DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Tiered Tray

How to make a DIY Farmhouse Inspired Faux Enamelware Tiered Tray using Dollar Tree Items for under $10.
I love everything about Farmhouse decor. Unfortunately most are to expensive and I'm too budget conscious to purchase them. I've seen these Farmhouse Style Trays in several stores for awhile now and I just love them. They're so versatile and can be used in just about any room of your home.  

I know this because I have already made 5 of these DIY tiered trays. One for my daughter in-law, two for my kitchen, one for my bathroom and my daughter rooms to hold her all her perfumes. So you see they can be used just about anywhere you have room for them. The one pictured above is in my kitchen with my little red truck cup an and a few other farmhouse items. 

I made the second one to add to my coffee station to hold all my coffee pods along with my sugar and creamer set. I love how they  turned out and the cost was just under $10 to make both trays!! So today I am going to show you how I made an affordable Farmhouse Inspired Tiered Tray using Dollar Tree items and a few things that I already had on hand (glue, adhesive bond and paint). 

Hopefully you too will want to save a few dollars and make one or two of these Farmhouse tiered trays for yourself. Trust me once you make one you will be making more, because they're so simple, affordable, and addicting. The fun part is finding all the little items you want to add to your new tray. 

Everything I purchased to make this tray was purchased at the Dollar Tree with the exception of the glue gun, glue sticks, E-6000 adhesive and the chalk paint (all of which I already had on hand). 

I love using chalk paint for diy projects because there is no prep or priming needed before your get started. It also has a super matte finish and bonds to metal, wood, ceramic, glass and canvas. The hardest part about this whole project is waiting for the paint and the adhesive to dry.  

I chose to make my tray similar to and old enamelware tray by using black chalk paint and painting around the rim as well as little chip spots around the tray. When the tray was all finished, I was shocked at how similar it looked compared to the real enamelware.  

Now onto the fun part.... Decorating. I plan on making another tiered tray around the holidays so I can display some of my farmhouse Christmas items. I think I might paint the enamelware effect in red. 


Inspired by: The Daily Diyer 

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ladyjane said…
where do you find all the little figurines and signs ? thanks