have several trays just waiting to be delivered to family and friends. My youngest son and I love Gingerbread cake, so today, I am sharing my favorite Gingerbread recipe with y'all. 

There's just something so cozy, comforting and nostalgic when it comes to homemade gingerbread. Trust me, there is no better aroma than the smell of freshly baked gingerbread lingering through your house. This one bowl Gingerbread recipe is simple to make and a great way to celebrate Christmas.

I found this recipe in Melissa Gilbert's "My Prairie Cookbook". I can't tell you how many episodes of Little House on the Prairie that I have watched where gingerbread is mentioned. I searched high and low for the recipe and finally found it in Melissa's cookbook. Old fashioned recipes have always been a favorite of mine, so I couldn't wait to bake this gingerbread. 

I had tweaked the recipe just a bit after the first time I made it. I thought it needed just an increases in a few of the ingredients and it would be perfect. I used self-rising flour instead of all purpose for a softer and lighter cake and added one extra egg. 

I also increased the brown sugar and the molasses just a bit, and substituted butter for the shortening. I prefer real butter in baked goods and I think that Ma Ingalls used butter back then also since shortening wasn't available. 

The end result yielded in my opinion the perfect gingerbread cake recipe.  I think you will like this recipe, especially since it's prepared in one bowl!!! 

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karanmi said…
Sounds really good. I love Gingerbread Cakes and it has been a long time since I have attempted to make one. Have some left over Cool Whip so think I will take a break from my candy making and mix one of these up for tonight's desert.
Nanamonster said…
Can I use a 9" x 5" loaf pan? Would the cooking time change.